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To meet the unique needs of our clients, we have distinguished our practice for more than three decades through a commitment to compassion and quality. Our firm doesn`t just sue: we offer potential clients a free medical exam, online access to comprehensive resources for families living with a birth injury, and a full commitment to justice and lifetime benefits for your child. Prior to becoming a Managing Partner at CP Law Group, Prince served as in-house general counsel for a private behavioral health firm based in Atlanta. Prior to serving as in-house counsel, Prince was a partner at two large civil defense law firms in Atlanta and Chicago. Cerebral palsy lawyers working at national law firms specializing in birth injuries have extensive experience in handling medical malpractice cases across the country. Our law firm is a law firm focused on cerebral palsy that believes these efforts can address a critical need and make a significant difference in the lives of those trying to find sources of support for a child with a birth injury. To use these resources, a parent item does not have to be a client. These resources are provided free of charge as a means of investigation and opportunity for parents, and provide resources to help families discover the benefits their child deserves. This effort was made because it is simply the right thing to do. Stern Law, PLLC founded this company because he saw that children who developed cerebral palsy and other conditions due to birth trauma did not receive the level of representation and support they deserve. Birth injury lawsuits are different from other types of bodily injury because they require a qualified lawyer with advanced knowledge of medicine and law, not to mention the obligation to seek compensation that could support a special child and his or her family for the rest of his or her life. Stern Law, PLLC has established a cerebral palsy law firm that has brought together caring and compassionate lawyers and lawyers with decades of experience to enable comprehensive treatment of birth injury cases that leads to the best possible outcomes for families suffering the devastating consequences of unexpected and unthinkable harm to their child.

*These are clients represented by Stern Law, PLLC and/or our affiliated law firms. Our firm represents clients in the states of New York and New Jersey in real estate transactions; We have helped our clients negotiate and complete all types of real estate transactions, from the most basic to the most difficult. Cherny & Podolsky founded the firm in 2008 and worked in tandem to build a strong and efficient law firm in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. Our firm handles complex litigation and arbitrations for claimants and defendants in all areas of business. An experienced lawyer will be able to gather valuable information to prove that your child`s cerebral palsy was preventable and caused by medical negligence. Cerebral palsy lawyers can access medical records and other documents to support your case. For more than 30 years, Stern Law, PLLC has represented mothers and children who have suffered a birth injury. These serious injuries are often preventable, but the negligence, incompetence and misconduct of medical personnel can lead to lifelong hardship. Call us today to arrange a free consultation with a lawyer from THE CP Law Group. We can help you with your car or truck accident, liability, medical malpractice or any other type of personal injury.

Kenneth A. Stern has dedicated his legal career to changing the lives of the individuals and families he represents. It is inspired to fight for those who need help after someone else they relied on turned out to be careless and caused them pain and suffering. Both parties will present their evidence to find a solution without going to court. Lawyers aim to avoid lawsuits as this can delay the trial and payment to families. A third mediator may be called to assist during the mediation. Cherny & Podolsky and its team of employees and collaborators have enabled CP Law Firm to obtain astonishing comparisons that now far exceed $45,000,000. Once your lawyer accepts your case and establishes an attorney-client relationship, your cerebral palsy trial officially begins.

The legal representation of both parties collects evidence such as medical records and other documents in support of their case. Cerebral palsy lawyers do not charge upfront fees and work on a contingent basis. Your lawyer will only be paid if you receive financial compensation. Your cerebral palsy lawyer will file your lawsuit against people who were directly responsible for the medical negligence that led to your child`s cerebral palsy. In most cases, the defendant is the hospital, doctor, nurse or other health professional who gave birth to your child. Lawyers with a national scope can bring your lawsuit in the best condition for your particular case, as the best state you can file in may not be the one you live in. Legal teams will gather evidence to prove that the defendant did not meet a high standard of care and determine the causes of cerebral palsy. During this phase, expert testimony and interviews with witnesses may also take place.

It`s important to look for cerebral palsy lawyers with experience and resources that can help you win your case and represent your best interests in court. Access to non-legal information and resources is crucial for parents to find the strength to persevere in the struggle for their children`s rights. That`s why Stern Law, PLLC has invested in a website and call center to provide non-legal information, resources, and community forums where questions can be answered and stories can be shared. You probably feel like you could hire a personal assistant to handle your child`s affairs. Now, by focusing on helping customers track bodily injuries, car and truck accidents, and illegal deaths, Prince has recently gained important comparisons for its customers, including: family vacations and day trips enrich everyone`s lives. They can offer children and parents new perspectives, not to mention relaxation mixed with excitement. Unfortunately, holidays are also a source of stress for many families – and especially for those that include a child with special needs. But with a little planning, preparation, and information, a trip can be a source of joy rather than hardship. We have experience at every stage of the process, from initial planning to the process to appointments at all levels. We are dedicated and aggressive lawyers who understand our clients` business needs and strive to resolve disputes in the best interests of our clients. We have helped thousands of families rebuild their lives after professional misconduct during pregnancy, labour and shortly after birth.

Please contact Stern Law, PLLC online or call (800) 462-5772 to learn more about our customer experience, services and more. Prince is a graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law and is admitted to the Georgia and Illinois Bar. He also received his B.B.A. from East Tennessee State University.