Legal Expenses Insurance Axa

When a legal problem looms, many people turn to the Internet, only to be discouraged by the complexity. ELS@, our Easy Legal Service and Advice platform provides 24/7 access to answers to important legal questions as well as legal advice from a network of experts. We can anticipate new needs because being part of the AXA Group gives us access to a wide range of expertise. If our team of experts believes that you do not have a reasonable chance of success, we will not cover you. Similarly, we cannot cover costs incurred without our prior consent or for fines or penalties imposed by a court or tribunal. It`s easy to feel vulnerable in today`s increasingly complex world. Any unexpected event – an argument with a neighbour, an online purchase gone wrong, becoming a victim of cybercrime – can quickly have legal consequences. As a reliable partner, you can reassure your clients – individuals, professionals and SMEs – with support and solutions for their legal concerns. Legal protection is an additional coverage that we offer in addition to our core products. That means it can`t be purchased as a standalone case, but you can definitely add it to any of our products.

Create your own AXA insurance policy package to meet your individual needs. This means that you only pay for what you need and nothing more. Find out below what other options might be right for your business: Our employees are passionate about offering help when it`s needed most and about resolving disputes quickly and successfully. We offer a wide range of legal assistance solutions, ranging from legal information and advice, to the provision of customizable letters and contracts, to the search for an amicable settlement in case of dispute, to legal action. There is a wide range of coverages to manage the cost of litigation brought by or against you. Whether it`s a problem with a supplier contract, a labour dispute, property damage or bodily injury, our legal protection insurance helps protect your business against the huge costs of fees. Protect your clients and their families from e-purchase litigation, electronic bullying and identity theft. In the “new normal,” legal concerns come first. We can help you become a valued partner and grow your business by offering your clients our legal assistance against threats at home or at work. Free up your business clients to focus on their core business rather than legal issues with legal protection. Get the extra legal protection you need with this additional option.

You get: The internet can be a risky place. Your customers don`t always understand how to defend themselves in the event of identity theft, threat to their e-reputation or litigation due to an online purchase. Because human needs are at the heart of everything we do, our digital protection includes psychological support and an online data monitoring service to protect personal data and prevent identity theft. Every business will need help with litigation at some point. It may not be today or tomorrow, but one day it will. And if you think about other types of insurance you might have, such as auto, home or travel insurance, there`s always some form of legal protection. Legal expenses insurance could protect you against unexpected legal fees that could hurt your business. Plus, you have 24/7 access to expert legal advice.

These are not covered by the usual commercial insurance coverage such as employer liability and corporate liability. There are many legal risks associated with running a business. Whether it`s a dismissal or litigation, a confidentiality issue or a breach, you can count on the support you receive from our legal protection insurance. And don`t forget that every AXA business insurance policy you take out gives you access to a legal and tax helpline*. Most people have difficulty understanding the justice system. Nevertheless, they want to avoid feeling hurt or exploited. As a business partner, you offer your customers, whether they are individuals or SMEs, tailor-made solutions that protect themselves legally and digitally against the risk of litigation. A legal dispute can come out of nowhere – from a supplier, a former employee or even the helmsman.

But no matter how big the litigation, the cost of defending or suing legal issues can add up quickly. You need to talk to the specialists as soon as possible – and let us help you as soon as possible. Legal expenses insurance is an additional cover that we offer. If you need legal help. Legal protection insurance helps you with various things, such as; There can be many legal issues that require professional assistance. Legal expenses insurance offers the most comprehensive protection against unexpected litigation arising from a range of legal issues or processes – so you`re protected against a variety of possible legal issues.