What Is the Definition of a Dunk

The dunk was first used regularly by a player in the 1940s and 1950s, when 7-foot Olympic center Bob Kurland began using high-percentage shooting during his games. The same goes for food immersion. Most often, food is soaked in liquids, such as cookies in milk or tea or bread in soup. But you can also dip food in things other than liquids, like French fries in ketchup (or mayonnaise) or chips in the dip. However, doing the latter two things is more commonly referred to as diving. If you really want to get technical, this could be more commonly referred to as soaking when the goal is for the food that is soaked to absorb everything it is soaked in. If the goal is for something to cover the outdoors, it`s more likely to be called diving. Of course, the two words are often used interchangeably. The first mention of the word dunk dates back to the 1860s.

It comes from the Pennsylvania Dutch word Dunke, which means “to dip” or “to soak.” Dunke is related to the Middle German dunken, which means “duck” and is the basis of the word duck (the verb, not the animal). The dunk was used in basketball in the 1950s in reference to the “dunk shot”. Which words share a root element or word element with dunk? Pennsylvania German dunke, from Middle High German dunken, from Old High German dunkÅn – more at tinge Even as a Democrat, I`m looking for the GOP to use this slam dunk opportunity. I dip my cookies in coffee – sometimes for breakfast, LOL. Sometimes you have to be a little bad. Example: I like to dip my fries in the milkshake – don`t hit it until you`ve tried it. Dunking is just as fun to eat as when you play basketball, and the word dunk is most commonly used in both of these contexts. But what`s the point of wanting luxury if we don`t even have a can opener – Dinky-Dunk says he`s been using an axe for over a year! Happy 42nd birthday to Dunk King Vince Carter.

Is this the biggest dunk of all time??? #PeepGame pic.twitter.com/d73riUUocJ Specifically, it can involve immersing food in liquids, sauces, or dips, such as dipping a donut in coffee before eating (but not so long that it gets too mushy and some fall into it — it`s a tricky process). In general, dunk refers to the immersion of something in a liquid. When you dip your head into the water, place it underneath and then remove it. A dunk tank at a carnival is a game that attempts to hit a target to plunge a (usually annoying) person into a water tank. Usually, this type of immersion involves a liquid like water, but you can also soak things in thicker substances, such as dipping a brush in a can of paint. And the information provided by the FBI so far hardly appears to many experts as a slam dunk against Pyongyang. 1. Griffin receives Paul`s alley and plunges it above its center. The term “dunk” or “slam dunk” in the English language refers to something like a “safe thing”. Since the dunk is such an effective shot that it`s almost hard to miss, it got its name. Minutes later, a Penn State defender denied his dunk. The term slam dunk is sometimes used figuratively to refer to something that is sure to succeed, and compares the certainty of success to how easy it is not to miss when you put a basketball directly in the basket – assuming you can jump that high and no one is guarding you.

In a real game, however, when a lot of people guard the basket, it can be difficult to dive, making it a big deal. When a player is immersed, his opponent dunks when he tries to stop him from doing so (like when Scottie dunked Pippen on Patrick Ewing). In a broader sense, the colloquial use of the term dunk on means “defeating someone in a dramatic and humiliating way.” Center Jay Huff led Virginia with 13 points on 6-of-7 shooting, including several dunks in the first half. Dunking is one of the most exciting parts of basketball. Dunks are usually intense, high-flying and acrobatic. There are all kinds of dunks: two-handed jams, windmill dunks, 360 dunks. The NBA holds an annual dunk competition to see who can make the best dunk. What he did was pull it down as if my shot had thrown it into the dunk tank at the State Fair. That may be the case, but experts say the “similarities” to other attacks are hardly a slam dunk. In basketball, dunking consists of putting the ball directly into the basket, particularly powerful (this type of dunking is the opposite of sensitive). Such a punch is called dunk or slam dunk or slam or jam or stuff or throw-down (or even more colorful names if you`re Darryl Dawkins).

In Year 2 of his career, nearly 21% of Griffin`s shots were dunks. Steph Curry took the first criticism personally and responded with a 62-point break, it was a pass from Beal that gave Bryant the dunk in Brooklyn. He always seems to hit you, and he`s really excited to raise his voice for dramatic effects. Apparently, 2016 isn`t turning into a Democrat slam dunk. He dips his cookies in milk with the intensity with which Vince Carter dips a basketball. What are the words that are often used when talking about dunk? An NFT video of LeBron James blocking a shot was sold in January for $208,000 to a group of investors who expect its value to increase because it`s an original, verified and rare coin, although anyone can watch the dunk again on the internet. — Travel Diva Lisa (@4TravelDivaLisa) October 6, 2019 But I don`t think Dinky-Dunk heard it at all, because he was busy throwing kisses at me. Dunk means soaking or immersing something in a liquid or something like a liquid.

2. Paul pushes the ball onto the court and throws a perfect rebound to Griffin, who slams it for two points. From Montreal, Dinky-Dunk did his best in his friendly way to encrypt me and not expect me too much. 1. This is a method of scoring in basketball when a player puts the ball directly into the basket with one or both hands. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: And Dinky-Dunk was listening, with his rather dark astronomer`s mouth and otherwise not the least bit of an outcast.