Prude Definition En Francais

• A prudish woman pays for maintenance and words; a wise woman pays to drive (LA BRUY. III) Thirteenth century. There is no longer a prudish woman at the salt sea, Berte, XVI. And they are not to be placed in the custody of any woman of the lineage, Beaumanoir, XV, 31. • Both have, in my opinion, restless brains, Will answer, in Fredoc, this wise and prudish Marquis (BOILEAU Sat. IV) • According to the custom of prudish ears (GENLIS Mothers riv. t. I, p. 230, in POUGENS) • The prudes are the most appropriate society for young people (MAINTENON Lett. to M. d`Aubigné, t.

I, p. 167, in POUGENS) • The example is admirable, and this lady is good! It is true that she lives as a strict person; But age in her soul has put this ardent zeal, And it is known that she is prudish to her defensive body (MOL. Pie. I, 1) PUDE, s. f. (grams) A woman who influences the severity of morality in her words and in her interview. Those who say prude quite often say sote, hypocritical, ugly or evil. One can be prudish, flirtatious or gallant. See prudery. 2. In a broader sense, which can be compared to the prudish woman.

Masculine (which is no longer used). One day, in a circle, a prude approached him and praised Madame de Guercheville, Racan, Vie de Malherbe. There were half a dozen prudes in search of perfection, who without scandal formed a phlegmatic brelan. They tried, they said, to win…, Saint-Glas, Contes (1672) in the bibliography of Le Chasseur, 2nd year, n° 8. Because prude eats in every place she goes, Molière, Mis. III, 3. The profession of prude, Molière, cake. I, 1. I like that we are wise with gentleness, and are not at all for these wild prudes, whose honor is armed with claws and teeth, and at the slightest word wants to look at the people, Molière, ib.

IV, 3. Les prudes sont la société la plus convenable pour les jeunes, Maintenon, Lett. à M. d`Aubigné, t. I, p. 167, in POUGENS. Let every man who takes prude as a wife become a foolish gentleman, governed by Madame, Dufresny, marriage made and broken, I, 2. • That every man who considers a prude as a woman becomes a foolish gentleman governed by Madame (DUFRESNY marriage concluded and broken, I, 2) • That one must suffer if one wants to be prudish, And that without fear and without influencing anything, it would be better to be a woman of good! (VOLT. Prude, III, 10) • I like that we be wise with gentleness, And are not at all for those savage pruds whose honor is armed with claws and teeth, And at the slightest word wants to look at the people (MOL. ib.

IV, 3) • The Madré bird knew her in the mine, with her prudish eye, open in Tapinois (GRESSET Ver-vert, III) • One day, in a circle, a prudish who approached her praised Madame de Guercheville (RACAN Vie de Malherbe) • For prude consumed in all the places where she passes (MOL. Put. III, 3) The information collected is intended for©CCM Benchmark Group to ensure that you receive your newsletter. Grillard©- grivois – shameless – lascivious – lã ger – libertine – lustful – obscene©- derb – polish You can©also check your targeting options at any time. Learn more about our privacy policy©. Fifteenth century. This lady who is very humble and Prussian…, Froissart, I, I, 49. They are©also used© for promotional purposes using©subscribed options.

You have©©the right to access and rectify your personal data©, as well as a right to request deletion within the limits provided for©by law. affected, strict, overwhelming, censor, chaisière, camel of virtue, chaste, chipie, mounted collar, decent, dragon of virtue, child of Mary, honest, modest, prudish, modest, puritanical, reserved, reserved, serious Who influences strict virtue, excessive modesty. 1. It is said of a woman whose virtue is difficult and haughty, or even of a woman who has only the appearance that is affected by it. prude or prode, feminine from the adjective preux (see this word); So, originally, it has only a favorable meaning and is feminine. What is the form of the verb “grind” in the second person plural of imperfect-indicative? bégueule (familiar) – prudish – modest – puritanical.