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The value of this certificate varies depending on the assignment of the week, but usually the single certificate costs R$10.00 reais and the legal cap doubles the chance increases a little and costs R$15.00 reais. above all, the raffle will be broadcast live from 10:00 on CHANNEL Serra Geral on Channel 13 – Our TV and TV Alterosa and local radios in the area, and of course you must not forget that here on this page you will have access to all the legal results from inside today. Since this certificate supports the FOUNDATION SERA ALBUQUERQUE, you can find more information on the official website at: Follow the short video in which he presents his major projects. You can follow the legal cap live broadcast by TV Alterosa and the Android mobile app, which is also another very cool tool to track the draws, it is also possible to watch the draws via the Facebook page in the link: Now, with the double chance in the legal cap, it was even easier for you, To be a winner, get your certificate now and compete for several prizes that may be yours. In this way, these are the results of today`s Legal Cap Day 02-10-2022 In the table below, you will know how to buy the prize if you are the recipient of this Sunday edition. Finally, the result of this week`s legal cap will be published here on the same page. The Legal Cap certificate allows you to bring home cars, motorcycles, home and cash values, and more, depending on the price you`re competing for. And the coolest next to you compete for valuable prizes that you contribute to philanthropic institutions and thus help promote your beautiful local partner projects. The legal capitalization ceiling is sold in several municipalities in the state of Minas Gerais.

The person can find the ticket in strategic points of sale, mainly in shopping malls and fairs. Check the contact`s phone number: (38) 3215-4394 Opening hours: Sunday to Friday from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00. Email: [email protected] Address: Av. Mestra Fininha da Silveira, 745, Centro – Montes Claros/MG – CEP: 39401-612 Legal Cap is one of the cheapest capitalization securities in the country. While some even cost the value of twenty reais of the ticket, the legal cap only costs the amount of R$6.00. This is a capitalization bond issued by INVEST Capitalization. It is a single-payment security that operates in the Pre-Release Philanthropy category. For the cancellation of the prize, it is necessary to provide certain documents such as Xerox to the CPF, the RG, the proof of address (valid less than ninety days) as well as the original ticket without deletion. After correctly filling in the left-handed delivered to the seller in order to stamp and authenticate your certificate, you have asked the seller himself for additional information if you have any doubts about how to fill in the left-handed. Also check out other national and national game results here in this blog. After the ticket has been drawn, the consumer must receive his prize. The place to get a price is on Av.

Mestra Fininha da Silveira, 745, Centro – Monte Carlos – Minas Gerais. The institution also promotes various social works in different communities and pays special attention to the elderly. It also provides family and educational support, as well as support for inclusion in work. All the balls are placed on a globe that rotates continuously, and through it the dozens are drawn without repetition. The draw will continue until one or more tickets are completed with twenty dozen. The price of the Legal Cap Award Globe is the same as described on the ticket. In addition to the points of sale scattered in some cities, the person can also buy the ticket through the Legal Cap app. To purchase the ticket through the app, it is necessary to use a credit card as a means of payment. However, at the time of purchase of this certificate, you contribute to the institution and participate in all draws provided on the front of the ticket/certificate you have purchased. For each draw, a note is made with the globe containing 60 (sixty) balls, all numbered from “01 to 60”, in which they are placed on the globe and therefore extracted manually and announced randomly, so that many balls are needed until a certificate with the 20 (twenty) dozen on your certificate is issued.

These are the different areas of activity in which the institution defends people with disabilities. Lucky Round – EXTRA LUCK – 24 PRIZES OF R$ 500.00 PER PIECE (DRAWN BY LUCKY CHARM NUMBER) This detachable left-handed must be filled in correctly and with legible letters to facilitate identification when announcing the winner. It is important to avoid deletions as this may disqualify the participant. Remember that this detachable left-handed must be delivered to the ticket seller. Each week, several prizes will be drawn and the draws will be broadcast live on television. The institution works to defend the disabled and intellectuals and their involvement in public policies. Many of these people donate their prizes to the beneficiary institution FEAPAES – MG, which does extraordinary work to help those with some kind of disability. For such an affordable value, several miners invested in the ticket, hoping to be comtemplados. However, it is important to note that the sale of this ticket is totally prohibited to people under sixteen years of age.

FEAPAES – MG is the institution from which the Legal Cap benefits. However, assistance will not be given until the winner forfeits their prize. Draws take place every Sunday at the scheduled time of ten o`clock in the morning. The consumer can also follow the draws live via the app. In addition, the live stream is also available on the official website of the ticket. The competition will be broadcast live on TV Alterosa and local radio stations in the region at the time and place indicated on this ticket. Legal Cap is a well-known capitalization security in the state of Minas Gerais. Sold at a very affordable price, thousands of people buy the ticket every week in the hope of being considered.

It is of great helplessness pays a lot of attention to the moment when your bettor has acquired your single payout capitalization title, at the moment when you correctly fill in your data on the left side. As the given request usually goes: the winner who drew his ticket with other tickets will receive the prize divided equally.