Legal Aid Youth Service

We believe that children and youth cannot reach their full potential if they live in fear of being deported. We represent children in immigration cases to ensure they can stay in a safe place with access to opportunities. Our four focal points are: child protection, juvenile court, youth and families with a migrant background, and youth homelessness. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact communities around the world, we want to assure you that our employees will continue to serve their customers diligently and provide services to those in need of legal advice or recommendations. As directed by the World Health Organization and our national government, our office remains closed to the public, but we continue to provide telephone services. The Texas Foster Youth Justice Project helps current and former foster children understand and protect their legal rights, such as the right to a safe home free from sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, medical and dental care, copies of their records, and make decisions about their own medical care. The project also helps young people deal with the various financial, housing and employment issues that arise when they leave the care system. To join the project, please call (877) 313-3688 or visit this website. Our lawyers and social workers work with teens and young adults who have participated in Alameda County juvenile probation.

They work with other service providers to support youth, whether their youth case is current or years ago. An arrest can result in the eviction of public housing in New York City, even if it never leads to a conviction or if the charges are dropped. We represent families who are at risk of losing their homes to criminal charges. We also represent young people who are at risk of being “permanently excluded” and who are never allowed to return to their families, even to visit them. The Youth Justice Team believes that youth should be treated with respect and have the resources they need to achieve their goals. To this end, we engage in civil representation, social work, community cooperation and systematic advocacy in partnership with the youth we serve. We provide civil law services to youth aged 13 to 26 to prevent entry or reintegration into the justice system We also support youth who use foster and housing programs at DreamCatcher and Covenant House youth shelters in Oakland, and provide legal and social support to youth under 18 who do not have a secure caregiver. and young adults who want to remove barriers to their independence. Para obtener ayuda legal con estos y otros asuntos, llame al 1-888-988-9996 o use nuestra aplicación sobre el internet en el siguiente enlace.

TRLA represents, advises and advocates for young people facing a range of legal, educational and economic issues. We help young people understand and assess legal issues, options, possible consequences and opportunities before they determine the way forward. We help keep youth safe, connected and accommodated. A personal reflection by Anna Pickett, articling student, on the intersection of justice for persons with disabilities and youth access to justice. We partner with the Bill Wilson Center (BWC) in Santa Clara County, supporting youth under the age of 18 and young adults in BWC`s emergency shelters, touchpoints, and transitional housing programs that do not have a safe caregiver, and helping older teens with a variety of issues, including public benefits and name and gender changes. Founded in response to community needs and service gaps, LCYC has evolved and expanded access to justice for youth in Washington. We provide direct legal services to hundreds of youth and young adults each year to improve legal literacy and expand access to justice. Know Your Rights: McKinney-Vento Act (Education Rights for Homeless Youth) To determine your eligibility for services, we recommend that you call or visit your local New Hampshire legal aid office in your area. Our lawyers work with youth throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

In each county, our work takes different forms and priorities: Dado que el coronavirus (COVID-19) continúa impactando a las comunidades a nivel mundial, queríamos asegurarle que nuestro personal continúa sirviendo a sus clientes con diligencia y aún ofreciendo servicios para aquellos que necesitan orientación legal o referencias. Según las pautas de la Organización Mundial de la Salud y nuestro gobierno estatal, nuestra oficina permanece cerrada al público, sin embargo, continuamos ofreciendo servicios por teléfono. TRLA can also help if you are a youth experiencing homelessness and need help with legal issues related to housing, obtaining CPS documents and utilities. If you require assistance with these questions, please contact our General Legal Services Helpline (888) 988-9996. TRLA staff will guide you through the application process. Mary came to the NHL as a 15-year-old transgender teenager who identifies as a woman. While advanced academically, she had received few credits in her first year due to long-standing emotional issues and a trend towards housing placements disrupted by the juvenile justice system.