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Contratar a QUORUM Administración Concursal es contratar a un equipo, significa que ha contratado a abogados, economistas, auditores, titulados mercantiles porque tenemos reuniones matutinas en las que discutimos todos nuestros casos y juntos encontramos la mejor estrategia para resolver su caso. Third, and least painful, is a simple pause in which existing members of a congregation pause in the hope that other members will show up or be gathered. This usually happens when some members leave alone for a break and quorum is not present during the meeting. Finally, a privileged request may be convened in special circumstances if additional steps can be taken to establish quorum. For example, a committee may be formed to call on absent members. The idea and guidelines for a quorum were established by Robert`s Rules of Procedure. These rules were introduced to protect organizations from the decision-making power of a select few who may be misinformed or deceitful. However, if quorum is not reached during a session, existing participants can perform up to four actions on behalf of the company. Regardless of this, the quorum should be representative of the members in a decision-making function. For example, if a corporation has ten members on the board of directors, the quorum could be a simple majority of six members instead of 51% of each shareholder of the corporation. Desde 2006, y a través de un equipo de profesionales compuesto por expertos abogados, economistas, auditores y titulares mercantiles, hemos desarrollado una metodología propia que permite abordar con éxito el concurso de acreedores Quorum means the minimum acceptable level of persons with a personal interest in a business required to validate the report of the meeting in accordance with the company`s articles of association. This blanket clause or agreement ensures that sufficient representation is provided at meetings before changes can be made by the Board.

First, if the quorum is not present, meeting participants can adjust the set time to suspend the session. This allows the company and its members to reschedule the existing meeting to a later date when more people can attend. Since there is no strict number that represents a quorum, best practices suggest that a quorum is set at a simple majority of members in an organization. It is also possible to specify a fixed number in the articles of association of a company, in which case it prevails over the simple majority if this number is higher. It is important that the number decided is not so small that it does not accurately represent all the members, but not so large that it becomes difficult to hold a meeting legally. The quorum is usually made up of a group considered as large as possible to attend all company meetings, which is a qualitative assessment. The plural of a quorum is “quora”. Representar a los clientes no es solo un trabajo para nosotros, es nuestra pasión. Nos esforzamos en dedicar la asistencia legal más personalizada y efectiva a cada cliente. Nos apasionan nuestros clientes y sus casos. Nos gusta nuestro trabajo. Mantenemos un firme compromiso con la ética profesional, rigiéndonos por estrictos principios y reglas deontológicas, así como por una independencia profesional acreditada.

Our guiding principle is to protect the rights and interests of our customers. Registered in the Register of Judicial Economists, the Register of Economist Tax Advisors, the Register of Chartered Accountants, the Register of Employment Economists and the Register of Chartered Accountants of the General Council of Economists of Spain. At Quorum, we have an innovative approach that adapts to the needs of today`s customers. We differentiate ourselves from the traditional office concept, with a treatment closer to the customer, which allows us to be more involved in any business. We look at cases from all angles, economic and legal, questioning all aspects of the law, which gives us an overview of each issue and always seeks its success, which is our motivation. We are also in constant training, which allows us to know the latest developments in legislation and their practical application” We work differently from others. That`s why we succeed. We do not follow the traditional way of working. We question all the possibilities of a file in order to improve it.

We have a modern and progressive approach to law, our practice and our law firm. We believe that the law must adapt and change as society changes. This way of working gives a complete view of the issue known by more than one professional, which allows us to find the best strategy to solve your case. The agreed number should not be so small that it did not accurately represent the totality of the membership, but not so large that it became difficult to hold a meeting legally. Registered in the Official Register of Auditors of the Ministry of Economy and Finance on 7 December 1993 under No. 15.102. Registered with the Official College of Chartered Accountants of the Valencian Community. José Manuel Hernández Peris, a lawyer registered with the Madrid and Valencian Bars, heads the legal team of QUORUM, is the director of the legal department. Quorum Law Economist and Auditories, SLP is a law firm focused exclusively on insolvency and insolvency law.

The practice of law for QUROUM is to listen to you on the problems that affect you, to accompany you with a close treatment, to propose solutions and to work on your case to solve it satisfactorily.