Legal Services in Het Nederland

EMG is a dynamic group of recognized experts in legal immigration. We offer specialized services in all professional aspects of expat mobility management. Deloitte Legal Services in the Netherlands has been saved Mikipedia Advocatuur: Your personal lawyer and guide, specializing in employment law, tenancy law and liability law, including personal injury. More than 20 years of experience, free initial consultation and review of your legal opportunities, favorable prices and price agreements, call +31614691082. Organizations that support people without residence permits have a lot of legal expertise. Their addresses can be found below. You can also contact a specialist lawyer for advice. The same rules apply to this type of advice as to other forms of legal advice – most lawyers charge a small fee for people with no income. With a referral by the Juridisch Loket (diagnostic document), the help of the lawyer becomes even cheaper. However, for these reduced fees, you will need a statement of your income. GMW Rechtsanwälte is an innovative law firm in The Hague. For 30 years, we have been supporting expatriates with solutions for employment, immigration, family, inheritance, property, corporate and liability law.

Visit our information portal. Industrial and employers` organisations represent the interests of their members. Members may sometimes seek legal advice from the interprofessional and/or employers` organisation in which they are involved. A lawyer is a legal advisor and provides legal assistance. They must be registered in the national register of lawyers (Landelijk Advocaten Tableau, LAT). You can consult all registered lawyers on the website of the Dutch Bar Association (in Dutch). other services on request, such as unofficial translations of documents of public authorities into Dutch, mediation of official translations; Continued communication with local authorities, preparation of responses, etc. A notary is empowered to draw up notarial deeds and provide legal advice. They must be registered in the register of notaries. Use the European Register of Notaries or the Dutch Register of Notaries (in Dutch) to find a notary near you. The Dutch notarial register also provides you with information about notaries, apprentice notaries and future notaries.

In the successor archives (opvolgersarchief, in Dutch), you can find out which notary currently holds your deed and which notary has already held it. Are you looking for an expat-friendly lawyer to make sure your legal rights are protected? Are you looking for legal advice on personal or professional matters? Here is a list of lawyers who offer a wide range of legal services, regardless of where you live (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven and other major cities in the Netherlands): Family Law Lawyers| Immigration lawyers| Labour lawyer| Lawyers specialized in real estate, real estate and rental | Business and business lawyers| Inheritance Lawyer | The civil liability lawyer CIS Management is able to offer you the most favorable model for your company. Our specialists are happy to provide legal and business services, which are usually required on a daily basis. In addition, we have strong professional expertise in providing legal services in relation to project and transaction support and liquidation of Dutch companies. Everyone has the right to legal aid, whether or not the person concerned holds a residence permit. The Juridisch Loket assists with legal matters. Well-trained lawyers advise and inform free of charge in confidential circumstances. providing legal advice on matters governed by Dutch law; This will be decided by the Raad voor Rechtsbijstand if you have requested the assistance of the Juridisch Loket or a lawyer. The Raad voor Rechtsbijstand checks your income. If you have no (fixed) income or no money at all, it is advisable to explain how you pay your living expenses when you apply for free legal assistance. If you live with a partner, the partner`s income is also taken into account.

We are legal advisors; We combine the qualities of traditional lawyers, consultants and in-house lawyers. Like traditional lawyers, we provide high quality legal advice.