Bike Laws in Prague

So, before you leave, check your directions. You can use the Na kole Prahou app (Prague by bike), (with tourist mode enabled) or our map, which contains most of the details, including bike paths, roads with counter-current bike paths and bike racks, all with photos included. If I had to cross the city, I would rather ride a bike than a car. A 30-minute walk is not a reason to take a bike. It is sad that some people prefer the car to other means of transport, despite short distances (and without weekly errands in their schedule). I have to say that in Prague, the public transport system is so efficient that I stopped cycling. The lack of bicycle-friendly infrastructure is enormous. It is improving, but it still lacks beautiful flat lines. At the information kiosks, cyclists are offered a short test on safety issues. They are rewarded with small prizes such as a bicycle lamp or reflective accessories. Police are also highlighting current trends in bicycle safety and educating cyclists on how to protect their bikes from thieves. In the city center, it is quite normal to see all kinds of cyclists: suburban cyclists dressed in lycra, hipsters on fixies, people on mountain bikes and urban ladies on city bikes.

But if you dress more formally and leave your helmet, you will look quite exotic after being 5 km from the city center. Nice article. I`ve cycled all over Prague and I don`t remember it being too difficult. I also drove from my apartment near Namesti Miru to Karlestein Castle. A difficult race for me, and yes, the drivers drove very fast on these roads. This is a good idea for mountain bikes. I have on my 3. The day I picked up a great Cannondale mountain bike for only about $100. Nowadays, I mainly ride 3-speed city bikes in the US and would be curious to see how it would feel there. I`m thinking of coming back in a short time. It`s also been about ten years since I went there. Things could be different now.

People under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet in Los Angeles Few people ride a straight bike About 75% of trips are recreational activities Small infrastructure, although Los Angeles installed about 10 times more bike lanes on major roads in the fiscal year that ended last June, compared to the average of previous years. There are few places in Prague where you risk being fined if you don`t get off: Výtoň, for example (junction of the A2 and A23). Also stay in lively tourist places where driving is not allowed (Karlův most, Pražský hrad, most trails in parks, etc.). Bike sharing is a healthy and environmentally friendly way to get around your city. However, it is still necessary to comply with traffic rules and regulations. Here are the 10 most important rules that contain the basic instructions on how to use nextbike bikes successfully and safely in urban traffic. These two months on the bike allowed me to understand how to pack the bikes. If you`re new to cycling, looking for cycling partners, or have something to do with cycling, you can text me or stop at my Pavé Cycles store for coffee or a public bike ride.

A new dot defines where shared bicycle parking is not allowed. Important sites throughout the city have been defined on the basis of the requirements of the Czech police regarding their interest in protection. In addition, city-wide parks and gardens have been added to limit the storage of shared bicycles in protected recreational areas. Similar requirements can then be added by individual districts. In addition to not offering a low-stress bike path, Los Angeles` unprotected bike paths disappear at many potential conflict points with motorized vehicles, such as driveways, driveways, and exits, and at least 100 feet before an intersection. It also recommends that cyclists and skaters wear helmets and that parents ensure that children wear helmets. According to Czech law, people under the age of 18 must wear a helmet on bicycles and scooters. A website on bicycle safety (in Czech) is available at If you want to go somewhere, we recommend planning ahead.

Unfortunately, Prague is not a city where all roads are suitable for cycling. Only a small part of the streets has a bike path, a bike path or is a pedestrian zone – although it is slowly improving. The municipal police will be on Prague`s bike paths this summer. They inform cyclists about driving safety to prevent road accidents and theft. Currently, all trains that run as part of public transport in Prague have room for bicycles. In Prague, unlike outside, you don`t have to pay extra to take the bike on the train. Outside the city, you will have to pay for the bike according to the carrier`s fare. If you travel with your bike during the summer season, it is highly recommended to make a reservation as the number of bikes on the train is limited. On ferries you are allowed to travel by bike. Just listen to the instructions of the staff as they will tell you where to park the bike. You don`t have to pay anything extra to take the bike on the ferry.

I am a long-time cyclist who runs a small independent bike shop in the Žižkov district of Prague. My riding skills range from mountain biking to BMX. I lived for several years in one of Europe`s cycling capitals, Copenhagen. With my boyfriend, I tried to cycle from Europe to Japan and had to stop because of the pandemics. In the subway, you can carry your bike on the front and rear platforms of each car, except for the one in the front behind the driver.