Legal Metrology Rajasthan

Those who wanted to do business in the trade of weights and measures, then one must apply for the broker`s license at the respective Department of State Legal Metrology Personal Application: (c) “Schedule” means an Schedule attached to these Rules; Date of receipt of the application …………………… (d) “Standards Act” means the Weights and Measures Standards Act, 1976; 4. The manufacturer shall comply with the following conditions. If he does not comply with any of these provisions, his driving licence may be withdrawn. If, in the case of a street vendor, the certificate must be kept with him: Provided that no additional costs are charged for on-site inspection and stamping, – Register of authorized manufacturers/repairers/distributors of weights, dimensions, scales/measuring instruments Office of ….. Village………. Taluk………. District………. 5.

In order to ensure correct verification of the accuracy of an instrument, the user shall keep at the site of each weighing instrument duly tested and stamped a weight equal to one tenth of the capacity of the instrument or one tonne, whichever is less: the costs of testing and stamping weights, dimensions, scales and measuring instruments. (7) An inspector shall, during the period referred to in rule 14 (1), visit as often as practicable all premises within the local boundaries of the inspector`s jurisdiction for the purpose of inspecting and examining any weight or measure used, intended or likely to be used in a workshop or for industrial purposes. manufacture or protection. (e) surrender the licence at the request of the controller or any other officer employed under this Act; (5) The trade mark monogram used by the manufacturer is as follows: certificate of registration of users of weights and measures. Office of the Comptroller of Legal Metrology license for the manufacture of weights, measures, scales or measuring instruments. 4. Any licence granted to a manufacturer, repairer or distributor shall be valid for one calendar year and may be renewed from year to year by pilots or other authorised representatives, who may be renewed from year to year by pilots or other agents authorised by him. 7. Where a person who intends to cease using the weights or measures for which he or she has been registered wishes his or her name to be removed from the register of users, he or she shall surrender the registration certificate to the controller or other representative appointed by him for that purpose.

I hereby certify that the following person/company/company has been registered at the address(es) below as a user of weights and measures under Section 17 of the Weights and Measures Standards (Enforcement) Act, 1985 after receiving the prescribed fee of Rs 5 (only five rupees). (Provide details of the types of weights, measures, weighting instruments or gauges authorized to be manufactured by the Party): Register of manufacturers of weights and measures. (a) graduated from a recognized university in the natural sciences (with physics as a subject), technology or engineering, or holds a recognized engineering degree; and I have/We have the expected license fee Rs….. Registered. (Rupees………….) to the Sub-Treasury/Bank and the original Challan is attached. 2. The inspector shall also affix the year and quarter to each weight or dimension checked, unless the size or nature of the weight or dimension makes it impracticable. 2.

Where, at the request of the user of the weight or measure, the inspection is carried out in premises other than the inspector`s office or the storage office, an additional fee equal to half of the rates laid down in Annex XII shall be charged and the user of the weight or measure shall also bear the costs incurred by the inspector in inspecting the equipment: at least ten rupees:. License granted/refused ………………….. (2) Every weight or dimension shall be used in a clear condition and in an appropriate lighting device. (2) Any weight, measure, document or thing seized and detained under section 30 or 31 of the Act that is to be prosecuted must be produced by the inspector before the court takes possession of the inspector at the end of the proceeding and dealt with in accordance with the orders of the court, (b) “reference standards laboratory” means: a laboratory established by the central government in accordance with the Standards Act, in which reference and secondary standards are maintained; (a) weight in the case of solid, semi-solid, viscous or a mixture of solids and liquids;.