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While the ceremony and celebration are the most memorable parts of a wedding, if you want it to be legal, the most important part is signing the marriage certificate. This document legally binds you both – and plays an important role if you`re considering changing your name. Obtaining a marriage certificate and then a marriage certificate is a multi-step process. The actual time between submitting your application and receiving your permit may take a few days, depending on the office hours and procedure of the location (e.g., whether you can pick it up in person at the time of application or receive it in the mail a few days later). After the wedding ceremony, you will receive a marriage certificate – the certified copy of the marriage certificate to prove that you are married. Sure, it`s paperwork, but it`s still exciting (not to mention necessity). You may be wondering why you need these copies when everything is official. You will need certified copies of your marriage certificate for a number of things. For example, you may need to send copies to change your marital status for insurance (auto, health, etc.), Social Security (if you change your name), credit cards, bank accounts, and IRS, to name a few.

“Three copies of the certified marriage certificate for these tasks should suffice,” Hanes notes. “You can always contact the local county official to order more certified copies of your certificate if you need them at any time.” A New York State marriage certificate can only be used in New York State. Please note that if you leave New York State to get married, your New York State marriage certificate will not be filed in New York State. For marriage licenses issued in New York, they do not apply to the New York State Department of Health. For a request, current fees, and order information, contact the New York City Clerk at (212) NEW YORK or visit the New York City Marriage Bureau website. You can also write them to: Of course, the couple must be present when signing the marriage certificate after the ceremony. It is best to take care of it early, before the party starts and the drinks flow. This is a wedding detail you don`t want to forget. You must obtain a marriage license from your county official and pay a fee to the employee.

As long as you and your spouse meet the requirements, your marriage licence should be issued. You can then proceed with your ceremony. The official is required to present your marriage certificate to the relevant registration agency in your country. If they don`t, it doesn`t invalidate or annul your marriage; It may simply make it more difficult to document your wedding. Below you will find general information. Please contact the clerk from whom you wish to purchase the license for specific requirements, office hours and further information. Age: Most states require both parties to be 18 years of age or older to marry. Some states allow minors over a certain age to marry with the consent of their parents and/or the court. Minors in these states are often not allowed to marry adults over the age of three or four to prevent minors from entering into predatory marriages. This could be the town hall, the clerk`s office of the city or town, or the marriage office of the county where you want to get married. For example, in Connecticut, marriage licenses are issued by the city clerk`s office of the city where you are going to get married, while Iowa couples can apply to any county registration or registration office. In some states, like New Jersey, you can simply download a marriage license brochure and the license itself, which must be filled out by you and your future spouse.

In the state of California, they have two types of marriage licenses: a public marriage certificate and a confidential marriage certificate, which adds another regional difference. Before you can apply for a marriage license, you need to know where and when you will get married. What for? Because you usually have to submit your marriage proposal in the country where you are going to get married. Marriage is one of the most important relationships you can form. In addition to having the chance to marry your partner, you should also be aware of the legal rights and obligations that come with walking down the aisle. If you have questions about marriage requirements, it`s helpful to talk to a family law lawyer who can help you make the necessary arrangements. Depending on your country`s rules, the employee may be able to issue your marriage certificate in person, or you may receive it in the mail. Aside from the physical paperwork, it`s important to know when to apply for a marriage license. There is a specific window around your wedding date where you need to apply, receive, sign and submit your marriage certificate. If you use this option, you will receive a record of your name change. The marriage certificate, which may contain the new name, is proof that using the new name or maintaining the previous name is legal. The local Social Security Administration office should be contacted so that their records and your Social Security card reflect the name change.

This service is free of charge. Many states have eliminated mandatory premarital physical exams or blood tests, but some still require blood tests for STDs, and some also test for rubella, sickle cell anemia and tuberculosis. There are no mandatory HIV/AIDS tests, but most states require applicants to be offered such tests or information at testing sites. For copies of marriage licenses issued anywhere in New York State other than the five (5) boroughs of New York City, a certified copy of the marriage certificate may be obtained from the city office or clerk of the city that issued the license, or from the New York State Department of Health. The fee is $10 if you receive a certified copy from the clerk of the city or city that issued the permit. If you apply to the New York State Department of Health, the fee is $30. To obtain a certified copy, write to: Marriage licence fees vary by office and range from $35 to $150. Check which payment methods are accepted – cash, debit card, credit card, cheque or money order? The official submits the signed marriage certificate, which is issued by local authorities within a period of time (for example, within 10 days in California or within 60 days of the date of issue in Texas). Once you have determined the date and place of your marriage, you will receive the application for a marriage certificate so you know when to apply and what identification requirements apply to your jurisdiction. You should plan to submit as early as 90 days or at least a week before your wedding. In addition, marriage licenses expire. For example, some expire after 90 days.

If you are planning your wedding a year before the date, you will have to wait to apply for the marriage certificate until you are within the deadline. Otherwise, you`ll need to reapply, which is the last thing a couple wants to do when they`re busy planning their wedding. One or both parties to a marriage may choose to change the surname by which they wish to be known after marriage by entering the new name in the appropriate field on the marriage certificate. The new name must include one of the following options: The application for a marriage certificate you complete and submit is an affidavit – an affidavit stating that there are no legal barriers to marriage. Once you`re ready to apply, you and your future spouse should be ready to visit the office together (in person or virtually (if available)). Some states may require you to bring a witness. To obtain a certified copy of your marriage certificate, contact your state`s Life Archives Bureau. Some states allow you to obtain a certified copy through the Vital Statistics Office, while others require you to contact the county clerk`s office where the license was issued. Note: This step is especially important if you are planning a name change – you will need proof of your marriage certificate to request the change.

Gender: Same-sex marriage was enacted in all 50 states immediately after the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges in 2015. Prior to this decision, same-sex marriage was largely left to state law. The difference between these two forms with similar names may seem complicated, but we promise you that this is not the case.