Umich Benefits Legal Plan

With a legal plan from MetLife Legal Plans, you`ll have the professional legal help you need to protect yourself and your loved ones from legal problems. If you are no longer eligible to participate in the plan or if your employment at the University ends, the plan will cover legal fees for covered services that were open and outstanding during the period you were enrolled in the plan. No new business can be initiated once you are no longer eligible. You have the option to participate in MetLife Legal Plans` Legal Plan or Legal Plan plus FraudScout. Both plans offer you and eligible family members affordable protection for legal fees and access to experienced lawyers. Both plans offer a full year of legal protection at a price that many lawyers charge for just one hour of service*. Your coverage is automatically renewed each year and can only be cancelled during an open lifetime benefit period. To learn more about this benefit, see the video Legal Regime Insurance. The University of Michigan Legal Services Plan allows you and your registered dependents to receive certain personal legal services. The services available are very comprehensive, but there are limitations and other conditions that must be met.

If you or your dependents are involved in a dispute with another eligible plan member or that member`s dependents, MetLife Legal Plans will arrange legal representation with independent and separate legal counsel for both parties. Your use of the Plan and Legal Services is confidential. The regime`s lawyer will keep the traditional lawyer-client relationship strictly confidential. The university will not be aware of your legal issues or the services you use under the plan. Plan administrators have access to only limited statistical information necessary for the proper administration of the legal services plan. No one will interfere with your lawyer`s independent exercise of professional judgment when representing you. There is no restriction on the number of times a participant can use this service per year; However, in the case of an uncovered case, this service is not intended to continue to provide the member with access to a plan lawyer to take charge of his or her own representation. The U-M Legal Services Plan, administered by MetLife Legal Plans, provides you with professional legal assistance in a range of issues for a low monthly cost. The plan provides access to a network of participating lawyers in private practice to assist you with your personal and confidential legal matters. Legal assistance for driving and traffic problems – Provides examples of situations for which you can get legal help. Why is a legal plan right for me? – FAQ about the U-M Legal Services Plan managed by MetLife. If representation is covered by the plan, the member will not be billed for the services of the plan`s lawyer.

If representation is recommended but not covered by the plan, plan counsel will provide a written statement of fees in advance. The member may choose whether to engage plan counsel at their own expense; seek external advice; or do nothing. Legal aid for college-aged children – One of the many benefits of the legal plan. All adoptions not contested by the government and step-parents are fully covered for the participant and his/her spouse or other eligible adult. If an adoption is contested, the member, spouse or other eligible adult must pay the additional legal fees. Each member`s personal legal document is verified by a plan lawyer. When can I start using my new lawyer network? If you enrolled in the 2021 Life Benefits during the enrolment period, you can start using your new legal plan on or after May 1, 2021. Look for additional information that you can send to your home shortly after you sign up. For more information, sign up for Legal or Legal Plus FraudScout (Triple Bureau Credit Monitoring). This is only a brief summary of the legal assistance available to plan members. For more information, see Covered Legal Services.

Your ability to receive legal services under the Plan will terminate if you are no longer a faculty or beneficiary staff member, or if you choose to leave the Plan during future annual open enrollment periods. All services provided by lawyers under the Plan are subject to the rules of conduct established by the courts for lawyers. The lawyer will abide by the rules of the plan and will not receive any further instruction, instruction or interference from others associated with the plan.