Rumble Definition Slang

Huge 20-foot-tall trucks rumble through the mine and return with 400 tons of tar sand. The reason Sony doesn`t use Rumble is because of a major lawsuit they had with a 3rd party company that put Rumble in their controller. They also sued Microsoft, but TE paid the company 3rd. Sony`s official PlayStation blog has confirmed (link via Kotaku) that the new PlayStation 3 controllers with DUALSHOCK technology – aka “Rumble” – will hit store shelves next week. * A soft rumble can be heard in the distance, suddenly Chodin comes to the horizon and climbs on a giant ant. As we approach, the rumble of the guns becomes louder and alternates with the roar of cannonballs that catch his attention. As Wellsandt-Zell led the grieving Timmins in the anthem “Jesus Loves Me,” the rumble of an approaching helicopter cut off the sound of singing and the sweet tears of mourners. Sounds can move throughout the room and low-frequency rumblings are translated to a greater extent with the use of subwoofers. Since he was so tall, he barely managed to reach Susan when she stood up resentfully. Above me, in the distance, as from the sky, I heard a loud rumble of mysterious words. “Here are our canteens,” he continued excitedly, pulling the two cans of gasoline out of the rumble. Middle English; Similar to Middle High German rummeln to rumble If you`ve ever stood on Park Avenue in Manhattan and felt a subway train rumble under your feet, you know what a typical earthquake looks like. Their lower tones were also higher than those of landbirds in neighboring Marin County, as they had to be heard above the faint roar of traffic.

A 2004 IIHS report shows that textured pavement, known as vibrating strips, reduced frontal crashes and side impacts by 25 to 30 percent. These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “rumble”. The views expressed in the examples do not represent the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. But the roar of distant guns indicated to the destroyer that its hour of short-lived triumph was almost accelerated. The fire along the three-mile front is like the rumble of an express train traveling on fog signals. Maybe you need to say goodbye to the acoustic ecstasy found in the heartbeat-shaped bass drum or lose the silent rumble of your favorite beatmakers` best drones. His target splits with a satisfying rumble, then the fragments explode as he bombards them with more bullets. Artillery and mortar duels around the outskirts of Donetsk rumble furiously every day. Are you ready to scold? To scold means to throw or fight.

When you hear a truck rumbling in your street, don`t line up your dukes – scolding also means making a soft, deep noise. It replaces the awkward rumble of previous generations with a targeted haptic feedback system consisting of tiny, strategically placed vibration actuators. CHARLOTTE, North Carolina The rumble of two engines interrupted the opening ceremony of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Police said officers heard an uproar — a “rumble” of metal — coming from the roof of the Quick and Easy Food store at 580 Bellevue Avenue shortly after 3 a.m. and checked the building. Thunder rumbles just before you see lightning, and dogs sometimes scold a soft warning growl when they see someone unknown to them. As a noun, rumble can mean “a silent noise,” “a seat in the back of a car” (the rumbling seat), or “a street fight.” It`s a bit old-fashioned these days to call a gang fight a rumble, but if you`ve ever seen the movie “West Side Story,” you`ve seen the rumbling between the Jets and the Sharks. I love how Sony made us buy the regular controllers, and now that the Rumble is available, we have to buy all the new controllers. EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson – Sony Controller revolutionary? Past Technology Trends and Products: Technology Live Archive Last week, Sony Pictures Entertainment received more hits than Muhammad Ali during Rumble in the Jungle. Sony `Dual Shock` controller is coming to PS3 | Synchronization blog Fault prevention technologies: use or hijacking?.