Legal Sea Foods Shrimp and Corn Chowder

Ingredients: Shrimp broth made from concentrate (water, shrimp, salt), shrimp (shrimp and salt), light cream, potatoes, water, corn and roasted corn, half and half, onions, red peppers, contains 2% or less of: butter (cream, salt), modified food starch, fat-free dried milk, wheat flour, sugar, soybean oil, roasted flavour (sunflower oil, natural flavor, soy lecithin), salt, garlic, nisin preparation and spices. Hob: Remove the chowder from the container and pour it into a heavy saucepan. Simmer hot (165°F) over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Microwave: Remove the container from the outer shell and remove the film from the container. Place the container on a microwave-proof plate and cover it loosely with microwaveable plastic wrap or paper towel. Heat over high heat for approx. For 5-6 minutes or until completely hot (165°F), stir the soup halfway through the heating process. Microwave time may vary, adjust accordingly. Oyster crackers: unbleached wheat flour, water, rapeseed oil, natural evaporated sugarcane juice, salt, yeast, baking powder. Contains: Wheat If any of the following issues occur, you are entitled to a refund or credit: damaged/missing items, poor replacement item, late arrival or unprofessional service. Produced in a facility that also processes fish, shellfish, milk, soy, wheat, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts.

In 1950, my father George opened a fish market in Cambridge, MA. Since then, my family has dedicated itself to selling only the best seafood from the “top of the catch.” For decades, we have operated our restaurants with an unwavering commitment to quality and freshness. And now we honor our heritage by providing legal seafood for you at home. I think you will taste the difference.âRoger Berkowitz, owner. Shrimp and corn soup: water, light cream, potatoes, shrimp, corn, onions, red peppers, contains 2% or less of: sugar, modified corn starch, butter (cream, salt), wheat flour, fat-free milk powder, shrimp base (cooked shrimp, salt, butter [cream, flavor], potato flour, natural flavor, paprika), sunflower oil, Natural flavor, soy lecithin, salt, garlic, tomato paste and spices. Contains: milk, crustaceans (shrimp), soy, wheat.