Legal Visits to Hmp Bristol

It should also be noted that prison visits are booked very quickly and, to avoid problems with the service, we recommend that you contact your processing server as soon as you know the need to deliver the documents. I booked a tour online and it was confirmed, but I`m pretty sure he has a legal tour on the same day? You can book online at All you need is the name and date of birth of the person you are visiting, their prison number and visitor details. You can choose up to 3 possible dates and times. The prison reservation staff will check what is available and confirm your visit via email. If you have made an online tour booking request and have not received a confirmation email within 1-3 working days, send an email to [email protected] or call 0117 372 3213, the lines are open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:30 and from 1330 to 16:30. All tours must be booked in advance. Only visitors whose contact details are on the contact list for prisoner approval (as indicated by the prisoner) and the persons named in the reservation will have access to the prison. There is a reception centre in the prison, click here or call 01179 244866.

You can leave items that you are not allowed to take with you to the prison, such as mobile phones, cigarettes, etc., in lockers at the reception centre during your visit. You will be searched before being admitted to the visiting room. You are allowed to take a small amount of money in the lobby to buy refreshments (no £20 tickets allowed) While attending a legal visit is simple, these visits can often be time-consuming, especially if there are issues in prison that may delay the appointment time or process server upon departure. On average, the process of participating in a legal visit takes between 1 and 1.5 hours. This would include the time required to go through security and verification procedures. You can also book tours by email at the above address or by calling 0117 372 3213. If you have sent an email, do not assume that the tour reservation has been accepted until you receive confirmation from the prison. At Tracenet Legal Services, we are regularly responsible for taking legal proceedings against persons working in the HMP and/or Police Custody Service. In these circumstances, a legal visit is necessary to visit the prison and meet the person as a legal visitor. Finally, it is also important to understand that a person can refuse to participate in the organized legal visit. In this case, it would not be possible to continue with personal service at this stage and other arrangements would have to be made.

In addition, the Office of Legal Visits may not know when the person was released or may have been transferred prior to appointment time, so it is always helpful to be prepared for these situations when hiring a process server. Prison staff can listen to and record most types of calls. Some calls are not monitored, for example, when a prisoner calls a lawyer. Bristol Prison has a limited visiting schedule. Visits are also carried out differently than normal, following strict guidelines that must be followed. For more information, visit the prison website on or call the headquarters on 0117 372 3100. Men in pre-trial detention may receive 2 visits per month. Men who have been convicted (they have been convicted or are awaiting conviction) can have 2 visits per month. If the visitor is unable to present one of the above documents, staff may accept combinations of a B List identification document supported by a List C document: HMP Bedford 7004 (01234) 373000 St.

Be sure to wear clothing that is not contaminated with any form of drug, as you will be taken back to the visitor center and will not be able to have your visit. They may also be searched by a prison guard (of the same sex). If the prisoner has money when he arrives, he has the option to buy canteen equipment and deposit money into his phone account. The prison`s telephone service has been helping to reduce HMP Bristol`s call costs since 2013.