Mission Raceway Street Legals

Please note that ANY photo or video taken during the stay on the property may be considered the property of BCCCA and may be requested by the track managers at any time for unlimited use with no financial return. Denial of access to these images may result in legal action and/or loss of credentials or access to property for future events. Also note that when taking photos, videos or audio, you are on private property and, therefore, all laws apply if you attempt to sell or market your media without the permission of the owners – the British Columbia Custom Car Club. This applies whether you are professional or amateur, with or without restricted access to the area. Runners who have friends, relatives or even professional photographers/videographers recording their races from the start line must abide by the rules and must not pass in front of the banners displayed on both sides of the track or stay in the area in front of the tower for long periods of time. Under no circumstances will these shooters receive press passes for restricted areas. You can photograph your car from this area, but not a whole class. Unlike previous years, this rule will be applied every day of Test & Tune as well as on road approvals on Friday evening. Officers have the ability to close all cars on the line if an unauthorized person is in an area where they should not be. In case of problems, please contact the race control. Non-media professionals and amateur video/film/photographer producers looking for references MUST contact us in a timely manner (min. two weeks) with a full written summary of what you would like to do with the media you will be producing on the property.

Any charges for such use will be treated individually. The use of MRP images depicting persons or signs used commercially, with or without official permission, may nevertheless incur additional license or attorney fees (beyond which you have agreed with MRP officials) for which you are solely responsible. If you use ASK! Any licensed photographer or videographer who is not recognized by the trail and attempts to sell photos, videos or other products created from MRP images to anyone other than the media company for which he works and through which he obtained his reference, on or off the property, will immediately revoke their login information. Those who do not have accreditation and wish to sell or market a product or service created or partially created with images of the property MUST contact the agents of the track to determine if this is permitted or if legal action can be brought. The use of images showing people or signs in a commercial manner, with or without official permission, may always incur other license or attorney fees for which the seller is solely responsible. Please note that the following rules apply to most, but not all, events. Major events like the NHRA Lucas Series and the NHRA National Open may be stricter if NHRA officials decide to do so. This can be done at any time, so it is recommended that you contact the MRP well in advance of attending these two events in case your media request requires additional approval from the NHRA. Recognized media that appear on the day of the event without notice have NO guarantee of a start line photo/video pass. The decision is made at this stage and depends on the number of other powers that have already been issued. There is NO unlimited media pass for events. *Recent reports are at the discretion of the track management.

Internet users looking for credentials should have a professional-looking website that has been online for at least a year and is more than just a forum. V/6-I/6 Nitros…………… The 2600 lb Mission Raceway Park welcomes all media professionals into the facility. The top priority when issuing media badges, especially for restricted areas, is your safety. Second, to create a professional work environment that ensures everyone has an equal opportunity to do their job and present our facilities as positively as possible. In the age of extreme sports and extreme shooters, please note the many safety rules we have put in place just for you. Understand that your authority can be revoked at any time without notice if an official believes you are not following these rules. Not knowing is no excuse. Upon receipt of your credentials, you will receive a copy of these rules, which you should read in full before commencing your work at our facilities. Recognized media are existing TV, radio, print or web employees who have recently covered MRP events*.

Freelancers without print work samples or webmasters who cannot provide links to previous reports will not receive media badges. Official photographers from other institutions can only get a media pass if they work for a track site, publication, etc. Sportsman, Pro, Super Pro, Hot Rod & Motorcycle are the 5 classes of the Summit series. Drivers earn points in a series of 15 race points, with the top 5 being rewarded with year-end prizes, trophies and payouts in Sportsman, Pro and Super Pro. The top 3 in motorcycle and hot rod will be rewarded with prizes, trophies and year-end payments. Freelancers, even those with professional identification, can only get a media pass if they provide written working conditions from their publisher, publisher, webmaster, etc. All requests for media accreditation must go through the office one week or more before the event you wish to attend. EMAIL [email protected] Upon arrival at the track, please proceed to the Technical Inspection Area (west of the pit area) where your car will receive a safety inspection by Mission Raceway Park technical officials. You also determine your class and assign a number to your car.

If you need to empty your antifreeze, please do so before going to Tech (DO NOT DRAIN THE ANTIFREEZE ON THE FLOOR – YOU WILL NEED TO USE A CONTAINER). Once you`ve passed Tech, you can head to the general pit area and prepare for the race (anyone who isn`t able to overtake Tech will be refunded). When the race starts, wait until your class has been called before hitting the tracks. All ads are broadcast via the sound system and can also be received via your car stereo on 92.7FM. A “red light start” will not affect your times. Important – If you are having trouble on your drag track, please stop outside your roadway (near the guardrail) to avoid spilling fluids on the drag track, which requires cleaning and delays the race program. Follow the safety guard`s signals and instructions, as they may see a problem you are not aware of. The track has a number of people who provide the facility, riders, sponsors and fans with photos and videos.

If you are recording something that you think officers would like to see, please contact us at any time. The bracket racing format allows drivers to compete on an equal footing in many types of vehicles, including dragsters, roadsters, sedans and coupes. In addition to the four categories of the car competition, a motorcycle category will be presented. Classes or sponsors who have their own photographer/videographer should contact the race director before coming to the track to obtain only accreditations for their class. If you wait to contact the day of the event, you may not get proof of eligibility due to those who applied before you. Once you have crossed the finish line, remember that the driver has priority in the left lane (tower side). Walk down to the cabin ET to receive your timesheet. And don`t forget to pay attention to the 10 km/h speed limit on the return journey and the pit lanes on the way back to your pit area.

Once you reach the head of the staging, you have to be “adapted”, that is; Seat belts fastened, helmet, windows up, etc., and be ready to start your car and race. An MRP agent will then direct you to the burnout box. Only Slick Tired vehicles are allowed to perform water burnout (no other burnout is allowed elsewhere on the facility). All cars have to start themselves and stage themselves. All drivers have a reasonable amount of time to “stage” their vehicle. New drivers for MRP Street Legal events will put an N on their windshield. This will let the starting crew know that you have never raced before. Look at them, they will inform you about the procedure to follow. Runners who leave the start line before the tree is activated will not have time. The first 8 points in each category after race #13 are eligible to participate in the “Race of Champions” during the Mission Final from September 24th to 26th. Participation in the “ROC” is free for eligible participants and runners compete for winnings and trophies. All class champions receive “Gold Cards”, which allow free races for the following season.