Legale Pos Civil

He holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University Center of the United Metropolitan Colleges (1990), a specialization in educational technology from the Universidade Nove de Julho (2000) and a Master of Laws from the Metropolitan University of Santos (2002). He is currently a professor in the Faculty of Law and coordinator of graduate courses. He has experience in law, with a focus on civil law, and works mainly on the following topics: civil law, civil procedure law, environmental and commercial law. He is a consultant at OAB/SP and a lawyer in São Paulo. LINDB – Sources of law, Application of law in time and space and conflicts of norms – Elimination of antinomyStudy of persons – general part – natural person: beginning of existence, civil capacity, personality rights and end of the natural personStudy of persons – general part – legal person: classification of legal persons, beginning of existence and forms of extinction of legal personsObligations: components, differences between natural obligations, Civil law obligations and natural obligationsObligations: to give (deliver), to contract and not to contract obligations Law: non-delivery, obligation and cessation of obligationsAct: Termination of obligations. Postdoctoral fellow in law – UFSC (2017). Doctorate in Law PUC/SP (2016). Master of Law PUC/SP (2012). Specialization in labour law and labour process law (2019). Specialization in university teaching UNINOVE (2013). Specialization in civil law and civil procedure law UNISAL (2008). Law degree from UNINOVE (2007). Academic Coordinator of the Research Training Group “Civil Business Process – Business Advocacy in Practice” of the Law College.

Professor of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies. Lecturer and lawyer. Member of the National Research Council and graduate law officer. Author of books and scientific articles. He has legal experience focused on procedural law; Legal theory and private law, mainly on the following topics: civil law; Civilian; Company law. Specialization in Postgraduate Diploma in Civil Law from the Autonomous Faculty of Law, Brazil (2010) Holds a law degree from Integral Cantareira College (2016), a degree in education from Cidade University of São Paulo (2010) and a specialization in business law from LegalE College (2021). She is currently a professor in the Faculty of Law for graduate courses and the free visual law course. He has experience in law, with a focus on civil and commercial law, mainly on the following topics: civil law, civil procedure and corporate law.

Doctorate and Master in Labour Relations Law, Diffuse and Collective Rights Section of the PUCSP; Specialist in consumer relations law at PUCSP; Academic supervisor of the graduate course in consumer law at EBRADI; Professor of Civil Law, Consumer Law and Civil Procedure at postgraduate studies, lecturer in the Department of Culture and Events of the OABSP; Responsible for the auction site; Public Auctioneer of the State of São Paulo. Master in Diffuse and Collective Law from the Metropolitan University of Santos (UNIMES) and specialist in notarial and real estate law. Currently, he is Professor at the Escola Superior de Advocacia de OAB / SP and its centers in the State of São Paulo, MBA in Real Estate Law in Law, Proordem / Goiania Course (Law School), University Center of Curitiba (Unicuritiba), PUC / COGEAE, Mackenzie, Paulista School of Law – EPD, Minas Group, Julio Cesar Sanchez Institute – IJCS / TO and preparatory courses for the prize competition of notarial delegations and public registers. Former Chairman of the State Commission for Notarial Law and Public Register of the OAB/SP during the three-year period 2016/2018. Member of the Real Estate Law Commission of the São Paulo Law Institute (IASP). Member of the Brazilian Institute of Real Estate Law – IBRADIM. President of the National Academy of Notarial Law – AD NOTARE. Author of the book “Notarial and professional law in the light of the Consumer Protection Act” – Editorial Lepanto. He has experience in real estate law with a focus on notarial law and registry law. Lawyer and consultant. Specialist in civil law, civil procedure law, consumer law and master`s degree in legal discourse from Mackenzie Presbyterian University.

Coordinator and Professor of the Medical and Health Law Course at the ABC Faculty of Law and School of Medicine (FMABC). MBA Coordinator in Hospital Administration and Health Systems at the ABC School of Medicine (FMABC). Executive Secretary of the ABC School of Medicine (FMABC) Office of Good Medical Practice (FMABC). Coordinator and professor of the postgraduate course in consumer law of the Faculty of Law. Professor of the postgraduate course Civil Law and Civil Procedure Law of the Legal Academy. Professor of Bioethics and Biolaw. Lawyer specialized in health law and consumer law. Ph.D. in Health Sciences from ABC School of Medicine. Author of several books and legal articles with national and international publications.

Provisional guardianship: urgent guardianship – precautionary and anticipatoryProvisional supervision: guardianship of evidenceProvisional guardianship: processing procedure provisional guardianFirst application: investigation, qualified parties, facts and legal basisFirst request: application with specifications, evidence, interest in arbitration and value of the caseAnswers of the defendant – general part: burden of the concrete challenge; the principle of concentration of procedural acts in the defence; Challenge and counterclaimRespondent`s answers: Structure of the exhibit – Challenge and counterclaim Principles of civil procedureJurisdiction (voluntary and contentious) and actionTime limits and exclusionPleadings: summons and serviceJurisdiction: definition; the rules of absolute jurisdiction and relative litspendency; Take a bow; Binding and expirationLitiskonsortium Postdoc of Law.