My 11 Circle App Legal in Telangana

Yes, as the High Court mentioned, it is a game of skill, if you have knowledge of cricket, you can win. So, technically, it`s legal, but not many state governments have problems, which is why they`re banned there. When making a payment, please ensure that the instrument used for the payment is yours and/or that you are legally entitled to use such an instrument, which will only be used to add money to your user account. Play Games24x7 Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Play Games24x7” or “We”) provides online games, including but not limited to rummy, fantasy sports, poker and carrom, via the RummyCircle web portal application and the application (collectively referred to as the “Portal” or the “Platform”) (Play Games24x7 Private Limited hereinafter referred to as “Play Games24x7” or “we” or “us” or “our”). Any person using the Portal or any of its features, including participation in the various contests, games (“Game”) (“Entertainment Facilities”) organized on the Portal is referred to as “User” or “you” or “your” and is bound by these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. The services offered on our portal are collectively referred to as the “Services”. Interestingly, some people misunderstand fantasy cricket. They believe it fluctuates towards illegal activities. However, My11Circle strictly follows Indian laws which clearly state that games that require the player to use skills are considered legal. However, cricket fans from Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Sikkim or Nagaland can now only participate in training competitions. You also understand and agree that deposits into your account held with us are for the sole purpose of participating in gambling made available on the Portal.

You understand and agree that you may not transfer any monies from your user account with us to the account of another registered user on the Portal, except to the extent permitted by us and subject to any restrictions and conditions imposed by us in this regard. We are required by law to deduct withholding tax (TDS) on net winnings over 10,000/- in a single contest/session (click here for images) for RummyCircle or a single contest on My11Circle (click here for illustrations) or for poker (click here for images). In these cases, you will need to provide your Permanent Account Number (PAN), duly assigned by the tax authorities, if you have not already done so. TDS at the rate of 30% or any other rate required by law at any given time will be automatically deducted from such winnings and the remainder will be credited to your user account. Withdrawal of these winnings is only permitted if you provide your correct PAN details. These limits and rates are subject to change in accordance with applicable rules and regulations. Our obligation to do so is limited to deducting TDS as required by law and providing you with an appropriate tax deduction certificate. We do not advise you and are in no way responsible for your individual tax matters.

If you win a competition with goods or money, or a combination of both, as a prize, the TDS (withholding tax) for the cash prizes won will be borne by you and TDS for the goods will be borne by us. We reserve the right to review your PAN from time to time and cancel any price if your PAN is found to be inconsistent in our verification process. The issue with Tamil Nadu is still quite unclear. The state has gone back and forth with its laws on the regulation of online gambling. Tamil Nadu has passed a remarkable ban on online gambling with the amendment of the gambling and police laws in 2021. More recently, the state reportedly allowed Dream11 to operate without hindrance in its operations after the Supreme Court struck down previous legislation. This came after the Supreme Court rejected an SLP against online gambling and fantastic sports betting on the Dream11 platform. There is no explicit legalization of fantasy sports, but this ordinance confirmed other government decisions that allowed Dream11 to function as a game of skill. However, the situation is still unclear, as the Tamil Nadu Supreme Court has reiterated that the government may pass another law to ban gambling.

If you access the Service to make deposits/withdrawals or play games from a jurisdiction where games are not permitted, you will be fully responsible for all legal or criminal consequences and we will be entitled to confiscate funds from your account. All information you provide to us, whether at the time of registration or at a later date, must be complete and truthful. Before adding money to your account or participating in cash games, you are responsible for ensuring the legality of playing cash games in the jurisdiction from which you access the cash games. If you are not legally permitted to transact transactions in Indian Rupee through banking channels in India and/or do not access a Portal from an Authorized Jurisdiction, you are prohibited from participating in cash games on the Portal. In the event of such a breach, your participation in the Cash Games will be considered a breach of the Terms and you will not be entitled to any prize you may win in such Cash Games. You represent that you are 18 years of age or older to participate in games and that you are also authorized to enter into transactions with other users and with us. You understand that participation in the games we host (“Activity”) may result in financial loss to you. With full knowledge of the facts and circumstances of this activity, you voluntarily participate in the activity and assume all responsibilities and risks arising from your participation, including all risks of financial loss.

You agree to indemnify and hold us and our employees, directors, officers and agents harmless from and against all claims and costs associated with your participation in the Activity. You represent that you have the experience and skills required to participate in the Activity and that you are not aware of any physical or mental condition that would affect your ability to fully participate in the Activity. You further acknowledge that you are solely responsible for all consequences arising from participation in or association with this activity. You understand that we accept no responsibility for any financial loss you may suffer as a result of your participation in the activity. You understand and agree that your participation in any game available on the Portal does not constitute an obligation for us to give you a prize. Your win of a prize depends entirely on your ability as a player against other players in the game and is subject to the terms and rules of the game. You understand and agree that you are solely responsible for all content posted, transmitted, uploaded or otherwise made available by you on the Portal.