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We want to build the largest free online dictionary in the world. The English-German dictionary is growing every day; The latest English German dictionary entries in English and German are displayed below. Help us to further improve the dictionary by checking the German translations for English expressions. If you want to learn a new language, dictionaries can help you overcome the first obstacles and discover new opportunities. In our dictionary you can find translations into English and German, but also other useful tools to help you master a new language. The dictionary will bring you closer to your goal of speaking more fluently, learning new words, broadening your horizons on culture, and being part of a large community that has a vision: to be there and become the largest language portal on the Internet. Just type the word you want to translate from English to German in the search box. You can enter words in English or German, as both pages of the dictionary are searched at the same time. To use an online dictionary other than the English-German dictionary, you can simply use the drop-down menu. You can also return to the dictionary selection page. If your search results contain too many English or German words, you can use the handy filters by category, region, and style. A Personal Member may remain a Personal Member even if he or she has retired as the legal representative of the firm who is an Ordinary Member; this also applies in the event that that society ceases to be an ordinary member of the Bremer Baumwollbörse. If you wish to apply for a visa as a parent or other legal guardian of a minor, please bring the child to the visa interview with the following additional documents, the original with two copies of Xerox: 14) Claims for damages, regardless of legal grounds, are excluded, unless the Chinese government, its legal representative or enforcement agents acted intentionally or with gross negligence.

any legal representative of a company who is a full member of the Bremen Cotton Exchange (Personal Members). The protected person or his or her legal representative may lodge an application for a European protection order either with the competent authority of the issuing State or with the competent authority of the executing State. This would hardly be feasible, especially for domain holders, which are legal entities such as limited liability companies (Deutsche GmbH) or joint-stock companies (Deutsche AG). The applicant must prove his identity and, if acting as legal representative, his power of representation. However, since this person would not be registered with DENIC as an authorised representative, he would have to prove his right whenever DENIC or the provider managing the domain takes action; The person concerned and his legal representative may not be represented by an authorized signatory, even if he is a lawyer. In such cases, the right to make legally binding declarations would belong exclusively to the legal representative of the legal person, i.e. the managing director or a member of .dem the board of directors. The only alternative would be a third party authorized by the legal representative outside the registration procedure. Use the letters below to manually search the online dictionary. Simply select a letter to start scrolling. When you have found the word you are looking for, you can click on it and you will see all the German words and synonyms that match the English translation.

The Administrative Director of CEPOL is the legal representative. Everyone is welcome to contribute to and thus make our English-German dictionary as good as possible. Again and again, new English translations and interpretations of German terms appear. In addition, an English translation for a German technical term can vary greatly from region to region. Therefore, the English-German dictionary includes a variety of translations into English and German. Any new suggestions for the English-German dictionary are helpful. However, a proposal from ten other users must be confirmed to ensure the quality of the English translations in the English-German dictionary. Only then will the proposal be included in the English-German dictionary. Before that, the proposal will only appear as an unconfirmed entry in the English-German dictionary.

You can be part of the community by simply registering. Thus, you can collect points for the world ranking. For example, you will earn points if you suggest new English-German translations for the English German dictionary. In the English-German forum you can contact other users. Here you can ask questions about the German language or about particularly difficult translations into English and German. The principle of personal interview also applies when applying for a visa for minor children. Bundesamt für Justiz – Bundeszentralregister – Sachgebiet IV 21 / IR 53094 Bonn Birth certificate of the child (in the original with two copies) Notarized declaration of parental consent for this stay (in the original with two copies) 14. Claims for damages, regardless of the legal basis, are excluded, unless the GOC, its legal representative or vicarious agents acted intentionally or with gross negligence. The person concerned may not be represented by an authorised representative, not even a lawyer, when submitting the application.

Translate texts with a single click in any program on your computer However, since this person would not then be registered as an authorized representative with DENIC, he would have to prove his power of attorney each time DENIC or the provider managing the domain took action, which would be extremely cumbersome. Search Results: 2272. Exactly: 2272. Processing time: 112ms. Only their legal representative, i.e. the Managing Director or the Board of Directors, would then still be able to make such statements – or the legal representative would have to allow another person outside the registration procedure. Therefore, if you, as a parent or other legal representative of a minor, wish to apply for a visa here, please bring the child with you to the application and the following additional documents: Now we come to the part how to actually learn a new language? It is a possibility to start with a language course. This can take place in your own country or in the country where the language is spoken. A dictionary can then be your best friend. Dictionaries will be of great help in your language learning process.