Definition Crusade in a Sentence

Apple, of course, is on its own lonely crusade against third-party cookies and other cross-site tracking techniques. In fact, a crusade against tolls has begun in almost every region of South Wales this year. If Valmond were really a Napoleon, everything could well happen, even if this crusade must stop there. A crusade is based on the spirit of the people and the will of the volunteers. As part of these constraints, Khan devoted much of his energy to cleaning up London`s heavily polluted air, thanks to a bold crusade to reduce car traffic and improve vehicle standards. The memory of the terrible crusade of the thirteenth century inspired fiery poems among them. When the mayor learned that his son had been killed by a drug dealer, he began a crusade to rid his city of illegal drugs. 🔊 In 1095, when Palestinian land was held by Muslims, Pope Urban II urged Christians to reclaim the Holy Sepulchre and other venerated sites. Those who responded wore cloth crosses on their breasts to identify themselves as soldiers in Christ`s army. The French medieval words for such holy wars were cross, cross, crusade©and crusade, all derived from crois meaning “cross”. In the 18th century, long after the end of the Crusades themselves, the English borrowed both French Crusade and Spanish cruzado (also formed from a word meaning “cross”) and mixed the two to produce a crusade.

Much of the belligerence in 1860 was motivated by a moral crusade against slavery. The raffle is part of the school`s crusade to raise money for the Cancer Foundation. 🔊 Thus begins a crusade that is almost derailed at every turn by the toxicity of Sheila`s inner monologue and her tendency to self-destruction. Rick dropped out of college for a year so he could devote himself to the crusade to spread Christianity. 🔊 Thiel said that immediately after speaking to Salmon, she decided to make her crusade public. The woman`s crusade against gun violence earned her the hostility of gun manufacturers. 🔊 First, he asked for the usual indulgences necessary for him to fulfill his vow to go on a crusade. From the 11th to the 13th century, Roman Catholics who tried to take control of parts of what they considered the Holy Land (currently Israeli, Jordanian, Lebanese, and Palestinian land) fought military battles against the Muslims who controlled the land. These battles are called the Crusades. The word crusade brings with it the feeling of a violent and fierce struggle. So when someone is on a crusade to do something, they think so! What we need is not a general and brutal crusade against the police, but reforms and resources to professionalize these forces while demanding real accountability to those who abuse their power.

The Harvard 28 join other liberal and feminist dissidents from the crusade against rape on campus. Because we felt that the historic house should not be destroyed, we launched a crusade to make the property a national landmark. 🔊 In this way, the United States would avoid the trap of being seen again as the leader of an anti-Islamic crusade. If you go on a crusade against vegetables, you are fighting a long-term fight against leafy greens. A crusade is a passionate fight against something or someone. And despite the tears and prayers of eighteen hundred years, should she walk A-muck in the crusade of slavery? a campaign organized to support or promote a specific mix of central French Crusade and Spanish Cruzada; The main article Reflections on the Final Crusade prophetically describes how ISIS will destroy Christianity.