Legal Aid Board Tullamore

The Legal Aid Committee generally provides assistance and advice in the following areas: The 3 ad hoc legal aid schemes administered by the Council are: It also provides criminal legal services to alleged victims of trafficking. The Council has a network of full-time and part-time legal centres throughout Ireland. The Commission has also established rosters of lawyers and lawyers in private practice who provide legal assistance and advice under the Act. If your case needs to be handled by a lawyer, the Legal Aid Committee will appoint someone to represent you. The Commission can provide legal advice in most areas. It is generally prohibited to grant legal aid in the following categories of cases: Website: Website: Visit the website Write now Learn more about accessing civil legal advice and legal aid. The Committee provides legal assistance or advice to a complainant in specific criminal cases of sexual offences, including rape, aggravated sexual assault and incest. A complainant is the person who files the complaint. The Legal Aid Board is a statutory body established under the Civil Legal Aid Act 1995.

The main functions of the Council are: Tullamore Law Centre Harbour Street Tullamore Co Offaly R35 NW08 Address: Legal Centre (Tullamore), Harbour Street, Tullamore, County Offaly, Category: Lawyers, Lawyers and Legal Advisers Category: Lawyers, Lawyers and Legal Advisers This Council is composed of a President and twelve other members. At least 5 members of the board of directors must be women and 5 men. Two committee members must be lawyers, 2 must be lawyers and 2 committee staff members. There is a network of legal aid centres throughout Ireland. The seat of the Legal Aid Board is in County Kerry.