Bear Spray Legal California

Has anyone ever heard of someone applying a bear spray to a bear in California? It seems like a crazy thing to wear it. Has anyone ever heard of someone who has been criminally charged with using bear spray on a bear? Or against another attacking animal? If there may be criminal charges for its use, where can I find an official source indicating this law? I do not think they exist. However, I didn`t start wearing bear spray because of the bears. I did this after being attacked by a pack of dogs while hiking solo. After this ordeal, I decided to always have a defense with me when I`m there. It has become an integral part of the equipment, a habit of bringing it with you. State governments and legislators understand that pepper spray can be a practical self-defense product to protect your personal safety. Not only can defensive sprays provide you with protection from a human attacker, but most vicious dogs, bears, mountain lions, and other wildlife can be temporarily turned off with a single shot of pepper spray. California is a huge state with both populated metropolitan areas like San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as more remote outdoor places where you can encounter a wild animal. In both cases, a pepper spray device can be a necessary good for survival and personal safety. Pepper spray that is transported, shipped, sold, or used in California must also be labeled with a warning that the product is intended for self-defense only. In general, most state laws (including California) state that pepper spray should only be used in self-defense situations where you fear your life or safety is at risk.

Illegal use of pepper spray products (perhaps out of anger or as a force of non-self-defense against another person) can result in fines of $1,000 or more and/or three years in prison. Pingback: Hemet Man Arrested After Seal Beach Bear Spray Attack In Traffic Accident – Riverside County News Source It`s also illegal to sell or supply tear gas or tear gas weapons to minors. It is also illegal for a minor under the age of 14 to buy, possess or use pepper spray of any kind. However, young people aged 14 and over are allowed to use pepper spray with their parents` permission. Pepper spray, which consists of chili plants, is used as a self-defense chemical that, when sprayed on a person`s face, causes them to cough, become temporarily blind and feel extreme discomfort for about half an hour. Those who are sprayed may also experience breast tightening, depending on the amount that has been released. Do you have a legal question that you would like to have an answer to? Send me your question here, and it could be presented in a future Q&A. Within a year, we bought a lot of pepper spray for keychains and distributed them to everyone we knew for Christmas. For just $6 to $10 per can, it`s an inexpensive gift that could literally save a life.

Under Sections 22810 of the California Penal Code, pepper spray weapons and tear gas can only be purchased, possessed, and used for self-defense purposes. And when it comes to use, it also includes the presentation of pepper spray in a threatening way. The Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission conducted a comparative study of the main pepper sprays for law enforcement agencies. OC-10 convinced in the test and the results convinced many law enforcement authorities and retailers to wear OC-10. Pepper spray over 2.5 ounces is legal to possess and transport to California if the manufacturer registers it as a pesticide (?!) with the EPA. Bear spray over 2.5 ounces is illegal to use in humans. Does Mace Spray require a permit to use or transport? California law also requires that pepper spray containers be 2.5 ounces or less and that the packaging be labeled with the shelf life of the chemical, with first aid instructions stating that it can only be used for self-defense and information about the legal consequences if it is not used in this way. Today, I spoke to an REI manager to complain that their employees are spreading misinformation and trying to dissuade me from making a purchase. I was told the opposite: that bear spray is only legal for bears. Its use in any other animal, such as coyotes, is not legal.

The EPA has only approved bear spray for use on bears, so I guess they have that idea from there. Unfortunately, like any weapon, whether considered “deadly” or “less lethal,” pepper spray is completely blind as to who it hurts. Once the pepper spray has been distributed into the air – especially if it is used in a closed building or room – in a matter of moments, it will affect anyone who still has the misfortune of being in the area. If you`re involved in a pepper spray incident in California, the legal implications could be complicated. This is because it is legal to buy, possess and use pepper spray when used for self-defense, which can be subjectively questionable on a case-by-case basis. This is the most ridiculous I`ve ever heard! Bear spray is great. As a woman, I wear it every time I go hiking. It has a much wider range and I feel a little safer. If they want to stop me, honestly, I don`t give a. I wouldn`t let an uneducated Rei employee stop me from buying one. Obviously, they have never been face to face with an animal that can cause serious damage.

Of course, I was amazed at this because I`ve never heard of any of these limitations. Some of what I was told was simply not true. Bear spray is banned in Yosemite and Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks, but that`s about it. It is completely legal to transport into national forests and is recommended on the Angeles National Forest and Los Padres National Forest websites. The California Department of Fish & Wildlife also recommends wearing a bear spray. There is no mention of criminal sanctions or warnings regarding their use by this ministry. If I had to guess, there`s a darker reason why you had this conference, I guess. Bear spray became popular during the protests.

It`s a favorite of both the right and the left when skirmishes start at a protest, and there was probably a circular in REI asking people to remind buyers of the legal impact of using bear spray on people and in a way that is not legal. Michigan: OC pepper spray can`t be stronger than a 2% concentrate (different companies may sell different concentrations.) CS is the only accepted tear gas and must not exceed 35 grams per box. No spray combination is allowed. (We can`t ship our personal defense sprays to Michigan. Our Bear Pepper Spray is legal and registered in Michigan.) Thanks for the links! I was wondering what you mentioned. I am sure that the vast majority of bear spray discharges occur during protests. Retailers who sell it are likely to be wary of who they sell it. I have never read any incidents where bear spray has been used in California. But when the bears attacked people, I don`t remember a mention that this person had bear spray.

Only descriptions of negligent behavior on their part, most of the time. Improper storage of food, food in the tent, etc. One thing I was told in training was to avoid spraying a child because they can stop and kill their airways. -Steve asked via email: Is it true in California that you can legally own a can of pepper spray that is over 2.5 ounces? is it used to protect against animals (e.g., bears)? (f) From 1. In March 1994, each tear gas container and weapon that can legally be acquired, possessed and used in accordance with this section must be accompanied by a supplement containing instructions for use, information on first aid, information on safety and storage and an explanation of the legal consequences of misuse of the tear gas container or tear product. While it`s illegal to wear bear spray on a human or use it intentionally if you have bear spray in your home and use it as a last resort to defend yourself in your home, you would PROBABLY be fine and not charged. However, if you tell investigators/lawmakers that you keep the spray handy specifically for self-defense, you might have a problem, no, thanks to California`s ridiculously broken and irreparable so-called “judicial system,” which places the rights of criminals far above the rights of citizens and victims. NOTE: Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, however, a number of cities and states have restrictions in terms of size, strength, etc. If you have a question, it is advisable to contact your local police station. Defensive sprays should only be purchased by people who are 18 years of age or older. Some other restrictions may exist in your jurisdiction. The above list is not entirely complete, but it represents the type of limitations that exist.

Good to know. I was told it was illegal in California (I might have read it here) and I never thought about fact-checking because I`m usually nowhere where I`d need it. Still, sometimes I am, so it would be nice to have it. Some pepper sprays died there, so the attacker can be identified later. It`s legal in California, but not mandatory, unless you`re interested in mountain lion research. Yes, I can confirm that many stores are tired of selling bear spray because it is used by protesters, was used on January 6, etc. It is ultimately used to protect Californians from human aggressors, vicious dogs, and other wildlife. If pepper spray is used out of anger and not for self-defense purposes, you can expect a misdemeanor or felony and a possible sentence of 16 months to three years and/or a $1,000 fine.