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Our specialists – from lawyers, technologists and data scientists to project managers and process improvement experts – lead the development of alternative legal services, helping to keep business manageable and delivered at a pace that other companies can`t match. We use legal technology in more than 65% of cases and generate efficiency savings and added value for our clients. The client delivery group is integrated into our legal teams from the outset and brings a collaborative mindset, an international perspective and the ability to operate at scale. This dynamic combination translates into more efficient, transparent and intelligent services for our customers. With a toolbox of technical solutions, time-saving resources and multilingual legal specialists, Freshfields` client service delivery group delivers real value to our clients. The Freshfields Hub brings together a global talent pool that uses alternative legal services and innovative tools to handle business intelligently and efficiently. License our cutting-edge legal content to develop your thought leadership and build your brand. We bring together global talent and smart technologies to deliver efficient, high-quality solutions to our customers. Kira can be configured around our own custom regulations using our knowledge base to ensure it is perfectly tailored to customer needs. It complements our own legal expertise and will further enhance the quality of work for clients while helping to relieve the Legal Services Centre team to focus on more complex areas of work. Solve our customers` most complex challenges through efficient, transparent and innovative technology.

Leverage cutting-edge talent, expertise, and technology to more effectively manage mass demands and enable smarter, more strategic decisions. Since its initial implementation, Kira has quickly become a core technology for service delivery across the enterprise. Isabel Parker, Director of Legal Innovation at Freshfields, said: “Kira has become synonymous with innovation within the firm. The ability to customize the platform using Freshfields` existing knowledge base helped the company tailor its service offering to customer needs quickly and cost-effectively. Work with customers to develop bespoke technical solutions where standard options do not exist or are not suitable. An integral part of our client delivery group is the Freshfields Hub: a global team of international lawyers and legal solutions specialists, as well as legal support staff who support all aspects of our transactional, advisory, litigation and regulatory work. Legal service hubs are all the rage right now. Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer has one in Manchester, Clifford Chance has one in Newcastle and even Reed Smith has one in Leeds. We guide our clients through complex, large-scale reviews and investigations, helping them minimize their risk. As a company that has always crossed borders, we know how important it is to evolve with the needs of our customers and the world in which they operate.

At its heart is our customer service delivery group. The new law made it punishable under certain conditions for healthcare companies to invite professionals to conferences, sponsor training and hospitality, and/or offer payments related to observational studies. Freshfields needed to identify potentially problematic interactions included in their contracts and quickly assess the customer`s level of exposure. Documents that required organization by contract type and assignment to appropriate reviewers. Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP (“Freshfields”), a global elite law firm based in London, UK, with 27 offices worldwide, has been using Kira since September 2016 for a variety of projects ranging from due diligence to regulatory compliance. For Freshfields, Kira`s differentiator is the flexibility to use the platform for all use cases where transparency of contract terms is crucial, even if Kira has not been pre-trained to extract the specific terms or language to be verified. To assess and measure their clients` exposure, the Freshfields team first had to organize a highly complex set of documents of over 11,500 documents per contract type and award physical contracts to the appropriate reviewers. The auditors would then have to abstract potentially problematic provisions of each of the contracts into a master document that would provide Freshfields` client with an assessment of its potential exposure to regulatory changes. Given the tight deadlines, order volume, and the risk of severe penalties if deadlines are not met, the Freshfields project team, in consultation with the Freshfields Innovation Team, knew they needed to use software to conduct a cost-effective, thorough and timely review. The Client Delivery Group brings together a diverse mix of talent and skills from the Freshfields Hub, Lab and Innovation teams, as well as project managers, into one global team.

Seamless integration of these teams and smarter service delivery are reinventing our entire customer offering. Working with Freshfields` legal services center, employees used a training kit to teach Kira how to identify titles and types of contracts (ranging from loan agreements to maintenance and service contracts). Upon completion of the training, Kira automatically filed the remaining documents (which were not used in the training package) based on the specified contract type. This allowed them to quickly organize all documents by contract type, allowing the team to easily assign relevant contracts to the appropriate reviewers. Employees also taught Kira how to recognize six German “standard” provisions and recognize certain provisions that could trigger a violation of the law (for example, certain “vacation” discounts or interest). Once the training package was completed, they processed the remaining documents at Kira, with the Legal Services Centre team reviewing the results (which are extracted in a summary table in Kira) and forwarding the selected documents to employees for review. The hub provides support in over 30 languages and from multiple locations around the world, providing high-quality solutions for customer questions when and where needed. We enable our clients to make smarter strategic decisions by helping them better understand the ever-changing global regulatory landscape. Leading U.S. Law Firm – Highly respected litigation partner and Team Legal Week (and dedicated photographer) visited Magic Circle`s Manchester office to see how it compares to its London headquarters. Isabel Parker, Director of Legal Innovation at Freshfields. Better risk management, greater efficiency and more productive relationships through smarter project management.

With Kira, Freshfields saw 20-40% efficiency gains on the project and was able to provide its clients with high-quality review within tight deadlines. The company was able to obtain additional work from the same client by leveraging the knowledge and know-how gained during the initial review, including an additional contract review project of more than 5,000 German and 800 Spanish documents. And now, building on what they taught Kira, Freshfields plans to provide a similar service to its other customers. But what do they actually look like? Legal Week visited the Freshfields Global Centre at One New Bailey in Manchester to find out. The final results can then be exported to Word or Excel format for review. And with the “Analytics” tab built into Kira, Freshfields was able to see a snapshot of engagement across a large number of contracts simultaneously, giving its clients an estimate of the level of exposure they were facing. From due diligence and document review to coordinating complex mass prosecutions and cross-border risk assessments, the hub offers tasks that benefit from standardization, with the consistently high quality our customers expect from Freshfields. For example, Freshfields was recently commissioned to review contracts with healthcare professionals and medical facilities for a German healthcare client following a change in German anti-bribery law to assess the extent of exposure. As the cost, scope and complexity of transactions increase, our due diligence services help our clients mitigate risk and ensure they seize opportunities.

Efficiencies to enable high-quality review within a tight timeframe. Optimize solution and execution strategies with sophisticated, data-driven analytics that save time and minimize costs. Kira has become synonymous with innovation within the company. With Kira`s help, Freshfields was able to tackle this project quickly and efficiently. The Matter team used Kira`s intuitive machine learning feature, Quick Study, to teach Kira how to automatically detect and extract required regulations and create the necessary reports for the client. Kira is an important part of our broader innovation program, driven by our commitment to exceptional customer service. The significant benefits in terms of speed of delivery and cost-effectiveness that Kira demonstrated in this case are a great example of how contract review software enables our legal services center to deliver even more value to clients around the world. LEGAL ADVICE IN TECHNOLOGY – PUBLISHING. 1 YEAR FTC TEMP TO PERM.