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The legal battle over whether burkinis or full swimsuits should be allowed in French municipal swimming pools is set to take place before France`s highest administrative court as the city of Grenoble battles the state. Grenoble`s decision was challenged by the French government and a lower administrative court suspended the measure. Grenoble reacted by bringing its case before the Council of State. The state filed a lawsuit against Grenoble this week. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin had spoken out against allowing the burkini in municipal swimming pools, calling it an “unacceptable provocation” and saying it violated French secularism. On Darmanin`s orders, the governor of Isère, in southeastern France, asked a local court to intervene to suspend the entry into force of the new pool regulations on June 1. The Council of State ruled that the anti-burkini decrees constituted “a serious and manifestly illegal attack on fundamental freedoms”, including the right to public movement and freedom of conscience. The mayor of Grenoble argued that wearing the burkini in swimming pools has nothing to do with French secularism. State officials in France are not allowed to wear ostentatious religious symbols at work to protect state neutrality, but Piolle said public service users such as swimmers are simply members of the public who can dress freely as they please. Our firm takes care of managing all your execution files with seriousness, meticulousness and efficiency. All in a constant concern for speed and with the desire to report regularly on the diligences performed. “The new internal regulations of the municipal swimming pools of Grenoble concern (…) the proper functioning of the public service and undermines the equal treatment of users, thus affecting the neutrality of the public service,” the Council of State said in a statement. The case is significant because the state challenge was filed under Emmanuel Macron`s new law to combat “Islamist separatism,” which was passed by parliament last year.

The law allows the government to challenge decisions it suspects undermine the France`s secular traditions to separate religion from state. To settle your file, pay a deposit or pay your fees, have your reference and pay online safely. “A victory for. Secularism and especially for the Republic,” Darmanin said. We are active in both advisory and procedural matters, as the experience gained from these two activities is mutually enriching. For example, our litigation practice helps us to better draft contracts, for example in the area of IT contracts, as well as in the area of IP contracts, in order to better advise our clients in the defense of their intellectual property rights. The Université Grenoble Alpes is a multidisciplinary institution located in the heart of the French Alps and welcomes around 56,000 students. The main campus is located in Grenoble and is considered one of the most beautiful in France with its 3,000 trees, cultural and sports facilities and unique architecture. The Université Grenoble Alpes also has a campus in the Valencia region, with more than 4000 students living in this unique environment.

Far-right party leader Marine Le Pen, who came second to Macron in April`s presidential election and hopes to defeat Macron`s centrist party in June`s general election, has announced she wants to introduce a law banning burkinis in municipal swimming pools. “The administrative court considers that the mayor of Grenoble seriously undermines secularism with his decision to allow burkinis in municipal swimming pools,” Darmanin said. For other requests (Termination of PACS, drafting of leases, request for leave etc.) do not hesitate to contact us by phone or to formulate your request by email. A response will be sent to you within the day. The city council of Grenoble had voted on May 16 to authorize the use of burkinis on the proposal of its ecologist mayor Eric Piolle, which had provoked howls of protest from conservative and far-right politicians. PARIS, 25. MAY (Reuters) – A French administrative court has suspended the city of Grenoble`s decision to allow “burkini” swimsuits covering the body for women in municipal swimming pools, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said on his Twitter feed. The France, which has Europe`s largest Muslim minority with about 5 million people, introduced a ban on the niqab and burqa veil with a full face in public in 2010. Our office deals with the service of your documents in Isère, Drôme and Hautes-Alpes within a maximum period of 8 days unless difficulties or special instructions Darmanin said the court`s decision was based on the 2021 law on “separatism”, adopted during President Emmanuel Macron`s first term. which allows measures to be suspended.

which would “undermine the secularism and neutrality of public services”. We have national competence for the amicable recovery of your debts as well as for the realization of your reports of facts. Our services are multiple in Isère, Drôme and Hautes-Alpes. Grenoble Law School, im Herzen der Alpen gelegen, mit leichtem Zugang zu Winter- und Sommersportarten, begrüßt die Law School internationale Studenten. Befürworter des Burkini argumentieren, dass ohne ihn einige Frauen sich entscheiden oder von Familienmitgliedern unter Druck gesetzt würden, sich von öffentlichen Schwimmbädern fernzuhalten. For the judicial recovery of your debts and for your requests for service, we are competent on the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of Grenoble which includes the departments of Isère (Grenoble, Vienne, Bourgoin-Jallieu, Voiron, La Mure etc.), Drôme (Valence, Montélimar, Romans, Nyons, etc.), and Hautes Alpes (Gap, Briançon, Embrun etc.). Darmanin said his ministry had appealed the burkini permit in Grenoble, an environmental city in the French Alps near Italy. Jordan Bardella of Marine Le Pen`s far-right National Rally party said Thursday that parliament should create a law against burkinis who have no place in France and constitute a “politico-religious provocation.” Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said after his verdict that the Grenoble act had been “definitively annulled”. Muslim human rights organizations in France have said bans on burkinis – which leave only the face, hands and feet free – restrict basic freedoms and discriminate against Muslim women. Our structure consists of three offices spread throughout the Isère region, with a headquarters in Grenoble and two branches in Rives and La Mure Université Grenoble Alpes – In the heart of the Alps With the report, we protect your rights: Internet report, SMS, voice messages, defects, inventory, neighborhood conflict, road report, video report.

We will respond to all your requests according to your needs: in order to be able to respond even more effectively to your requests, our firm is composed of three judicial officers, including two qualified judicial commissioners and seven experienced employees.