Legal Wedding in Jamaica

Expert tip: If you`re planning your Jamaica wedding on the beach or even outdoors, keep in mind that Jamaica can be quite hot and the beaches can be windy. It may be helpful to wear a dress that doesn`t have a train and is usually sorter and lighter. This will help you stay cool on your big day. If you`ve decided to wear a dress with all the bells and whistles, consider a replacement dress that you can change for reception and after-party to make sure you`re comfortable the rest of the night. Expert Tip: Planning Your White Dream Wedding? Book 5 rooms at a Sandals Resort and get the 6th room for free, or book 11 rooms and get the 12th room for free! Plus a free upgrade to a butler suite! The flowers you choose are your personal choice. There are no right or wrong choices. Remember: less is more when it comes to flowers. They should be a splash of color to enhance the features of your wedding, not the centerpiece. They`ve probably been streaming music for years and have finally built a playlist that millions of people would be proud of. This only makes creating the wedding playlist even more difficult. Where to start? Here are some tips to help you understand this: You`ve seen a million wedding photos and fallen in love with so many color swatches, and now you`re torn between options. Don`t worry, we`ve put together the best tips you`ll need to choose the perfect color combinations for your Jamaica wedding.

If the language of your country is not English, your documents must be legalized by your embassy/high commission representing your government in Jamaica. Once the original marriage certificate has been issued by the Jamaican government, the certified copy will be sent to the marriage officer who will forward it with your address to your embassy/high commission. You can also have the original marriage certificate certified by this High Commission before it is legalized by your respective embassy/high commission, for example in London (or elsewhere). You`ll be tempted to start with smaller floral arrangements such as table arrangements or aisle markers. However, it is best to start with the most important, the bridal bouquet. What for? This will set the tone for the rest of the arrangements and make your life easier. There are many floral arrangements that a couple could have at the wedding. “One of the first things you should do is determine who you`re going to invite. Weddings are a win-win situation for everyone! Send your backup date early so you know what wedding size you will have, the more there are, the better with group benefits.

Depending on the location you choose, the more people you bring with you, the more benefits you get at no extra cost! Not committed to a wedding venue yet? Choose the perfect Sandals resort to celebrate your big day! The wedding prelude is the beginning of the ceremony. During this time, you may want to play music while your guests are seated. Choose 2-3 songs and inform the venue or wedding planner in advance. Are your Prelude songs played live with instruments or are they pre-recorded? It is recommended to organize a wedding rehearsal. Set a realistic time and date for this. You don`t want anyone to be late or miss it completely. Make sure the wedding official is aware of the rehearsal. Your mood board is a visual representation of your wedding design. The colors you choose will set the tone and spirit of your big day in Jamaica. From your invitations to your décor to your bouquet, each element will embody your color theme. The wedding ceremony in Jamaica can be as unique as you. It is fully customizable.

It`s your big day! Bring your dream Caribbean wedding to life. Your wedding planner or venue can advise you on weather conditions during the time of year you decide to get married. Jamaica is ideal for beach weddings! See also the Jamaica Tourism Board website under for a list of recognized wedding officials. Each wedding manager may have their own prices and requirements; However, the process remains fundamentally the same. Some hotels require documents at least 6 weeks before the wedding date. Please clarify all details with the hotel or tour operator first. Jamaica is one of the most exotic natural beauties in the Caribbean. Its body of golden sandy beaches is bordered by vast mountain panoramas and bathed by some of the most exquisite crystal clear waters. These beautiful sets are the perfect setting and ensure that your wedding day will be one you will never forget. Marriages contracted under Jamaican law are recognized as legal marriages in the United States. People getting married in Jamaica must be in the country for 24 hours before the ceremony can take place. No blood test is required.

Assuming you have a wedding cake, there are many bakeries to choose from in Jamaica! The cutting of the cake is traditional. However, some couples prefer a multi-tiered cake made from different cheeses. If you opt for the non-traditional route, consider dessert for your guests. Two important factors to check when booking a wedding venue in Jamaica are: Marriages that take place in Jamaica under Jamaican law are recognized as legal marriages in the United States. Why Jamaica? How to fill out the paperwork How to plan a wedding in Jamaica in 12 steps The marriage certificate Sandals Amazing Wedding Venues in Jamaica Getting Married in Sandals Weddings in Jamaica FAQ or perhaps more convenient, can be downloaded here. Forms MUST be printed on paper in legal format. Once you have chosen the color theme, you can now coordinate with your wedding planner or suppliers. Share your color theme ideas with them and ask them to share their ideas about decor.

Make sure they consider that the place incorporates appropriate textures and that they always have a visual or physical representation of their ideas. Contact your Jamaican venue or wedding planner and ask if they have a list of local DJs or bands. Contact them and share your musical requests. We recommend a chat or Skype call before the big day to discuss your ideas and get an idea of their style. Are you ready to explore the Caribbean and get married legally in Jamaica? How about talking to us about how to get your documents in order? Important: Your country may require your marriage license to be legalized in order for it to be accepted. In such cases, please contact the embassy representing your government in Jamaica to do so.