Is It Legal to Put a Bayonet on a Gun

I do not understand why. Probably illegal in Cali. They had a serious problem with the bayonet. I tried to understand and all I could find were rules for a bayonet on a rifle. I`m just curious if you could put one on a gun, even in pro-gun states. It`s just a legal curiosity. I doubt any state has a law against that. I`d bet it`s legal in over 45 states. Why, I mean, knife guns were popular with pirates and a modern gun would be more loaded with a knife/bayonet than with a knife in the opposite hand.

(If that was sarcasm, I`m sorry for my misunderstanding) Decently sure it`s legal in Minnesota. It`s legal to stick rifles and shotguns here, so I see no reason why you couldn`t stick one on a gun. I think there are mini bayonets that you can buy online to attach to the rails of a gun. I saw Hickok45 using one in one of his videos. I don`t think they would sell them if they were illegal. I don`t know any man, imagine the benefits of CCWing this, you can shoot and stab at the same time, give them the ol one two. Yes, but you can carry a lower gun and an upper pistol. Well, I can carry a shotgun and an AR, but I was told it was a problem to assemble them into a master key.