Legal Age to Carry a Knife in South Carolina

Iowa bans ballistic knives. Also, it is illegal to hide daggers, switch blades, Bali songs, camouflaged knives, and anything that has a blade larger than 5 inches. Blades longer than 5 inches in length can lead to a misdemeanor. Is it legal to draw a knife if you feel threatened by the abuser, making you feel like you could be injured or bodily harmed? I have katana myself, but I was actually thinking of a Shirasaya stick so I wouldn`t look crazy. Knives are part of many people`s daily lives. They are used for cooking, opening packages and other tasks. Although knives are generally harmless, they can also be dangerous weapons. In some cases, knife laws may apply. It is legal to transport any type of knife in Idaho.

Secret wearing restrictions only prohibit dangerous weapons such as Bowie knives, daggers and knives over 4 inches. It is illegal to carry a dangerous weapon on school property, including knives larger than 2.5 inches. In addition, it is illegal to hide the carrying of a knife while intoxicated. Minors cannot possess lethal weapons unless they are married or “emancipated”. If you are 18 but not 21, you cannot carry a lethal weapon without risking legal trouble unless you have a provisional licence to do so. It is illegal to sell, lend or transfer a deadly weapon to a person whose possession is prohibited. Do not bring a knife to school. (Source) So, without further ado, here are the knife laws of the 50 different states. All types of knives are allowed in Wyoming. The concealment of dangerous weapons is permitted by peace officers, firearms licence holders and persons over 21 years of age.

There are some restrictions on the carrying of knives in psychiatric facilities, correctional facilities and courts. Hey Winston, I think these two weapons are considered more like swords than knives, so I`m not sure how the laws apply to them. While I can`t find anything online that says yes or knows, a local knife shop once told me it would be illegal without a special license of specially approved events like fairs and the like. But cannot give a concrete answer. Beacons/butterfly knives are legal. Switch blades, gravimeters, automatic/assisted opening are legal. Stilettos, dirks and toothpick knives are legal. All folding knives are legal. Bowies are legal when worn openly. Bowies are legally hidden if you are on your own property. Double-sided knives of all sizes are legal. Front knives are legal.

If the knife fits in your pocket, it`s legal. In 2008, the South Carolina legislature changed its definition of “weapon” to remove “a knife with a blade more than two inches long.” The definition now is: box cutters are illegal in airports and knives with blades larger than 4 inches are illegal in local/state buildings or gatherings. The only time you can have a blade over 2.5″ on college property is preparing food. Local laws may apply. California`s knife law is so complex and convoluted that it almost seems like you can be arrested for any type of knife. (Source) The carrying of a concealed lethal weapon is permitted if it is carried by a peace officer, is on the property of the person carrying it, or is in a private vehicle. It is illegal to hide a dirk, dagger, bowie, switch blade, butterfly knife, butcher knife or any other weapon that can be used to cause dangerous injury. Again, “weapons that can cause dangerous injury” can mean almost anything. Technically, you can cause dangerous injuries with a pencil or a simple pocket knife. You can legally carry any knife that is legal to possess in New Mexico.

Previous court cases have revealed that leaving a knife in your vehicle on your way to school can be considered carrying a hidden deadly weapon. (Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) I don`t think it`s deadly for someone under 18 to wear one. And by the way, I`m 14 too, do I know you? South Carolina`s law specifically excludes “dirks” and “knives” from the concealed carrying law unless they are used with intent to commit a crime or promote a crime. However, the concealed carrying law covers “any other type of weapon, device or object that can be used to inflict bodily injury or death.” So, while it may be legal to carry a hidden Dirk or knife, it could become illegal if the carrier is transported hidden under certain circumstances. For the sake of brevity throughout the article, understand that typically a Balisong and a butterfly knife are considered the same thing. Camouflaged knives usually refer to knives hidden in belt buckles, pens, lipstick cases, sticks, etc. I`ve found that what is defined as a switch blade or dagger can have an incredibly wide range of meanings, so that`s something to be aware of. Often, the laws around knives are incredibly vague. As far as I know, yes.

However, if you attack someone with a knife because you feel threatened, everything should be fine, but you will probably have to fight in court. You may have serious legal problems if you are in one of the following locations or within 1000 feet of them (even if they are on a street or sidewalk), a public housing agency, a public park, a courthouse, a school, a transit authority, a courthouse or other school-owned school bus stop, is rented or contractually agreed. (Source) It is legal to possess dirks, daggers, knife knives, bowies, stiletto heels, disguised knives and throwing stars. It is illegal to possess a switch blade or other spring-loaded blade knife in Washington. It is illegal to hide dirt, a dagger or a dangerous weapon. You cannot transport yourself to a courtroom at all. It is legal to possess Bali songs, disguised knives, bowies, star throws, throwing knives and any purpose for which a person has a reportable legal purpose of possession. It is illegal to possess a weapon for the purpose of using it illegally. Keep in mind that what is considered “illegal” can be fluid.

This information is presented as a brief summary of the law and not as legal advice. AKTI is not and cannot be a provider of legal services. Use of the Website does not create an attorney-client relationship. Laws are interpreted differently by law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges. AKTI suggests that you consult legal counsel. Bali songs, bowies, big knives, camouflaged knives, throwing knives, stiletto heels, dirks and daggers are legal. It is illegal to throw stars, switch blades, gravity knives, knives with American fists and spiked knives that do not trigger metal detectors. Concealed transport blades larger than 3″ are illegal.

Non-illegal knives can be carried openly. Only the hidden port has limits. Having a knife in your car is considered hidden. It is up to the courts to determine what is a Balisong and what is not. You may think of it as a switch blade, but you can`t be sure. First World War trench knives are illegal. There may also be local laws in Delaware. State law allows it to be transported, but the city of Myrtle Beach is not allowed. Check with anyone in the area before transporting. There is an accidental benefit to someone who holds a South Carolina undercover firearms license or a reciprocal license regarding possession of a knife with a blade larger than two inches on school grounds. Such a knife may be attached to a motor vehicle in the same manner as it is intended to secure a firearm. There may also be an ancillary benefit under 16-23-460(B)(1), but the existence and extent of this benefit has not yet been reviewed by the courts.

Pocket knives are a useful and versatile tool for everyday use, but if you`re under 18, you might be wondering if you can buy one.