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Soon, P expanded to TikTok, where videos from early January reference Gunna and her song with Future, “Pushin` P,” which has been used in more than 500,000 TikToks. Once it began to spread, the definition expanded: meteorologist Nick Kosir referenced P on air, and the song was streamed on TikTok for fishing. There is a dance. Kim Kardashian referred to it on Instagram. If you`re still not sure what the term means, “P” is basically a positivity term. The definition of the term seems correlative, but it seems that Gunna will be “Pushin` P” for a while. You can listen to the audio on Gunna`s official YouTube account or follow him on Instagram @gunna. It looks like Gunna will ride the wave he created for as long as possible. He still uses the now iconic emoji in his Instagram captions. He even dropped some merch to capitalize on the trend: a hat and a hoodie, both embroidered with – you guessed it: “ð¿ï ̧. The term “Pushin P” took off on social media after Gunna & Future released their song of the same name in January 2022 – here`s the rappers` explanation for the popular term. Gunna explained what this popular phrase means in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club. As he explained, the term is almost always used in a positive context.

“When I wake up in my garden [on the beach], it`s P. Waking up early in the morning on a beach? It was P,” he said. He adds that it could be used to mean “player,” among a number of other words. “P,” it seems, is more of a mood or state of mind. He wrote in a series of tweets: “Jumpin n a person beef or situation, when you dk wats goin on Not [P]. In early January, rapper Gunna tweeted, “Jumpin n a person beef or situation, when you dk wats goin on Not P.” He used the blue P emoji in this and other tweets to try to define what it means to press P and what P is and what isn`t. Right now. Getting your employees in place is ???? Gunna was signed to Young Thug`s YSL Records label and finally made his way into the mainstream.

His 2020 album Wunna topped the Billboard 200, and it hit No. 1 again this year with DS4EVER, which dropped on January 7. Atlanta rapper Gunna has released his single “pushin P” featuring Future featuring Young Thug as part of his new album DS4EVER. The official audio of Gunna & Future`s “pushin P” featuring Young Thug from his DS4EVER album is now available. Are you serious. As you read this, please don`t be like brands. Please: Does the bathroom stink before someone uses it? Definitely not P. Blowing yours up with the DUDE Wiper 1000 bidet accessory? You are Pushin P.

If you know the rapper, you`ve undoubtedly heard this line on his latest album, Drip Season 4Ever, especially his single, aptly titled Pushing P, which features rappers Future and Young Thug. We analyzed dozens of tweets, interviews, and articles to determine the origins of what Pushin P means, what it means to push it, and how to use the phrase in a sentence without looking like a total dweeb. This article was originally published on January 14, 2022 for those who are not up to date, this term may seem quite confusing. Fortunately, the artist behind the viral song explained the meaning behind the lyrics. (Warning: The video below contains explicit language.) Living your real life outside the internet is “Pushin` P” for Gunna. The blue “P” emoji in your friend`s Instagram caption, tweet, or even TikTok video is the result of another viral social media trend, but some don`t understand the phrase. The song quickly went viral and became a hot trend on TikTok, with the song`s lyrics posted in tweets and Instagram stories on the web. The “P” emoji quickly gained popularity, thanks in part to Gunna`s productive online use. Yes, seriously. TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and maybe even your group chat are full of blue P emojis, or more precisely, the buzzword “press P.” Rappers, actors, influencers and athletes all talk about pushing P. Even Nike jumped on the trend, for which they were then roasted. “Our job is to make new employees feel welcome”: manager criticizes worker who corrected new employee`s “inappropriate” comment “If you`re in this and it`s praised, then you`re kicking P.

But if you buy this and you own it, then you`re really pushing P. You spend your hard-earned money. As if you were pushing him. You`re in this. They spend millions on it. You push it. “Pushin` P” is a term that comes from Atlanta rapper Gunna, one of hip-hop`s biggest stars, who released his latest album “DS4EVER” in January 2022. However, Urban Dictionary defines the phrase as: “Slang popularized by Atlanta rapper Gunna, which puts pressure on. Pushin P has gone so viral that it has spawned a number of hilarious memes and trends on TikTok. The hashtag #pushinP has racked up millions of views, with Gunna even responding to people`s TikToks to gauge exactly how they use the term. In a video posted on Twitter, Ganna explained: “Do you let your partners be in the loop? It`s not P.

You know what I`m saying,” adding: “We`re not here. Us on P! We press P. This is the rap superstar who just invented his own phrase. B4 I say u.. What do you think Push???? ï ̧ means ???? If you started your day by typing “What is P?” on Google, then you might be an old head. Atlanta rapper Gunna released his single “Pushin` P” with Future and Young Thug from his new album DS4EVER, and he has a stranglehold on social media. The blue parking sign emoji has gotten a lot of traction lately due to a new viral phrase, “Pushin` P,” on social media. Although the term “Pushin P” has been used in the Texas and Bay Area regions for some time, it began taking over users` For You pages in January. Loyalty is first and foremost in the eyes of Atlanta rapper “Pushin` P”. Once brands master a trend, it`s not really cool anymore. So please don`t be like them.

It`s not P. He captioned his video: “How I push P all year 2022.” A few weeks after the song`s release, Gunna appeared at the Breakfast Club, where Charlamagne Tha God immediately asked him, “What does `P` mean?” Shortly after, the Atlanta rapper jumped on Instagram Live to clarify the meaning of P (you can watch the screen recording on YouTube here – just make sure there are no kids around). The following example of Gunna from “Pushin` P” pushes your employees to improve and achieve their dreams. He then explained the term in more detail in an Instagram Live feed. About a week later, on January 12, Gunna released the official music video for “pushin P” featuring Future and Young Thug. In addition to more than three million views in one week, the song spawned a new phrase. Or, to be more precise, it gave new life to the phrase. “It starts with `Player,` but then you start, `Pushing P,` it`s like everything I do is really just P,” he said. Check out our hub for more information on popular phrases on TikTok, as new words are constantly becoming popular in the app. You can`t have gone far on social media without seeing the phrase “push P” or the big blue emoji, “P.” What does this mean exactly? And why is Gunna famous for this? If you`re confused, that`s kind of the point.

The ambiguity surrounding P earned Gunna millions of dollars in free advertising, all from an emoji that was previously irrelevant. Other brands that have recently used the phrase “pushin p” on social media include Nike, AHE and IHOP. If you purchase a product or create an account through one of the links on our website, we may receive compensation. The term seems to have been coined by the rapper artist. Give up in two layers and switch to DUDE wipes? Gunna has a song on “DS4EVER” with rappers Future and Young Thug called “Pushin P” where they tell her about her life as a billion-dollar rapper (aka things we`ll never know). Before using this blue “P” emoji, read Gunna`s recent tweets explaining what “Pushin` P” is. Those who visit social media have likely seen the phrase “Pushin P” at some point, which is usually used with the large light blue P-emoji. But no matter how popular the P becomes, no one seems to be able to define what it actually means. In fact, that could be the goal. “Don`t 🅿️ jump into a person or situation when you go dk wats,” he clarified. “One of the ways to push P is to have money or own things instead of renting them.” Gunna explained on Twitter what Pushin P means after claiming on an episode of Breakfast Club that the letter “P” stands for “player.” Pressing P basically means “keeping things real” and is usually a positive term.