Fort Lewis College Transfer Requirements

You can transfer up to 60 credits from the AA/AS you earned at a Colorado community college at FLC, and all of your basic liberal arts requirements will be lifted as you work toward your bachelor`s degree here. Ask? Please contact the admissions office. Did you get an AA/AS from an institution outside of Colorado? See our transfer policy for associate degrees from institutions outside of Colorado. You have dreams and we want to help you achieve them. You can start as a transfer student at FLC in the fall, spring or summer. We accept applications on an ongoing basis and will notify you within 4-6 weeks of submission. FLC is a truly unique college experience. Classes are small, departments are tightly knit, the student body is incredibly diverse, and academics are built on a strong belief in experiential learning. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to conduct research at the graduate level. Learn what kind of students thrive here to help your students find the right fit.

Start here if you`ve been attending another 2- or 4-year college or university and want to move on to Fort Lewis College. Visiting campus is a great way to find out if FLC is the right college for you. Meet our amazing students, faculty and staff. Explore Durango and our beautiful campus. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery, breathe deeply into the fresh mountain air and feel the sun on your face. As the path of transfer students is often unique to each individual, our admissions team is available to help you determine your best next step. As part of your application, you must send official transcripts from all colleges and universities you attended as part of your application. For admission, you must have a college-level GPA of 2.4 on a 4-point scale from a regionally accredited institution. You will need to take remedial courses before enrolling in FLC and be ready for college-level math and English courses. Fort Lewis College continues to strive to provide as many credits as possible to our incoming transfer students. We understand that colleges and universities across the country have moved away from their traditional grading systems for all courses from spring 2020 to fall 2021, and that many have moved to one version of the pass or fail grading scale.

To account for this, we accept any course with transferable course content for which the student has received a grade P, provided that P is equal to a grade of C- or higher. If you`re transferring from one of the following locations, check out the graduation cards we`ve agreed with these schools to carry forward your existing credits to your FLC degree. Learn more about the student transfer application process, CBF transfer points, scholarships, financial aid, participation costs, and our focus on hands-on, experiential learning. We are committed to ensuring that your university degree remains within financial reach. Our staff at Fort Lewis College will meet you where you are and help you make the transfer process as smooth as possible. We know your educational journey has been unique, whether you`ve earned a few college credits since high school or you`ve already earned an associate`s degree. Admission and application requirements vary depending on the type of student you are. Fort Lewis College reserves the right to withdraw courses and change course sequences at any time, as well as to change the schedule, program of study, degree programs, graduation requirements and any other student requirements.

The policies and procedures listed in this catalogue are subject to change without notice and changes will be effective as soon as the appropriate authorities so decide. If you have ever attended a college or university, official transcripts from all colleges and universities must be sent directly from the college or university to the admissions office. FLC has many financial support options to keep your college career affordable. Start here if you`re a high school student or have graduated from high school or GED, and you`re ready to start your academic career. To enroll at Fort Lewis College, all international students must submit the financial declaration and certification, including bank statements as supporting documents. The form can be emailed to To enroll at Fort Lewis College, international students must also complete the I-20 student visa. If you completed less than 24 semester credits at the college level before applying, you must also specify: If you left a two-year institution to enter Fort Lewis College before completing your associate degree, you may be eligible for a reverse transfer. Reverse Transfer allows you to transfer FLC credits to this two-year college so you can earn your associate degree while you`re still working on your bachelor`s degree at FLC. You wouldn`t have to take any additional courses and you wouldn`t have to be a current student from your old school.

For more information, visit the Colorado Department of Higher Education`s reverse transfer website. Ask? Email Registrar Theresa Rodriguez. Make a pre-registration consultation appointment with our Transfer Admission Advisor for information on credit transfer, the graduation process, tuition fees and more. Appointments are available by phone or in person. Learn more about transferring credits to continue your education at Fort Lewis College. Experience FLC on your own, in person or from the comfort of your own home. Visit the buildings and our beautiful campus, get answers to your questions, meet the faculty and much more. Get a glimpse into life as a Skyhawk from the comfort of your own home.

Visit dormitories, try student life, learn what it`s like to learn from the experience, and much more, all via video. Telephone: 970-247-7184 Fax: 970-247-7179 Use Transferology, a third-party website, to see how your credits are transferred to a degree with FLC. You will be prompted to create an account to view course information. It`s a quick and easy process to access their extensive database of colleges and universities in Colorado, the country, and the world. You`re not the only one wondering: Does FLC offer the majors I`m interested in? Can I afford to go to school at FLC? These questions are at the forefront for most prospective transfer students. Here are some answers. For students 23 years of age or older, or who have been out of high school for five years, Accuplacer scores may be required to determine placement in math and comp. Accuplacer is a university placement exam that determines literacy and math skills. The test is available at our testing center and can also be offered at your local community college.

Learn more about Accuplacer at FLC. If you`re transferring from another school, use Transferology, a third-party website, to see how your credits are transferred. You will be asked to create an account, a quick and easy process, and from there, you will be able to know how to transfer credits from your school to FLC. *Institutions must send official transcripts from colleges or universities directly to Fort Lewis College. They can be sent by mail or electronically. You have the right to appeal the College`s decision on the transferability of a course and/or the manner in which a course was transferred. Before your visit, pique your curiosity on our virtual tour – you don`t need to get out of your pajamas. We guide you through campus from the comfort of your own home.

View requirements, deadlines, CO residency information, etc. With these tools, you can make an educated guess about how your credits will be transferred. FLC`s official decision will be made approximately three weeks after your approval. You can apply for a fee waiver if you have extreme financial need or a low expected family contribution (EFC) as outlined in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application. When asked about a fee waiver due to financial hardship, select “Yes” on the application. While we offer campus tours and other events specifically designed for transfer students, you are welcome to attend one of our events. Feed your fascination and expand your familiar world with our 54 Bachelor majors. Explore social sciences such as psychology, political science or sociology. Or natural sciences, such as biology or chemistry. Make your dreams come true with engineering, public health, business administration or studio art.