Internship Experience at Phoenix Legal Delhi

Internships are a great opportunity to get a first-hand look at how a law firm works. They can also provide practical insight into different business areas and industries. You can see that legal practice goes far beyond textbooks and case law. Disclaimer: Organizations should not ask interns to write articling experiences on Lawctopus. You also shouldn`t need to write an internship experience on Lawctopus for the articling student to receive a certificate. If you engage in such practices, the Lawctopus organization will be blacklisted. In this case, interns are requested to inquire at [email protected]. Career opportunities and internship offers at Phoenix Legal may also be published regularly in the careers section of its website. Refer to the link to the specific career/jobs page mentioned later in this article. CLIENT: In-house counsel of a multidisciplinary firm French: Testimonial: Manjula Chawla of Phoenix Legal proves to be a highly experienced advisor in navigating the Indian legal regime – offering an effective combination of a strong legal advisor role on legal and regulatory issues with a very pragmatic approach to some of the practical problems faced by clients. which comes from many years of experience in providing targeted and tailored legal advice to its clients. We have had the advantage of working closely with Phoenix Legal and Manjula on some restructuring and M&A issues in the region.

CLIENT: Anil Arora COMPANY/COMPANY: Print TESTIMONIAL packaging: It was a good experience working with Phoenix`s legal team on corporate transactions and advice. We appreciate the professional, competent and consistent responsiveness of Ritika and her team and highly recommend her for support and advice on corporate transactions. Legal practice, like all other businesses, is constantly evolving, especially with the advent of high-speed Internet, mobile communications and other similar technologies. Legal practice also evolves with the development of the client`s business and the resulting changes in the client`s expectations. I am currently Treasurer of the Young Lawyers Committee of the International Bar Association (IBA). IBA is the most renowned organization of international lawyers and law firms, founded in 1947. It has more than 80,000 individual members who are international lawyers from leading law firms worldwide and has more than 190 bar associations from more than 170 countries as members. Our task as speakers at the IBA Young Lawyers Committee is to encourage young lawyers from different jurisdictions to join and engage in the various activities of the IBA. We serve as a “gateway” for young lawyers to the IBA and put them in touch with other IBA departments to continue their engagement.

In addition, we actively identify, discuss and promote issues raised by IBA young lawyers. CLIENT: Benchmark Broadcast Systems (S) Pte Ltd COMPANY: Phoenix Legal TESTIMONIAL: Benchmark has known and worked with Mr. Saket Shukla of Phoenix Legal on commercial and contractual matters for several years. M. Saket Shukla and his highly skilled professional team are experienced, reliable, punctual, efficient and friendly. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs legal assistance. While we have specifically highlighted Phoenix Legal`s expertise in the business areas listed below, they can offer a wider range of legal services, as mentioned later in this article. Given the speed with which legal work must be done, high client pressure, and tight schedules, employers in the legal sector are often reluctant to train new law graduates from scratch. Therefore, new law graduates should start immediately, demonstrating basic legal skills such as the ability to conduct legal research, the use of online research tools, understanding basic legal principles, and developing legal in English at a basic level. Without such skills, it is often difficult for new law graduates to find articling placements, and even if they do find work, it is difficult for them to get used to the strict work environment.

Due to overlaps in many specializations; and the need to offer comprehensive legal solutions to their clients, almost all medium and large law firms tend to be “full-service” law firms. CLIENT: Arnab Goswami COMPANY/COMPANY: Editor-in-Chief, Republic Media Network TESTIMONIAL: It gives me great pleasure to write a few lines about Phoenix Legal, which has been our law firm for Republic Media Network since our media group was founded in December 2017. As a media start-up with ambitious plans, we had to legally isolate ourselves from legal affairs, intellectual property issues, and competitor attacks in the Indian media space during its first year of operation. Phoenix Legal and its co-founding partner Saket Shukla have worked tirelessly with our network`s management and editorial team to ensure that the channel`s debut is the most successful ever in the Indian media space. Phoenix has participated in several investment rounds and advised us on share dilution, partner and investor due diligence, and was instrumental in the purchase of our first investor`s majority stake, which was successfully completed in January 2020. The share buyback involved negotiations with ten other investors, and in this sense, it was a first in the Indian media space. Over the past few months, as the channel has been under attack from interest groups, resulting in a large number of criminal prosecutions against employees and management, Phoenix Legal has supported us like a rock and played an incredible role in identifying the best lawyers and ensuring that our litigation is needed in multiple forums on a complex range of topics. Including constitutional and dishonest issues, the discussions took place in depth and with conviction. Phoenix works closely with the lawyers on our editorial team, and there is seamless collaboration between our respective teams, which is one of the strengths of our history of corporate and editorial growth. I expect Phoenix to be a long-term partner for our future growth and look forward to working with them as our network expands in India and around the world in the future. Its team of qualified and experienced lawyers brings entrepreneurial energy to work with common values for higher service standards with a high level of professionalism and responsiveness.

We kindly ask you to submit your application eight to twelve weeks before the desired date of the internship so that we can contact you four to six weeks before the start of these dates. Although I chose law as my career, I don`t regret my decision to study science in school, as it prepared me for a certain rigor and hard work that goes a long way toward shaping a career in law. Law school curricula have not kept pace with the evolution of legal practice, and there is a huge gap between the theoretical knowledge acquired by students in law schools and the practical application of that knowledge. In addition, the focus is unfortunately on memorization and memorization in the Indian education system, so there are cases of new graduates lacking awareness and understanding of basic legal concepts. My experience with the company has been excellent and much of it is due to Saket, who is someone I have let go far in the past. Saket has always given us all the time and attention we need to succeed in this type of business. He was a calming and confident presence. I really appreciate the knowledge and support I received from Phoenix. Phoenix Legal offers students pursuing legal training a four-week internship in our two offices (New Delhi and Mumbai). If you offer internship opportunities to law students or new law graduates, post your ad for free on and reach 1000 law students across India. Before we continue with the details of the Phoenix Legal Internship, we would like to let you know that Legally Flawless shares legal developments from various high courts and the Supreme Court to educate you legally. We also started weekly quizzes every Sunday on our Instagram page.

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