How Do I Check If a Company Is Registered in the Philippines

Under this link, you can search for information about SEC registration and licensing of registered individual and institutional capital market participants. In the SEC, there is what is called a primary registration with the SEC and a secondary license. We`ll discuss this further so you understand if the company you`re dealing with is legitimate or has the right means to do so. Disclaimer: The author is not directly affiliated with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines. Please use this article as a quick guide to reviewing and verifying a company`s SEC registration and not as a help page for your other concerns and issues with the Commission. If you are interested in writing another blog post on the same topic and using it as a reference, please link to us and make sure you don`t plagiarize. However, as mentioned earlier, primary SEC registration is not sufficient to support the fact that a company is allowed to sell investments and securities to the public. A corporation is defined by the Commission as a legal entity created by operation of law and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Of course, if a company has neither a primary nor a secondary license, this is highly questionable.

In this day and age, you should NEVER put your money on something that isn`t legal on paper. Get independent and reliable information reports on Filipino companies on Reduce credit risk and improve the knowledge of your customers, suppliers and competitors in the Philippines. is a paid service and without subscription. suggest valuable information to make the right business decision. The reports, prepared by Dun and Bradstreet, as well as local sources, provide unbiased and independent information about businesses in the Philippines and Asia. – If you do business in the Philippines and want to reduce business and financial risk, our reporting offering can help. Credit reports incorporate information such as: error score, credit score, and payment history. – If you need to monitor and compare market competitors in the Philippines, you will find business information, financial data, shareholders, and directors. – Increase sales opportunities within large groups of companies: Explore all affiliated companies worldwide with the family tree report. – Collect facts and data on incorporation: Comes from the Philippine Business Registry, identify legal representatives and administrators, legal form, check deposits, lawsuits and ongoing litigation, defaults, bankruptcy. In our case, since we are a company, we are registered with the SEC.

So if you`d like to see our registration and other public documents, you can contact the SEC. For your convenience, they even offer online services on their website to check business registrations. If you are planning to register a trademark or register a new trade name in the Philippines, it is a good idea to conduct a preliminary examination globally to reduce the cost of a full search. We perform company name verifications in 200 countries, contact us. For your convenience, you can refer to our SEC registration certificate below for our initial details you may need when you inquire with the SEC. 1. Check the company`s website for a legitimate phone number and address. If there is no way to contact that company offline, it may be a red flag that the company is not legitimate. Because emails and domain names are easy to obtain, an email address is not as reliable as offline contact information. What is the difference between primary SEC registration and secondary license? Simply put, (a) if a company or entity has received both a primary registration with the SEC and a secondary license, such as to offer or sell securities and solicit investments from the public, there is no problem with their legality.

It is legal and therefore legal to do so. This requires us to check whether a company has a secondary SEC license. During the exam, you may visit the Securities and Exchange Commission`s Capital Market Participant Registry System (CMPRS). How to review and verify a company`s registration with the SEC. To prevent fraud, it is essential to verify and verify the primary registration and secondary license of a company or company. That`s why checking if a company is legitimate is just as important as learning how to invest. In fact, the former might carry more weight. Don`t worry because in this article we are going to show you how to check if a company is registered with the SEC.

Here`s how to check if a business is legitimate. GlobalGateway Business Verification automates the entire process, from entering information to verifying records. Since the information is available in computer form, further analysis is also automated: verification of the names of companies using anti-money laundering (AML) watchlists. How can I check if a business in the Philippines is legitimate? For primary SEC registration, you can visit the official website of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Philippines in Go to Online Services and go to Find Registered Names. Is Crowd1 SEC registered? The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has awarded CROWD1 Asia Pacific, Inc. […] However, if it is only a primary SEC registration and investments are requested without an additional license, only a legal business entity (registered with the SEC) operates illegally. It must already deviate from its declared commercial purpose and operation. In this case, primary registration with the SEC is not sufficient. Similarly, if none of these recordings and licenses have been secured, then there is a big question of legality.

You are not allowed to trust him and his representatives, even with a small portion of your hard-earned money. So if you`re trapped in a situation where you want to make an investment but want to check if the business is legitimate or operating legally, you can do it online. Hello Exequiel Raguini. One way to verify that a real estate developer is operating a legitimate business is to ensure that they have a Certificate of Registration and Sales License (LTS) issued by HLURB for their projects. Visit the HLURB website (Online Queries section) to view this information. Or head to the nearest HLURB regional office to check. What is primary SEC registration? A primary registration with the SEC grants only legal personality, hence a general license to operate under the Companies Code of the Philippines. It does not automatically give a company the power to engage in all types of business activities such as lending, selling securities and investment contracts, and underwriting investments. Here are the companies that require primary SEC registration: How do you know if doing business in the Philippines is legitimate? The Company is not registered with the SEC or DTI.