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Tags Alan Shore quotes the best quotes denny crane Boston Legal citations Boston Legal TV show quotes denny crane quotes Wolfgang Blitzkrieg: [On TV]. With the best political news team ever assembled at the Hist – [tv is off] Paul: Denny will ask the questions. If you [Alan] try to ask the witness anything, you will be fired. Alan: There`s a legal term for that. Oh yes, “ooooo” Alan Shore: There`s a legal term for that. Ah, yes, “Oooooh.” Denny Crane: I don`t know if you know, but few men take the time every day to drink a cigar and a glass of Scotch to talk to their best friend. This is not something that most men have. Alan Shore: My best friend has Alzheimer`s disease, uh, very early on, it`s not. He is a great lover of life and will be for a while. I believe that even if his mind really starts to go away, he will still fish, he will laugh and love, and as it progresses, he will still want to live, because there will be value for him, in a friendship, in a cigar. The truth is that I don`t think he will ever come to me and tell me that this is the day I want to die, but the day is coming and he won`t know. This is perhaps the most insidious thing about Alzheimer`s disease.

But you see, he trusts me that I know when that day has come, he trusts me; to protect one`s dignity, heritage and self-respect. He trusts me to prevent his ending from becoming a piece of useless porridge, and I will. It will be unbearably painful. Thing for me, but I`m going to do it because I love it. I will end his suffering because it is the only decent, humane and loving thing a person can do. Denny Crane: You know, the best part of my weddings was always on the first day. Alan Shore: Well, I`m used to opting for jury cancellation in these situations. Convincing the jury to focus on morale, not legal, but here it makes no difference! What I did was unethical, immoral, illegal. Selfish, sexually voracious, malapropism-prone: these are just some of the ways to describe Denny Crane, the successful lawyer played by William Shatner in five seasons of abc`s legal comedy-drama Boston Legal from 2004 to 2008. In the following seasons, Denny evolved into a cartoon along with the rest of the series, but at first he was always ready for a clever joke.

Here`s a look at the best quotes from Denny Crane. Denny Crane: Not just any Kazoo. A trombone zoo. Un go-to-New Orleans-under-the-pretext-of-some-legal-case-to-play-with-a-Dixie-land-band kazoo. Wolfgang Blitzkrieg: Wolfgang Blitzkrieg, mit dem besten politische Nachrichtenteam im Fernsehen. Alan Shore: I have an instinctive feeling, it`s my best shot. Denny Crane: Let me tell you something. When you have polar ice caps melting and breaking down into big chunks, and you have Osama, who is always hiding in a cave, planning his next attack when you have other rogue nations with nuclear arsenals, and not to mention crazy work that is self-developed that can break you at any time and if you. Mad cow disease is now becoming a high priority. And if you`re still on the balcony on a clear night drinking scotch with your best friend, now that`s it. Alan Shore: Probably.

But my God, what I get from you, Denny. People walk around today, calling everyone their best friend. The term no longer has any real meaning. Simple acquaintances are covered with hugs and kisses at a second or third meeting, birthday cards are dealt out in offices so that everyone can scribble a touch of sentimentality for a colleague they have barely met, and everyone loves everyone. If you tell someone you love them today, they won`t hear much. I love you Denny, you are my best friend. I can`t imagine going through life without you as my best friend. However, I will not kiss you.

Alan Shore: So they came to you to improve their relationship, and now one wants to kill the other. It`s not your best job, is it, doctor? Alan Shore: Jerry, you`re lucky. Mr. Kupfer is my preferred opposing lawyer. He is intelligent, eloquent, it is a pleasure to look at him, and every time I compete with him, he willingly loses. Denny Crane: Are you crazy? This damn tornado wiped out half of the place. There is no time like the present. Alan, we have to catch them – uh, by day. Alan Shore: One for you, one for you.

I have a lot of them. Hit him hard now. For you and for you. Alan Shore: I`m going to judge the case, but at the end of the day, I need someone to stand in front of the jury and say, “Let the man go.” Denny Crane: I`m not afraid of death, I`ve never done it. But I`m afraid of being plugged into a machine. Would you like to live like this?. 7- Denny Crane: “When a beautiful woman says, `Take me down,` and then `take her down,` Shirley, it`s as simple as that.” 18- Alan Shore: “I am a man of principles – or not – whatever the situation.” Denny Crane: Are you pulling the plug? This is not a way to die. I want you to shoot me! • From “Helping Hands” (Season 2) 😀 describing his new girlfriend: “Alan, Bev is the woman I`ve always dreamed of: an angel in the bedroom and a whore in the kitchen.” Alan Shore: [speaking in a Canadian court] Oh yes, since people abroad tend to expect shock and fear when the Yankees appear on the scene, we`ll leave you with two small but lasting words. Lori Colson: If a man tried to nail everything that moved, we would call him.

