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The diversity of our team allows us to take a 360-degree approach when it comes to understanding our clients and their legal issues. The different perspectives of our firm allow us to understand our clients as individuals and not just their legal problems. Public access Members of the public and business customers can request a quote. Offers are available when the client has provided sufficient information and the lawyer or fees of RS Legal Strategy Limited are reasonably qualified to provide the requested legal services. Tenders shall be drawn up within a reasonable time and in a clear, quantified and easily understandable form. Please contact Mark Rainsford KC or Jason Sugarman KC, details can be found on our contact page. The Bar Standards Board`s public access advice for lay clients can be found online at: RS Legal Strategy Ltd (RSL) is a pioneering boutique in white-collar crime, fraud and legal strategy run by Kings`s Counsel. I would like to thank Tatyana Sharposhnikova for her attention and responsiveness. I was very satisfied with the professional advice I received. I have received answers to my doubts on many family law issues. NOTE: This Restricted Substances List (“RSL”) is provided by the American Apparel & Footwear Association (“AAFA”) for informational purposes only. This list represents the standards known and applicable at the time of publication; Any inaccuracies or omissions are not the responsibility of AFOA.

The decision to use these RSLs in whole or in part and/or how to use them is at your sole and absolute discretion. Before using these RSLs, you should review them with your own legal counsel. Nothing in this document constitutes legal advice. The use of this RSL is voluntary. We explain complex legal issues in the language that works best for you Fill out the veteran contact form so that a member of our team can contact you for free. Call us on 02 9219 5148 (reverse charge accepted) for advice or to make an appointment. Lawyers who have access to the public can draft documents, appear on behalf of their client before courts or tribunals or inquiries, and provide legal advice. The direct public access system offers real benefits, including cost savings.

In financial times such as this, this system allows subject matter experts, professional advice and advocacy services to be provided directly to the consultant, thereby eliminating fees that would otherwise have been incurred by the instruction of a lawyer. RSL works with corporations, organizations, private offices and individuals, providing early, conflict-free and world-class strategic advice on complex and sensitive legal issues. I would have recommended this RSL law firm to my family and friends for any legal representation before going to see someone else. If this team can`t help in some cases, no RSL has done a great job on my case. Victoria and Uba were very prompt and responsive to my emails and calls. If I ever have another problem where I need legal assistance, I will contact We will provide free independent advice on your rights and prerogatives under the Veterans Rights Act 1986, the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation (Defence Claims) Act 1988 and the Military Rehabilitation Compensation Act 2004. We also advise you on the merits of filing claims and appeals and on your chances of success. factors that may affect the timing of the delivery of the most commonly provided legal services; These may include adjournments, failure to provide important information or evidence, delays in the attendance of experts or witnesses, or the provision of unexpected information. We employ former UK law enforcement officers to provide invaluable expert analysis and strategic advice. Property law and corporate law are areas of law that are not only complex, but also rapidly evolving.

Our goal is to provide accurate and clear information to all those affected by the real estate market, whether residential, commercial and family. We share with you not only the latest news, but also interesting cases in which RSL-LAW represented one of the parties in order to make complex legal points and industry updates up-to-date and understandable. We welcome your comments and questions and one of our specialists is ready to speak to you now to discuss how we can help. We identify and gather relevant facts and provide unparalleled strategic advice and expertise. Our professionals have direct experience in self-disclosure and negotiation with the Serious Fraud Office and other regulatory bodies. Our team has negotiated non-prosecution outcomes and dealt with deferred prosecution agreements in several cases. Our Kings` Counsels and Barristers have been appointed to advise and act as lead counsel on some of the Serious Fraud Office`s largest investigations and prosecutions. The Returned & Services League of Australia (RSL) was founded in 1916 by soldiers returning from the trenches of the First World War.