Como Hacer Un Marco Legal De Una Empresa

Of course, we know that the legal framework of a company varies from country to country, but its objectives should be very similar to each other, although otherwise there would be no tax havens. The legal framework of a company is integrated through three basic areas of law: the legal framework of the company is undoubtedly a fundamental element to forge a solid company from the outset, which guarantees the success and continuity of ongoing activities. In this example of the legal framework of a company, we will see foreign trade, starting with the regulatory framework, which is formed by: the laws governing commercial activities must provide the necessary legal certainty from the moment of their promulgation of the laws, as in their application and control of them; This ensures respect for traders` rights and reduces uncertainty and encourages investment in the country`s productive sectors. It also contributes to the protection of trademarks, patents or factory registrations; A great example of this not working well is the Winklevoss twins, who, as is well known, did not legally document the early stages of their social media platform, allowing Mark Zuckerberg to launch Facebook with some of the code he had written for them. In this sense, the legal framework is the basis that legally supports the economic activity resulting from the normal commercial activity of the company, which initially arises with the birth of legal personality, which is reflected in the founding act of the company; This is the document of a mandatory nature, which gives certainty for the creation by the legal means of it, which are checked before the respective commercial register of the nearest jurisdiction. With the above, the articulation of the three axes is fulfilled, which develop in the student his integral capacities of knowledge, know-how and personal and social growth. Cooperatives are not profit-oriented, they are created to meet a social or economic need or interest. This type of is usually formed by the company`s workers, suppliers and customers. It receives funding based on investments made by partners. We are taking a break, unfortunately there is no choice but to talk about the technical aspects, because it could be confusing in other words, so far I hope it is clear what the legal framework of an organisation consists of, essentially laws, processes and payments.

We continue with the example of a legal framework of a company. From there, a set of guidelines, codes of conduct and regulations are created within which each unit must operate; such as the Commercial Code, which regulates the duties and rights of commercial activity, tax laws that regulate the obligations of taxpayers, labour laws and other laws inherent in economic activity; all in accordance with the constitutional framework of each country. The company is undoubtedly the best of all, not only do the partners limit their losses by preventing their assets from being part of the payment of the company`s debts, but also leave the door open in case one or more people want to acquire shares of the company, thus bringing more capital into the company. A legal or legal person means a person who has and exists both duties and rights, but not as a natural person, but as an organisation founded by one or more natural persons for the purpose of achieving a social objective that may or may not have profit-making objectives. A company`s legal framework defines how the company is organised and how its activities are regulated, including its internal structure, operating and management practices, administrative procedures and reporting obligations. We must have this law as a central axis, since this law regulates the whole of import and export, from this regulation two other rules emerge: the characteristics of this company are similar to those of a person, the only thing that differs is that in this company several people react and not just one. In the event that the company is unable to repay your debts, the owners will do so with your estate. Let`s take an example of a company`s legal framework, if you write a letter in Word, a text or something else, it has margins that do not allow you to write more, these margins can be moved depending on what you want to do, the legal framework is similar because there are margins depending on the company and the country, which cannot be exceeded. A commercial or commercial company is one whose purpose is to perform one or more commercial acts or an activity subject to commercial law. We can define the legal framework of a company as a set of laws, regulations, regulations and rules of a legal and mandatory nature that are subject to the economic activities of a company; to be able to carry out the production process without presenting any risk or legal consequences for companies or dealers.