Hackney Legal Definition

1.A hackney car is a metered taxi that is allowed to pick up passengers at a taxi rank and can be stopped on the street. Middle English Hakeney, hakenay “a small saddle horse, especially one for rent”, probably from Hackney, originally a community and village where nearby grasslands may have been used as grazing horses The board will only issue a transport permit to the actual owner of the vehicle. (a) If the carriage is on a gradient or road, the driver may not refuse to go to a place within the “prescribed distance” (Act 1847, section 53) without reasonable excuse. Middle English hakenay, of use attributed to hakeney entry Hackney 1 If the owner of a registered Hackney car transfers his interest in the Hackney transport to another person, he must inform the Council in writing within 14 days of such transfer, indicating the name and address of the person to whom the Hackney transport was transferred. 2. Licences for Hackney transport vehicles and drivers shall be issued in accordance with the provisions of the City Police Clauses Act 1847 and the City Police Clauses Act 1889, as administered by the Public Health Act 1875 and the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976. 4. As noted above, the Commission has the authority to make the granting of transport licences subject to such conditions as it considers reasonably necessary and is given various powers to refuse, suspend or revoke licences. The Council reserves the right to require any driver to undergo a medical examination at any time if the circumstances require proof of a person`s fitness to act as a driver of a car. “A private hire vehicle is a motor vehicle constructed or equipped for fewer than nine passengers, other than a service car, a public service car or a London taxi hired with the services of a driver for the purpose of transporting passengers.” (Local Government (Miscellaneous) Act 1976) The Council may make the granting of a licence subject to such conditions as it considers reasonably necessary and may require that a Hackney car have such design or appearance or bear distinctive features that clearly identify it as a Hackney car. Council licensing officers will inspect the vehicle by appointment to ensure that it is equipped or made available in accordance with the Council`s By-Laws or specifications listed below.

Nglish: Translation of Hackney for Spanish speakers Given the need to prove the details of a vehicle, it is essential to ensure that the vehicle registration document is available for inspection when an application for a Hackney transport document is submitted. The exam consists of 50 oral questions about location, including residential areas, offices, industrial sites and social baths, relevant legislation, car authorization and driver documents, fee structure and statutes. A Hackney driver`s license also entitles you to drive a private rental vehicle. (1976 Act, section 67.) In addition, the Act authorizes any authorized officer of the Board or police officer, at any reasonable time, to inspect and test any approved Hackney conveyance and taximeter for suitability and, if satisfied with the suitability of the vehicle or the accuracy of the taximeter, may request in writing to the holder to make it available for further inspection and testing and to: suspend the registration document until the mandatary or security guard is convinced. Any vehicle designated as a Hackney car (i.e., as a “taxi”), must, in addition to the requirements set out in the Commission regulations governing the manner in which Hackney cars are to be supplied or supplied; Note: A hire purchase agreement, in which the tenant becomes the rightful owner at the end of the payment, will be accepted if the “tenant” is the applicant for the license. When applying for a licence to drive a Hackney car or private rental vehicle, you will be asked to indicate any convictions or warnings you may have, unless they are considered “consummated” under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. (d) a cart shall not be left unattended on a road, public resort or amusement; And if it is one of the first two in a row, the driver must be immediately ready to be hired. (Act of 1847, Article 62 and Statute.) The Council does not prescribe any particular type, colour or appearance of vehicles to be registered as Hackney cars.