Legal Aid South Africa Assessment Test

I am trying to attach my documents to my application, but they will not be uploaded. Make sure that your documents are in Word or PDF format, do not exceed a file size of 15 MB, and that the document name does not contain single quotes or other special characters. If you continue to have difficulties, please send an email with a screenshot of the error message you are receiving. When can I track the status of my application? If you have submitted a request and have not heard from us within 3 months, you can contact Legal Aid SA by sending an email to with your full name, identification number, email address and details of the province you have chosen for mediation. Note that Legal Aid SA receives a large number of applications and follows a strict selection process. I accidentally downloaded the wrong documents when I applied. How can I fix this? You can send an email with your full name and ID number to and our website technical team will remove your request from our database so you can submit an application with the correct documents. I was invited to do an assessment at an SA legal aid office and received no feedback afterwards. Should I assume I failed? Please contact the Legal Aid SA Human Resources representative or the provincial office that invited you for an assessment. I submitted an application in (YEAR) and have not yet received a response from Legal Aid SA.

How can I get feedback on my application? Please send an email with your full name, ID number, email address and details of the province you have selected for the placement. The provincial human resources team will contact you to inform you of the status of your application. Who can apply for the Future Lawyers Recruitment Program? Legal Aid SA only accepts applications from LLB graduates. Applicants must attach their transcripts at the time of application. I applied in (JAHR) and had not yet completed my studies at that time. How do I update my application and documents now that I have graduated? Please submit a new application, including your degree and CV. How many trainee lawyers does Legal Aid SA hire each year? Legal Aid SA hires 300 lawyers each year. Is it mandatory for trainee lawyers to have a driver`s license? No, a driver`s license is not required and applicants will not be penalized if they do not have a driver`s license. Do I need to complete my practical legal training (PITE) before I can apply as a partner? No, applicants do not need to complete their PLT before applying.

Applicants may indicate in their application that they wish to complete their PLT with Legal Aid SA during the completion of their articles. Is there an opening/submission date for trainee lawyers` applications? Yes. Legal Aid SA`s recruitment programme for future lawyers ended on 28 February 2022. It will reopen in 2023. What is the minimum average taken into account by Legal Aid SA? Legal Aid SA accepts an average minimum score of 60%.