Bayonet Rifle Legal

According to the SAFE law website, a pump action cannot be an offensive weapon because it does not meet the “semi-automatic” requirement. The only times bayonet mounts seem to come into play are semi-automatic rifles that hold a magazine, which is why (AFAIK) an unmodified SKS is legal in New York despite the bayonet. r/NYguns may know better, but it seems to be okay according to the website. Local laws may vary, as NY does not have a right of first refusal. So I live in the southern plains of NYS (not the best place for a gun owner, to say the least), and I want to put a bayonet adapted to the time on a repro of the 1897 model and I`m not sure that classifies it as an offensive weapon and is illegal under the Safe Act. To be clear, I don`t currently have the bayonet, the pod or the gun, I just wonder if it was legal before I even bought anything. It`s more than anything else a plan for the future, because I won`t be able to buy a gun until next year, when I`m 18. For example, a pump, lever, bolt-action pistol or shotgun cannot be an assault weapon. I think you should be fine, this page of the SAFE Act says that shotguns are not offensive weapons according to their definitions. You are kosher. Pumping actions cannot be “salt weapons”.