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The Gold Coast Community Legal Centre can advise you in a number of general areas of law The following legal aid services are available for vulnerable and disadvantaged Queenslanders. The Queensland Ombudsman: An introduction to our services and investigations Read More » Community Law Centres (CLCs) are independent, not-for-profit organisations that provide fair and accessible legal services. Queensland`s service system includes community-based organisations that provide local and national services. These services are complemented by: To find out how much money each community organization received, read our Investment in Legal Aid Services 2020-2025. CLCs are able to offer appropriate, effective and creative solutions based on their experience in their community. It is this community relationship that distinguishes CLCs from other legal services. It is this community relationship that makes CLCs indispensable and vital organizations. Most centres deal with all major areas of law and provide services to people who live or work in the area. Appointments are required for some services. Check the details of service delivery for your local, regional or community legal centre Queensland Directory CLC clients are those who face injustice, whose legal problems are not profitable and whose circumstances are affected by their legal problem. The legal centres of the Community offer each member of the Community a first opinion on most legal questions. Many people also have multiple legal issues at the same time, including those of a civil, family, and/or criminal nature.

“It has already been said that people who come to organizations like ours must be treated as individuals and not as cases or category numbers – they must be accepted as people of worth and dignity, regardless of their weaknesses, flaws and flaws – they must make their own decisions and decisions – they must be helped, they are not told, What to do – They need to feel that confidential information about them remains as private as possible – they don`t want the world to know about their problems. In short, they have the right to expect to meet qualified people who will offer them and the community quality service. The Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Legal Service (QIFVLS) provides culturally appropriate legal and support services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are victims of domestic violence. They are part of their communities and respond to their communities. “Communities” can be geographic communities served by generalist CLCs or communities of interest served by specialized CLCs targeting a particular group (e.g., children) or jurisdiction. CLCs have been providing legal services in Australia for over 40 years. CLCs and community organizations differ from other legal service providers in many ways: In March 2019, we allocated additional project funding to the CLCQ to update the Legal Needs Analysis and Evidence Guide. The guide includes data from the 2016 Census, the integration of legislative changes, and an up-to-date analysis of met and unmet legal needs. As a member of the sector`s sustainability team, you will help community law centres provide effective, high-quality services to their communities by: Support and development of Community Legal Centre staff, including volunteers; coordination of training opportunities; Work on projects and initiatives that foster innovation and collaboration […] While CLCs provide legal services to individuals, they also work beyond the individual.

Community legal centres initiate community development, community legal education and legal reform projects that are preventive and strengthen the community. CLCs mobilize the energy and expertise of thousands of volunteers across the country. The centres are committed to working with government, legal aid, private advocacy and community partners to ensure the best outcomes for their clients and the justice system in Australia. Legal services are free or low-cost legal services provided to people who are unable to hire their own lawyer for the following reasons: Specialized CLCs provide expertise in specific areas of law (e.g. child support, mental health, tenancy, immigration and employment) or provide legal assistance to specific groups of people (e.g. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, B. Children and youth, women, refugees, homeless and prisoners). There are 34 accredited municipal legal centres in metropolitan and rural Queensland. Generalist CLCs offer services on a range of legal issues to people who live in a particular region or city. Since opening in 1984, our team of fully qualified lawyers have provided free services to the entire Gold Coast region.

Our priority is to support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged residents in a variety of jurisdictions, including family law, domestic violence, consumer issues, minor civil claims, motor vehicle accidents, neighborhood disputes, and minor criminal matters. All centres offer their services free of charge. If a centre provides legal representation or other assistance, you may have to pay a fee (for example, for expert advice) if no waiver can be obtained on your behalf.