Shirley Schmidt: Of course, they refer to when we were intimate. 11- Denny Crane: “Most of the cranes in my family were flamingos.” Judge Sean O`Byrne: I find it insulting that an American is teaching me about the environment. Shirley Schmidt: [Seeing Judge Brown coming into the courtroom] My God, he had a bigger hammer. Alan Shore: [whispers to Sharpton] Gay, not black. 20- Alan Shore: “I may not be able to speak as fast, but my language is more versatile” Al Sharpton: [Bursts into the courtroom] Sorry, I`m late, judge, I`ll do it quickly. Al Sharpton: [Continue without pause]. The image of Santa Claus has been created for hundreds, hundreds and hundreds of years. We have to be another day. Give the world a black Santa Claus, let people let down an African-American who carries joy and goodwill! Catherine Piper: All I`m saying is when you killed two people. There is no better time to turn to Jesus Christ, your Savior.

Alan Shore: Well, what? You just approached to make an omelette and things got out of hand? Judge Harry Hingham: A sexual Ho-Mo? Is that where we are now? Santa Claus Clauses are played by Ho-Mo? sexuals. Alan Shore: [Alan and Denny dressed as flamingos] Denny, you`re pretty in pink. Alan Shore: I`m stopping. I think two weeks is the norm. Now walk away, Paul, before I push you to the ground and go to the bathroom. Donny Crane: He laughs at me. Dad, he`s kidding me! Paul Lewiston: Let me do that for you, Mr. Shore. Alan Shore: Last night I went to bed with a book, not as fun as a 29-year-old, but the book included a speech by Adlai Stevenson.

That was in 1952, he said: “The tragedy of our time is the climate of fear in which we live, and fear creates oppression. Too often, sinister threats to the Bill of Rights, to freedom of mind, are hidden under the guise of anti-communism. Today, it is the mantle of the fight against terrorism. Stevenson also noted that it is much easier to fight for principles than to abide by them. I know we are all afraid, but the Bill of Rights, we have to live up to that, we have to do it. Denny Crane: Carl, Virginia, is a swing state; I always wanted to vibrate. Nora Jacobs: It`s very embarrassing. I don`t even know if you`re the right person, but you`re a woman. Lawyer Eric Yavitch: [available] Objection! Your Honour, Mr. Shore presents in his conclusion evidence that was never presented to the court. Alan Shore: Oh, I see there are two of us.

I`m going to be balanced, you`re chances. Ivan Tiggs: I brought wine, cheese and condoms. I thought we were going for a picnic. Alan Shore: [Watch the news on TV in the office] It`s Bernie!. 6- Alan Shore: “I only ask for one thing in a relationship, that I stay completely alone.” Alan Shore: It`s definitely a void for a woman her age. Alan Shore: [hears two colleagues arguing] You both had sex! Alan Shore: Could I bother you to do a quick background check? I realize we haven`t talked much since we stopped having sex, and honestly, I`m upset about it. But what I need to know is everything you can find out about my new client. Judge Harry Hingham: [Interrupts] Who is this man? Denny Crane: Ah, forget it. If anyone knows how to be a fool, it`s Denny Crane.

Shirley Schmidt: Is she sitting alone in your office? Alan Shore: One last suggestion. And it`s quite possible that I`ll make jokes, by the way, depending on your reaction. $300,000 – sealed. We lean towards you 50, under the table. Shirley Schmidt: They always present the most ethically demanding simulation questions. Alan Shore: Every day, I am amazed at your inexhaustible ability to live simply. Alan Shore: [watching the fights] Gee, Joe seems to have friends. Denny Crane: a Peccadillo? I don`t have peccadillos. Denny Crane: Did my client tell you that this drug is not FDA approved? Denny Crane: Big star. I blow solar flares out of mine.

Boston Legal (2004–2008) is a comedy-drama set in the fictional law firm of Crane, Poole and Schmidt in Boston, Massachusetts. It is a spin-off of The Practice created by David E. Kelley. Catherine Piper: Cookies, all of them! Nutrition is most important in the morning. Alan Shore: Well, me too. But if you really liked it, then I`m sorry. Paul Lewiston: We`re in the middle of a staff meeting. • Excerpt from “The Innocent Man” (Season 4) 😀 her inappropriate behavior towards a woman: “I didn`t propose her. I just asked him to sleep with me. Alan Shore: I tried to close my eyes. to introduce yourself. I couldn`t.

No one could, I suppose, if they weren`t there. Denny Crane: You left me, Shirley. Women don`t leave Denny Crane. And for a secretary! Denny Crane: You. Democrat! Protest against war and the ban on weapons. If you had Nancy`s will, no one would ever shoot anyone! And where would we be then? Denny Crane: Because we`re friends, I`m going to tell you something that no one else knows.