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Welcome to the Cochise Superior Court Mutual Aid Centre. The Mutual Aid Centre was developed to provide unrepresented litigants with online legal forms for common, basic and necessary tasks. The legal forms are intended for people who are not represented by a lawyer. The forms can provide useful advice to lawyers who do not usually practice in this region of the state or country. The forms available on this website are generic and can be accepted by courts throughout the state. Please note that each dish may have its own preferred shapes. For more information on court-specific forms, see AZPOINT, Arizona`s protection order initiation and notification tool, is designed to help you complete an application for a protection order. An interview in AZPOINT allows you to quickly and accurately fill out the forms needed to apply for a protection order in an Arizona court. A protection order is a court order made to prevent a person from committing domestic violence or communicating with other persons protected by the order. The portal will also help you find out if you (the plaintiff) and the person you are seeking protection for (the defendant) have a relationship that is eligible for a protection order. Your data will be kept in AZPOINT for up to 90 days.

During this 90-day period, you can always take the next step by filing your petition in an Arizona court. Until you file your petition with a court, you can return to AZPOINT to update your information if necessary. We encourage you to speak to a victims` advocate before submitting your petition. A lawyer can help you create a safety plan and give you more information about how a protection order works and how it is served on the defendant. For more information, click here to access AZPOINT. Self-advocates must know and follow the right procedures, just like a lawyer. A person who does not understand or does not know what needs to be done in a court case will not be taken into account. If you choose to represent yourself, it is recommended that you consult a lawyer about your case or review your records before filing them with the court. Click the following links for the available form packages. Do I need a lawyer? Unsure of the type of help you need, let AzCourtHelp guide you. You may not need a lawyer after all.

For more information, see — If you have difficulty filling out the forms here, you can contact a lawyer. Even if you are representing yourself, you may want a lawyer to review your case. The Arizona Supreme Court allows attorneys to participate in what is known as “limited-scope representation.” This is a popular alternative for people who choose to represent themselves in court, but want a lawyer to review their court case or need advice on a particular aspect of their case. Having a lawyer explain the process or review your case can save you time and money when you go to court. Please note that these forms may not be used to promote or participate in the unauthorized exercise of the right. The court does not legally guarantee or accept any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the information contained in the forms or instructions or for actions taken on the basis thereof. The use of any legal form of this website is not a substitute for legal advice. Consult the relevant laws and rules when preparing your legal documents. If you have any legal questions, contact a lawyer who works in this area of law and who has the expertise you need.

Are you an accomplished elder? Do you want to be? Attorney Kenneth F. Hegland breaks down some of the most complicated issues that surround us and those we love as we age. — Watch videos. Want to get away from it all and take a long vacation, but don`t know how to do it? Read Attorney ke Huang-Isherwood`s article, “Getting a Visa to Visit Another Country” and Start Your Plan Today – Read More Application for Annulment of Conviction Application for Reinstatement of Civil Rights Additional Forms Cancellation of Marijuana After Conviction Application for a Second Chance Injunction Certificate Against Workplace Harassment Application for Hearing The Arizona Supreme Court also offers help for People with a Master`s Degree Limited English in This page contains information about court records and links to spanish-translated forms available throughout the state. On this site you will find other important forms that are now translated into Spanish for other types of cases and updated regularly. Dissolution /Divorce, Legal Separation Legal Decision Support Parental Leave Time and Service Dispute / Transfer of Cases Temporary Orders Execution of Family Orders Additional Forms Amendment/Correction of Marriage Certificate Way2GO Marriage License Package Click on the COVID-19 Sticker to access the new COVID-19 Processing Eviction Matters website and find: Emancipation Marijuana Extinction Termination of Parental Rights Application for Restoration of Firearms Rights Request for Destruction of Minor Records Request to Set Aside Minors` Decision Additional Forms Note: Your completed documents must be completed in English and submitted to one of the Supreme Court locations. For more information on filing your documents and fees, please visit the Clerk of the Superior Court page. Please check with the Clerk of the Superior Court for a fee schedule or additional information on registration requirements, including acceptable payment methods.

In addition, you can contact the Clerk of the Superior Court for information on cases and/or use public access. Scrapungement Name Change Garnishment Trial Preparation Obtaining and Serving a Subpoena Additional Forms Request for Postponement Spanish Package Additional Request for Deferral/Fee Waiver Spanish To find a Spanish version of the Superior Court forms, please click on the link below that takes you to the Maricopa County website. Follow the links to download the form you want to use. If you download the version of the form for Microsoft Word, you can change the header to “Yavapai” instead of “Maricopa” before printing the form. Please note that Yavapai County may not accept all Maricopa County forms. Maricopa County Protection Order application website.