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While buying a full-service seafood restaurant chain may seem risky in the midst of a pandemic, Berkowitz said PPX`s acquisition of Legal restaurants fits neatly into both companies` future expansion plans. Legal will continue its legacy of “sourcing the best seafood available by identifying local partners who source, harvest and process only the freshest seafood for a truly memorable Pier-to-Plate meal,” said Executive Chef Matt King, PPX`s Chief Culinary Officer. Berkowitz also plans to expand the selection of frozen seafood and value-added products available in Legal`s grocery stores and e-commerce channels. The transition from creating a thriving seafood restaurant chain to focusing on retail, e-commerce and other channels is almost like home for Roger Berkowitz, President and CEO of Legal Sea Foods. Here, we offer an all-day menu that includes New England seafood classics and favorites from Legal Sea Foods, offering options for travelers who need a quick stop to eat or drink, or those who want to eat and eat flight delays. The restaurant`s design elements are themed – a “bubble ceiling” with layers of thin perforated metal plates; a “fishing net” fence that serves as a boundary between the restaurant and the terminal traffic area; and a giant mosaic-tiled fish. At the same time, the details inside are also handy – bar stools, on which hand luggage is stored underneath, and digital boards on which flight information is displayed. In addition, Legal is working on a number of “other products” to sell in grocery stores, according to Berkowitz. It already sells clam chowder at some Ahold, Costco and BJ wholesale stores. Berkowitz expects the new line to enter service by the end of the first quarter of 2021.

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