Is It Legal to Shoot a Bb Gun in Phoenix City Limits

G. Every person convicted of violating this section shall confiscate for the benefit of the city the weapon or instrument so fired or discharged. C. The prohibitions in this section do not apply to private property or premises if, in the circumstances, such material may be fired, unloaded or used in a manner that does not endanger or is not endangered, and also in a manner that prevents the projectile from passing through land or space outside the boundaries of such land or land. Another exception is if public or private land or premises are used for the purpose of an organized meeting or shooting game using such weapons and the meeting or shooting game has been approved by the owner or controller of such premises and approved in writing by the Chief of Police. Why should this exist? We end up shooting real guns. F. Sale of weapons to minors. It is illegal for a person to sell or give to a minor under the age of eighteen (18) a weapon, ammunition or a toy gun capable of releasing hazardous and explosive substances without the written consent of the minor`s parents or guardians.

(a) No person shall fire or discharge an air rifle, BB pistol, pellet gun, dart gun, gas pistol, spring-loaded pistol or other pistol or similar instrument within the city limits. Phoenix and Mesa allow target shooting in the yard as long as the target area is safe and an adult is available for surveillance. Glendale, on the other hand, prohibits the use of BB weapons in the backyard. (b) It is unlawful for a minor in the City of Glendale who is not accompanied by a parent, grandparent or guardian or certified hunter safety instructor or certified firearms safety instructor acting with the consent of his or her parents, grandparents or guardians to knowingly possess or carry a firearm in a place under his or her direct control. the public or on a public road or highway or on private property, with the exception of private property owned or leased by the minor or his parents, grandparents or guardians. However, this section does not apply to minors fourteen (14) years of age or older who engage in any of the following activities:(1) Lawful hunting or shooting events or shooting at designated shooting ranges or other places where the discharge of a firearm is not prohibited. (2) Legal transportation of an unloaded firearm for lawful hunting purposes. (3) Lawful transportation of an unloaded firearm between 5:00 a.m.

and 10:00 p.m. for the purpose of shooting events or shooting practice at designated ranges or other places where the unloading of a firearm is not prohibited. 4. Any activity related to the production of arable crops, livestock, poultry, animal products, poultry products or ratites or the storage of agricultural products. (c) Any person convicted of violating this section shall confiscate for the benefit of the city the weapon or instrument so fired or discharged. (Order no. 206 (N.S.), § 1; Ord. 1834, § 2, 2-28-95) Reference to State law — Weapons, A.R.S. § 13-3101 et seq. (21) No person shall participate in archery or intentionally unload, use or drive, negligently or recklessly, any object or projectile likely to cause serious injury, including, but not limited to, an air gun, a BB gun, a pellet gun, an arrow gun, a crossbow, a slingshot, a blowing gun, a spear or a spear.

“Serious bodily harm” includes bodily injury that poses a reasonable risk of death or that causes severe and permanent disfigurement, serious injury to health, or prolonged loss or impairment of organ or limb function. This subsection does not apply to special public events or courses held under a municipal permit issued for such activities. Clean up the mess of all the targets you use. Do not shoot at glass targets. Do not shoot plants or animals. Yes, do it and if someone says something, shoot them and run away. B. Possession and sale of weapons to minors.

Every person who sells or gives a dirt, dagger, throwing star, butterfly knife, martial arts weapon, sword stick, spear, metal peg or knife, other than a pocket knife, or a weapon or instrument as described in Article 9.24.010 (A) (1) to a minor without the consent of his parents or guardians is guilty of an offence. 5. Discharges shall be made on non-residential land within a properly monitored area. A properly monitored shooting range is any non-residential location operated or immediately monitored by a government agency, a public or private school, or an adult member of a recognized archery business, group or organization. (Code 2007, § 9.32.010; Order No. 08-43, § 1, 10-9-08; Order No. 08-54, § 1, 12-11-08) v. For the purpose of sport shooting or practice on a shooting range operated by qualified personnel. Qualified personnel consist of either a certified firearms safety instructor, a rifle or pistol instructor certified by the National Rifle Association, or a person designated by a rifle or pistol club, public or private school, or military organization. and local cities in terms of shooting with your air rifle. d.

For the purpose of sport shooting in private rooms equipped with BB, pellet guns or slingshots powered by air, spring or CO2, provided that: 2. Sport shooting is supervised by an adult at all times. Paragraphs 34 to 73. – Restrictions on disposal, concealment and handling. It is illegal for any person within the city limits to shoot or unload: 1. It is unlawful for any person within the city limits to shoot or discharge a BB gun, air gun, pellet gun, arrow gun, arrow gun, an arrow pistol, a slingshot, a blowgun, a gas pistol, a bow and arrow, a crossbow or any other weapon or similar instrument in a reckless manner. §§ 19-7. – Unloading of weapons. (a) No person shall fire or discharge any firearm within the city limits, including, but not limited to, an air pistol, BB pistol, pellet gun, dart gun, gas pistol or any other rifle or similar instrument.

This section does not apply to the use of such a weapon or instrument: It is enough to apply the same thing in the desert. Make sure you shoot in a safe direction where your shots can only hit your targets. (c) All persons using city parks must comply with all federal, state, county and city laws, rules and regulations. You can fire a BB gun anywhere, even in town, as long as you have proper support. Today`s question comes from James: I can`t find the answer to this question anywhere (including the Gilbert Police Department). Is it legal to use a BB/Lead air rifle in my backyard in the town of Gilbert? (d) All persons who use municipal parks must also comply with the following: A. It is illegal for anyone to show an air rifle within city limits; A gasoline gun, feathered gun, or any toy or weapon inspired by or close to a firearm that a reasonable person would feel threatened by such exposure. B. It is illegal within the city limits to fire air guns, “B-B” pistols, gas pistols or feathered guns or instruments, toys or weapons commonly known as “pea shooters”, “slingshots” or “beany”, or other instruments, including, but not limited to, bows and arrows, designed to launch or launch missiles of any kind by any means. if the instrument is designated by one of the above names or by another name. (b) The prohibition in subparagraph (a) does not apply to the use of such a weapon or instrumentation by: (1) a law enforcement officer or other duly authorized official or employee in the performance of an official function; (2) authorized firing galleries; (3) any person to whom the Chief of Police grants a licence, permission or authorization to use the weapon or device for valid and lawful purposes; and for use that cannot harm persons, animals or property; or (4) Any person, if used solely for the necessary protection of property, domicile, or person in a manner permitted by the laws of the state or under or to the extent of the rights guaranteed by the constitution of the state or the United States. (2) The unloading shall be carried out on private property, with the consent of the owner, from a place at least 125 feet from a property line, by an individual or under the supervision of a person 18 years of age or older; or.