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All intellectual property rights in the crossword puzzle are owned by the Los Angeles Times, including copyrighted and trademarked images. is in no way affiliated with The New York Times, NY Times. These 61 answer words are not legal entries™ in Scrabble, which sometimes means they are interesting: I don`t remember how I found this topic, only that the concept suddenly came to me. (Perhaps I should learn to enter such a “crossword puzzle” at will.) However, I clearly remember playing CHINTZ in a game of Scrabble soon after, which reminded me of the theme idea and inspired me to start working on the puzzle. I wanted anagrammed words to have at least four letters, and I found that there didn`t seem to be too many options for answers to topics. Ironically, the only possible answer I can remember was GINSU FORCE [army wielding infomercial knives?] Trenton Charlson, 24, is a crossword designer and Scrabble fan from Columbus, Ohio. The North American Scrabble Players Association currently ranks him 213th among all players and No. 5 in his state. Trenton`s Twitter page states that he is the founder of Z.J.X.Q.

– Americans Against Accurate Acronyms. It has normal 180-degree rotational crossword symmetry. Other crosswords with exactly 76 blocks, 140 words, 99 open squares and an average word length of 5.21: Thank you for visiting our website! Below is the response to the crossword puzzle on the legal change last seen in The New York Times on July 26, 2020. Our website is regularly updated with the latest reviews, so if you want to see more in the archives, you can browse the calendar or click here to get all the reviews as of July 26, 2020. Since you have landed on this page, you would like to know the answer to the legal postponement. Without wasting any more time, here`s the answer to the crossword puzzle above. Crossword resolver > crossword tips > crossword hint: Legal carryover Do you know of another solution for crossword tips that involve a legal deferral? Now, add your answer to the crossword puzzle. We have found 1 possible solution in our database that matches the Legal Shift query If you have landed on this site, you definitely need help with NYT crossword puzzles. If you don`t want to challenge yourself or are just tired of trying again, our NYT Crossword Legal Shift Crossword Hints website gives you answers and everything you need, like tips, tips, useful information, and comprehensive procedures.

This is the only place you need if you`re stuck with a hard level in the NYT crossword puzzle. This game was developed by the team of The New York Times Company, in which the wallet also has other games. The chart below shows how many times each word has been used in all NYT puzzles, ancient and modern, including Variety. These words are unique to the Shortz era, but appeared in pre-Shortz puzzles: Mr. Charlson notes that he is the founder of Z.J.X.Q. – Americans Against Accurate Acronyms. Answer summary: 9 unique to this puzzle, 3 unique to the Shortz era, but used before. This is a difficult limitation – normal words that are part of a sentence that can also be anagrammed into another word in alphabetical order – so it`s no surprise that Trenton had to use all the shorties. None of the themes made me laugh, but I enjoyed the LEGO hint around SQUARE CHIN (INCH). A creative way to find it. There are 21 rows and 21 columns with 31 circles, 0 rebus squares and 10 cheater squares (marked with a “+” in the colored grid below).

The next two sections attempt to show how up-to-date the grid entries are. Other puzzles with the same block pattern as this one: I didn`t know if I should add a developer or not – ALPHABETICAL ORDER lacks subtlety and takes up a lot of space – so I started building the puzzle without one. However, towards the end of the process, I noticed that I had EASY in the bottom row and was able to make a small change elsewhere to include ABC (at 47-Down). I alluded to EASY as [____ as 47-Down (like the theme of this puzzle?)], although I think Will preferred to use only ABC as a developer to complete the title (which thankfully is the one I submitted). In addition to the treats Trenton mentioned, he managed to keep my attention for most of the solution. I also appreciated how careful he was to balance color and cleanliness, sometimes opting for an interesting lonely offender like CHARADE instead of a flashier double order so he could keep the environment smooth. The freshness factor is a calculation that compares the number of times the words of this puzzle appeared in other puzzles of the Shortz era. Click here for an explanation. In this view, unusual responses are colored based on the number of times they have occurred in other puzzles.

Unambiguous answers are red, red replaces orange, yellow replacements, etc. A perfect example of how time spent on smart indices can help hire solvers at scale. Every Sunday should shine as brightly in its indices. It has 0 words that debuted in this puzzle and were then reused: Speaking of clues, I`m glad that most of my original clues were cut for answers to the topic, especially those for ABET AROUND THE BUSH and BELOW MAKKARONI. My original reference for OCEAN IS mentioned Poseidon (although perhaps a fervent follower of Ægir was among the test resolvers and rejected my preference for Greek mythology?) Get New York Times crossword puzzle answers in your inbox every day! Puzzle has 7 fill tips and 3 cross-reference tips. What helped me keep my attention through the solution was a series of delightful clues, Trenton`s subject-free expertise shone. ICON where a phone could be “tapped” = brilliant! HISSED played on “Blew off Steam”. MENSA as a group that should “know better”. NIX is often spoken as “ixnay” in porcine Latin. Do you like this puzzle? Please share this page on social media to promote XWord Info.

Thank you! Save my name, email address, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I was curious; How many longer words or phrases outside of CHINTZ show alphabetical order? A quick Python program told me there are plenty of six-letter options – ABBOTT, ACCENT, JEWELRY, BIOPSY, CHOOSY, to name a few – but surprisingly few 7-letter options. There is even a letter 8, even if it is a bit wobbly. Can you guess them? Answers at the end! 8 letters: AAACELLS. I know it`s cheap. But it works. Let`s all hope it doesn`t violate A.A.A.A. – the American Association Against Acronym and Abbreviation Abuse.

I`m proud of how this grid turned out, with responses like ACQUIESCE, ALCHEMIST, VOLCANIC ASH, ALEC BALDWIN, and I`M IN LOVE among the longer fills, and nothing like a grand compromise. I also think it`s good that the puzzle ended up being pangrammatical, especially given its theme. Crossword puzzles published before November 21, 1993 are provided by David Steinberg and The Pre-Shortzian Puzzle Project.