What Is the Definition of Elated

Was it any wonder I was proud and elated, even though I was a little afraid of how to move forward? Regardless, she was thrilled to learn about the marriage certificate and hopes the publicity surrounding her will help her get in touch with distant relatives who might have more information about her ancestry. The lieutenant rode with pleasure from the fact that Colonel Guitar agreed with his views. Unaware of Richard`s existence, his friend found the ring and decided to film his enthusiastic reaction in a now-viral video. The conquest of independence enthused guerrillas and recruits flocked by the hundreds. I felt elated and impressed and a bit like I had a dream. 17. In April, after India overtook Brazil to become the second most affected country in the world, Modi told a rally in West Bengal that he was “delighted” to see such a crowd. You might be thrilled to learn that you`ve landed that dream job, and your whole family could be thrilled if your favorite baseball team wins the World Series. To be exhilarated is to be extremely proud and delighted, and this usually happens as a result of an achievement. So if you`ve just achieved something big, you can rejoice and enjoy your time on the ninth cloud. It was like waking up from a beautiful dream and feeling so excited and special. When Chu said he would be happy to make the dish from scratch Saturday afternoon in Vermont, Rina Jones said she was thrilled. That`s why we`re excited to announce Search Engine Land`s first mentorship program today.

No singer – not Miley Cyrus, not Pitbull, not Robin Thicke – has had such a deafening and enthusiastic reaction as Mahone. When you are delighted, you are not only happy, you are delighted, absolutely excited and brimming with pride. How you feel after winning a scholarship to the college of your choice or mastering a backhand spring. The author enthusiastically asked his friend what part of the content he liked so much. He was so excited after his initial disappointment that he didn`t find the meeting as tiring as usual – he could see Henrietta. These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “enthusiast”. The views expressed in the examples do not represent the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. However, we are pleased to announce the six mentors and mentees who have been accepted into the first-ever search engine land-based mentoring program.

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