El Peruano Normas Legales De Transportes

t. Introduction of an integrated tariff system that protects the safety and quality of the provision of services, as well as the rights of the user for land passenger transport services in accordance with the rules governed by the National System for the Promotion of Private Investment and other related regulations. Approval of the regulations governing: the management and control of land transport services for persons provided in the territory; the conditions of access and operation to be fulfilled by operators, drivers and vehicles intended for these services and the services complementary to them; and the operation and functioning of the administrative registers in which operators, drivers and vehicles intended for those services are registered; without infringing national rules. b. Approval of standards for the physical, operational, tariff and means of payment integration of the different modes of transport that make up the integrated transport system lima and Callao. (a) those of the Treasury provided for in the Financial Regulation. m. Monitoring, control and follow-up of compliance with the rules governing the land transport services of persons provided in the territory. The management and control of the land transport of persons on the interconnected roads between the province of Lima and the constitutional province of Callao shall be carried out in accordance with this law and the regulations in force on joint management shall not apply. The members of the Executive Board, with the exception of the Executive Chairman, shall receive remuneration for the meetings they attend, in accordance with applicable law.

No member of the board of directors may receive compensation in more than one company in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations. 11.1. hold a valid driving licence of the class and category specified in these Regulations, which is not suspended, detained or cancelled for violation of the rules of transport and land traffic. Community services: These are free services provided by the pedestrian, cyclist or VMP driver who violates traffic rules for the benefit of the community to promote and participate in the implementation of education and road safety. Article 9 Legal conditions of access and permanence The legal conditions for access and maintenance as holders of an authorisation to provide the temporary service of land passenger transport by collection unit are as follows: FOURTH. Non-application of the common rules on traffic management It should be noted that the bodies exercising the functions and powers to be assumed by the ATU exercise them until the date of signature of the act of delegation or merger by acquisition of PROTRANSPORTE and ATE, for which the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the ATU are empowered to dictate the additional rules, necessary for proper implementation. of this Act. and. Approval of the rules governing the integrated transport system of Lima and Callao, as well as the technical, operational and operational specifications of the unified collection system.

9.11. Declaration signed by the applicant or carrier, partners, shareholders, employees, directors, directors or legal representatives that they have not been convicted of tax crimes, illicit drug trafficking, money laundering or processes of erasure of the domain in accordance with the provisions of Article 55.1.10 of the RNAT. (a) the authorization of additional rules for the provision of the temporary transportation of persons by land by interprovincial collection vehicles applicable in their respective territorial areas, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation and without contravening, ignoring, exceeding, exceeding or distorting these Regulations. The approval of additional standards is subject to the provisions of Article 12-A of the RNAT. Road safety: Road safety is a comprehensive and systematic process in which policies, plans, strategies, rules, procedures and activities are articulated and executed in order to protect all users of the transport system and their environment, in order to avoid the occurrence of road accidents, thereby reducing the frequency and consequences of injuries and / or deaths that result. 106-P.1 The following are considered reckless behavior on the part of VMP drivers and are prohibited in case of violation of road safety regulations: ATU servers are subject to the provisions of Law 30057, the Civil Service Act and additional and related regulations. p. Apply the preventive measures provided for in national rules on traffic management and other relevant rules. Law No. 28972, the Law on the Formalization of Land Passenger Transport in Collection Vehicles, provided for the formalization of this activity both at interprovincial and interregional level in accordance with the rules contained in the same Law, as well as in national regulations on traffic management; 6.1 Compliance with the technical, legal and operational conditions set out in this Regulation is mandatory for access and sustainability in the temporary land transport of passengers with collection vehicles. 9.6.

Have a sufficient number of drivers to provide the service under the conditions under which it is authorised, taking into account the activated fleet and the frequencies offered, whether their own staff or the staff of a third party company registered and supervised by the Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion, hired in accordance with applicable labour standards. without prejudice to compliance with the purposes for which Supreme Decree No 019-2018-MTC is adopted, Supreme Decree No 007-2019-MTC is adopted, which, in its first transitional supplementary provision, establishes the suspension of the provisions of Annex IV,5 to the NVR, point 5 of the Directive and the third transitional supplementary provision of Supreme Decree No 019-2018-MTC, in accordance with the provisions of Article 1 of Supreme Decree No. 028-2020-MTC until the 31st. March 2021; This Supreme Decree shall enter into force on the day following the expiry of the period laid down in the second final supplementary provision, with the exception of what is provided for in the first definitive supplementary provision. In accordance with the provisions of article 118, paragraph 8, of the Political Constitution of Peru; Law No. 29370, Law on the Organization and Functions of the Ministry of Transport and Communications; Law No. 27181, General Law on Transport and Land Transport; and the updated integrated text of the Regulation on the Organization and Functions of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, approved by Ministerial Decision No. 658-2021-MTC/01; Electrical appliances or appliances for entertainment or travel: These are those that have an electric motor that drives them at a maximum construction speed of up to 12 km / h.

Such electrical devices can circulate or be used on the sidewalk or sidewalk as an extension of the pedestrian concept (electric wheelchair for people with disabilities, electric scale vehicle, electric trolleys, electric walking aids). Electrical appliances or entertainment or travel equipment shall not be included in the classification of vehicles in accordance with Annex I to the NVR. Vehicles intended for the temporary transport of persons by land by collection vehicles at national and interregional, interprovincial and interdistrict level must meet the following technical conditions: on the other hand, that the measures of social isolation resulting from the declaration of a national emergency have affected the dynamics of various sectors of the economy, including tourism, the provision of tourism services and related activities such as land transport; affected by the measures dictated to contain the progression of the epidemic; b) One (1) member proposed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.