Nus Law Mooting

Results of the 2022 B.A. Mallal Moot Court Competition The grand finale of the 2022 B.A. Mallal Moot Court Competition was held on October 20 at the Wee Chong Jin Moot Court. Our finalists debated a hypothetical case involving a non-verbal amendment clause and whether a reasonable effort clause had been breached. We congratulate Isaac Joseph Heng â25 on winning the B.A. Mallal Moot 2022! We also congratulate the finalists. 1. Finalist Slevin Chua (SMU School of Law) 2nd finalist ex-aequo Julia Liaw â25 Magdalene Leong â25 Best Ryan Chan Memorial â25 The team would like to express its immense gratitude for the Grand Final jury: Honorable Justice Andre Maniam, Mr. Sanjiv Kumar Rajan and Vice-Dean Eleanor Wong for rigorously engaging the finalists and providing insightful feedback to the mooters. We would like to thank Allen & Gledhill for reorganising the competition and supporting the MDC in organising Singapore`s oldest moot court competition. We hope that all scooters have had a meaningful and exciting learning experience.

We look forward to your support and participation in the next edition of the B.A. Mallal Moot Court. ðð¿ð ð»ð ̧ð³ðð¿ð ðð»ðð²ððºð²ð»ð ðð¿ð ̄ð¶ð°¿ð ðð¶ð1/4ð” ð ð1/4ð ðð1/4ð ðð1/4ðð¿ð ð 1/4ðºð1/2ð²ðð¶ðð1/4ð” ð ð¬ð ð ð¬ð ð ð â22, Ng Zheng Nan Ben â24, ® Elise Khor Xin Yi â24 and Tong Xin â24®®®®emerged as the top 8 teams in the Frankfurt 2022 Investment Arbitration Moot Court Competition. The team qualified among the top 16 teams in the preliminary rounds and Ng Zheng Nan Ben was also named the best speaker at the Hong Kong Pre-Moot. The virtual contest ran from February 28 to March 4, 2022. This year, about 60 teams participated in the preliminary rounds. The team would like to thank its coaches Tan Fong Hanâ20 and Ng Wei Qi é»ææ· â21 for their unwavering support and tireless guidance. The team`s accomplishments would not have been possible without the generous support of Associate Professor Michael Ewing-Chow and Joan Lim-Casanova of Clifford Chance â06. The team would also like to thank all those who gave their time to put the team on the bench, especially Professor J.

Romesh Weeramantry, Paul Tan 18, Ian Choo 18, Victor Yao 17, David Isidore Tan 16, Victor Leong 16, Joshua Hiew 17, Emmanuel Aw 19, Jia Rong Low 19, Violet Huang Qianwei 20, Kenrick Lam 20, Nicholas 21, Shanya Robinson 22 and Su-Jane Yeoh 22. Congratulations to Rui Yuan Chua â23 (champion) and Samuel Wee Liong Chye â24 (finalist) for their outstanding performance at the first Rajah & Tann Moot Court competition! Law students from universities in Singapore and the United Kingdom have been involved in litigation involving allegations of interference with contractual discretion, wrongful termination and applicability of the statutory minimum obligation rule to assess the amount of damages to be awarded on appeal. Rui Yuan and Samuel both emerged finalists after competing in the preliminary round, quarterfinals and semifinals – with a high level of advocacy, a solid understanding of the material provided to them, and extensive research skills. Rui Yuan thanks Jacob Tay 23, Calvin Ong 23, Muhammad Salihin Zahrin 23, Sohyun Chung 23 and Ying Qian Tan 24 for their generous support and comments. Samuel thanks Ng Wei at 24, Caleb Goh at 23 and Tim Ng at 24 for their kind support and comments. The scooters would also like to thank Erica Heng for their support and Rajah & Tann Asia for organizing the competition. 3rd NALSAR-UNHCR Public International Law Moot Court Competition 2022 Congratulations to Kwan Yu Xue `25, Efra Juana Tan Liyan `25 and Aloysius Lin Tze En `25 for the best international team at the 3rd NALSAR-HCR Public International Law Moot Court Competition 2022. In cooperation with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the competition took place virtually from 15 to 17 July 2022. Participants discussed the refugee crisis in the midst of the pandemic. This year, 64 teams participated in the written round, and the top 32 schools qualified for the virtual oral rounds. After a strong competition in the oral tests, the team finished in the top 10 and won the prize for the best international team. The team would like to express its deepest gratitude to coach Jerald Tan `22 for his unwavering support and encouragement.