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Recruitment into the legal community in London and the UK for over 27 years. A year has passed since the introduction of the Lawyers Qualification Examination – the biggest change in legal education in three decades. A lot has gone well, but there are areas for improvement. The statement stated, “The public would expect lawyers to provide clear and unambiguous explanations to their regulator, and [Mr. Hussain`s] ambiguous statement would undermine public confidence in him and in the provision of legal services.” The SRA accused Mr Hussain of failing to account for JD Spicer for the £1,000 he had received due to Customer A`s fees, half in his personal bank account and the other half in cash. In November 2017, Mr. Hussain called the client, mainly because of his complaint to the SRA where he was “abusive towards Client A and his family”. After reviewing the transcript, the SRA dropped its original claim that the call was threatening, but stated that the abuse and attempt to convince Client A to drop his complaint were not honest. SRA: Practitioner accepts punishment after admitting to being abusive during appeal The Lawyers` Disciplinary Court heard in January that Mohammed Imran Hussain had admitted to being abusive during a telephone conversation with the client who had been convicted of assault. ⚠ To notify the Law Society of inappropriate or offensive content posted on Find a Lawyer, please visit our contact page.

Or simply write on the envelope “FREEPOST CHEVAL LEGAL” But Mr. Hussain said he believed the customer was referring to payments made to the company and not to him individually, and therefore his claim is not misleading. In a separate claim, Hussain acknowledged that a response sent to the SRA when it investigated the original complaint “may be misunderstood.” The lawyer denied the client`s allegations, saying he had “at no time” mentioned the issue under discussion, although the issue was actually raised with Hussain and a colleague a few months earlier. The deadline for an IPP mis-sale claim has passed, but you can still make a Plevin PPI claim. And it`s still not a win, not a fee! Hussain, a Birmingham lawyer, spoke to the client after a complaint was filed with the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Recordings of the conversation were made available to the SRA. Mr. Hussain knew the conversation was being recorded, “but that didn`t stop him from being violent.” Once we know your requirements, we can get to work There`s nothing like enjoying your work, being part of a professional family, and being rewarded for your hard work.

The statement continues: “This led Customer A to fight back. [Mr. Hussain] was concerned that Customer A`s complaint would result in a loss of livelihood and concluded that he would see Customer A before the SDT, so he invited him to withdraw his complaints. These claims are made by attorneys against lenders, and they are NOT affected by the August 2019 deadline for PPI missal claims. Cheval Legal is specialized in this field. Don`t miss out! For each identified claim, we will send you a copy of our welcome pack, which will include more information about our process and fees. If you want us to make a claim, all you have to do is sign our agreement and we will start negotiations. The SRA said it did not intend to obtain a subpoena to force him to attend, and instead dropped the charge on the grounds that he was unlikely to attend and that it could not prove it without him. However, the decision of the Lawyers` Disciplinary Tribunal, which made both changes to the allegations made against the lawyer and an explanation of the agreed facts and outcome proposed by the SRA and Mr. Hussain, showed how the regulator significantly diluted its initial allegations against him. A lawyer who abused a client and threatened to file a complaint against him was fined by the court.

The fight against financial crime weighs heavily on transport companies in terms of risk and compliance. But while it can be frustrating, the need to combat money laundering issues may not be overstated, please let us know the subject of your request and briefly explain the help you need. Enter your name and email address and click “Send Request”. A copy of your application will also be sent to the Law Society for monitoring purposes. Cheval Legal will contact your lender on your behalf to find out if you are entitled to compensation because your lender did not disclose the commission they received by selling a PPI policy. Simply click to start the complaint process. Mr. Hussain was called to the bar in 2003 and was then a partner at JD Spicer Solicitors in Birmingham. He now works for his own account at MI Solicitors. Mohammed Imran Hussain was fined £10,000 for this and provided the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) with an “ambiguous” statement on the complaint.

Please use the address below for all correspondence: the SRA accepted that it was unlikely to be able to prove the claim and amended it to say that it had provided an “ambiguous statement” that “may be misunderstood”. The lawyer claimed that the first £500 was a partial repayment of a loan he had granted to Client A and denied having received the money. Prior to the hearing, Client A told SRA that he wanted to withdraw his complaint and did not want the information he had provided to be used. He did not respond to information about the date of the hearing. Cheval Legal manages the entire claims process on your behalf. Our simple 4-step process is described below. The law firm`s former head of communications says the non-lawyer program is an asset to law firms, employees and organizations in the service sector. The court learned that the lawyer, who was admitted to practice in 2003, feared that the client`s complaint would result in the loss of his livelihood and asked him to withdraw his claim. A lawyer was verbally offensive to a client and tried to dissuade him from pursuing a complaint against him, as it turned out – and the two were related. He claimed he was sick at the time of the phone call, and that “colored what he said.” But he agreed that he should not have abused Client A: “He spoke to a family member and this led to the use of language as colorful as the language he would normally use in a discussion of a professional nature.” For successful claims, we make sure that your compensation is reimbursed to you by your lender.

If your application is not successful, we will inform you and give you the reasons. Hussain, who now practices under his own responsibility, said there was no intention to mislead the SRA and apologized for any ambiguity. He claimed that he was not well at the time of the phone call, which “colored” his statements. He had asked the client to withdraw the allegations because they were not true, but he regretted using “colourful” language during the call. He represented “Client A” – with whom he is related – at a criminal trial in August 2016 in which he was convicted of assault. Customer A complained to SRA the following April. We will conduct all negotiations with your lender to obtain compensation. If your lender defends its position, it may be necessary to take legal action against it. We support and keep you informed throughout the process. The SRA initially claimed that this was misleading because there was email evidence that Customer A and a colleague of JD Spicer had discussed this with Mr.

Hussain. Plevin is referring to a 2014 Supreme Court decision that ruled that millions of people had been recovered because they knew nothing about the exorbitant commission rates they were paying for their PPI policies. What is PPI Plevin and how do I make a claim after the deadline? With respect to mitigation, which was not approved by the SRA, Mr. Hussain acknowledged that his email was unclear, but stated that there was no intention to mislead the SRA; He apologized for being ambiguous. The SRA said the £10,000 fine was a proportionate penalty that the court had accepted. He was fined £10,000 and paid £6,000 in costs. Read our response regarding the latest updates on Covid-19. We`re here to help, so click on our tips where you should find everything you need to keep up to date during this time.

It was agreed between Hussain and the SRA that an honest lawyer would not have such a conversation with a client who had filed a complaint and that he should have allowed the investigative process to end without interference. The court said Wilson ignored several warnings about the nature of the litigation`s behavior. Click the “Start Your Claim” button so that we can check if you have a valid Plevin PPI claim. If you do this, we will do it for you on a no-win basis at no cost. When Mr. Hussain was first contacted by the SRA about the complaint, he replied by email, “This is the first thing I heard [Client A] claim that money had been taken from him for the work I did.”