Secretaria De Legal Y Tecnica

17. Plan actions related to the collection of tax credits from the various territories and organizations operating in the vicinity of the Ministry and other authorities of the province of Buenos Aires and assist the Minister in the presentation of tax powers of attorney in coordination with the Public Prosecutor`s Office within the framework of the relevant legislative, regulatory or treaty provisions. To this end, it provides administrative and legal advice and accompanies judicial proceedings concerning the institution in cooperation with the Directorate-General for Legal Affairs. The main task of the Legal and Technical Secretariat is to provide legal and technical advice on draft communications, laws, decrees and administrative decisions and, if necessary, to propose alternative texts in accordance with the legal norms in force to all bodies of the Presidency of the Nation that do not have their own specific service and to the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers in matters of administrative decisions. The Secretariat acts as a support body to the authorities, controls the legality of the administrative administration and manages the internal procedures that may arise. It works in coordination with the different areas of the education portfolio and intervenes before concluding agreements, protocols, contracts and other documents signed by the Directorate General of Culture and Education to verify that they are included in legal and regulatory standards. The main tasks of the Legal and Technical Secretariat in legal matters are:[3] In technical matters, the main tasks of the Secretariat are:[3] 11. Coordination of the general management control of the legal, technical, regulatory and legal aspects of the various directorates and dependencies of the Ministry of Finance. 5. Organize, maintain and provide the necessary technical-administrative services and advise the services of the Ministry on legal matters, without prejudice to the competences of the General State Advisory Council and the Court of Auditors. Promotes measures to integrate management support systems 13.

Supervision of entry and exit from the Ministry all documents, administrative measures, administrative acts of general and special application in which this court intervenes, grants them processing, forwards them, analyzes and orders their processing. 8. Evaluation and, where appropriate, preparation of draft administrative acts, draft laws, initiatives and agreements entrusted to it by the Minister of Finance and Finance and acting prior to the conclusion of treaties, conventions, protocols, treaties and other agreements signed by the Minister of Finance and the various Under-Secretaries of State. 18. Administration, supervision and control of the provincial land registry. Promotes ethical behaviour in public administration and among municipal officials Collects, compiles, digitizes and consolidates various types of standards that facilitate access, retrieval and use of information. Dissemination organ through which laws assented to by the National Congress and laws emanating from the executive branch are published. Likewise, it has the main responsibility for receiving, processing and analysing laws, decrees, administrative decisions and messages that must be submitted to the President of the Nation and the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers, in their technical and administrative aspects, registered after their signature. [3]​ 3.

the coordination and control of actions related to the registration of assets and the organisation, programming and provision of ancillary services necessary for the proper functioning of the Agency, as well as the organisation, control and management of actions related to purchases, contracts, tender negotiations, liquidation of assets and other activities related to its competence. 14. Comprehensively manage the real estate of the domain of the province of Buenos Aires, receive, organize and manage the demand for real estate from the private sector of the provincial State and present the offer of these in accordance with the State Real Estate Policy established by the Chief of Staff of Ministers of the Ministry. 6. Organize IT resource management. Lawyer and lawyer (University of Buenos Aires). She has held various elected offices: deputy of Buenos Aires, senator and deputy of the city. It also intervenes in cases where the constitutional organs of the province of Buenos Aires and the Consultative Office of the Government have to intervene. For any questions regarding the files, write to: or call (0221) 429 7794 or 429 7608.

We advise the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers and all authorities in the areas of the Presidency of the Nation, which do not have a special service in this area, on embassy projects, laws, decrees and administrative decisions. 1. Control of administrative acts related to administrative, accounting, economic and financial management under the competence of the Ministry of Finance and Finance. It is also responsible for determining the criteria of application in relation to regulations in the field of education, as well as Law No. 10.579 The Statute of Teachers, its regulatory and supplementary standards to be analyzed and published. 2. Coordinate the preparation of the ministry`s annual budget proposal and monitor its execution, make appropriate accounting adjustments, and monitor the revenues and expenditures of funds and assets allocated to the dependencies of the Ministry of Finance and Finance.