A Que Legal Em Espanhol

There are many words to know, but they represent the diversity of the Spanish language around the world! Muy guay, don`t you think? See you in the next tip, ¡hasta luego! Venezuela, Mexico, Guatelamala = “chevere” This term is widely used in Venezuela, but other countries also use it to describe things or activities. If you want to use it in Venezuela to describe a person who needs to use the word “call” if the person is cool, you can say “I call chevere que eres”, but if you think it`s beautiful, you can also use it, type it “and when I call, chevere”. Discover the different ways to say “cool” in Spanish and the variations that occur from one country to another. Have you watched a movie, listened to a song, or seen a play that you thought was really cool? In Spanish, they say “awesome”, “fun”, “bueno” and “interesting”. See in the examples: 🇪🇸 ¡Me quedé en un hotel muy paja! 🇧🇷 🇪🇸 ¡Qué copado Restaurant! ¡Qué barbarian restaurant! 🇧🇷 In Brazil, the word “cool” is widely used to describe something good, curious and interesting in informal conversations, isn`t it? In Spanish, the word “legal” is only associated with the law, indicating that something is legalized or legitimate. Discover the different ways to say “cool” in Spanish in this one-minute tip. 🇪🇸 ¡Last week fue todo cachete, fue bacana! 🇧🇷 What is strange is that the word has many synonyms in Spanish-speaking countries. Uruguay= “is that if las by” this expression can be used for activities of things and to describe people. Common short expressions: 🇪🇸 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200 ¡Mis vacaciones fueron muy padres, fueron muy chidas! 🇧🇷 🇪🇸 ¡Los vulcanes de la ciudad son muy chivas, son buena nota! 🇧🇷 Panama = “is pretty” is a neologism used for business situations.

Argentina = “this canopy” is used to say that something is fun, but be careful when talking about it in Spain as it means “crowded”. In Venezuela: “thin”, “note” and “grey”. Search results: 402. Exact: 402. Response time: 242 ms. These sentences come from external sources and may be inaccurate. bab.la is not responsible for this content. In Spain: “guay”, “chulo” and “molaren”. Just like in Brazil, there is slang in Spanish-speaking countries, these slangs, identify each culture and each people, so we can say that there is so much slang as social groups. Let`s get to know some of the most talked about ones if you`re traveling to one of these countries and want to feel like a local.

Chile, Ecuador, Peru = “bacán, bacaníssimo” These two words are shared by different countries to refer to things, activities or people. In Colombia: “chevere”, “chimba” and “dude”.