Legal Definition of Desolate

When the funeral was over and they returned to their desolate home, Ramona collapsed at the sight of the empty crib. On the contrary, the ending of Mother Courage is even darker than that of Godot – at least Vladimir and Tarragon met. 1. destitute or destitute residents; Desert; uninhabited; which are liberated from their inhabitants or have never been inhabited; like a desert island; A desolate desert. I will devastate the cities of Judah, without inhabitants. Jeremiah 9. They burned the chosen city of holiness and devastated its streets according to Jeremiah`s prediction. Here, only the twisted gray concrete under his tires disturbed the desolate wilderness. I have to close my eyes to imagine how dark my neighborhood was last year, with almost everything closed and the almost constant roar of ambulances in the background. 2. Waste; in a ruinous state; neglected; destroyed; like desolate altars; Desolate towers.

Ezekiel. Zeph. From the desolate Middle English, from the Latin dēsōlātus, past participle of dēsōlāre (“to go alone, to feel, to devastate, to devastate”), from sōlus (“alone”). When she heard it, before her imagination came the figure of a man standing next to a lonely rock by the sea. The real tragedy of Ethan Winters is that despite the game`s best efforts to portray him as a dark ship for the player, his stubborn and stupid persistence eventually let a part of himself penetrate. Tamar remained desolate in Absalom`s house. 2 Sat. 13.

Louisa also devotes much of her time to feeding disadvantaged children in the desolate village of Kurland in South Africa. Sorry (third person singular simple present sorry, present participle sorry, simple past and past participle devastated) Nothing beats dragging your truck full of beer coolers, inflated mattresses, folding chairs, and half a string of split pine into the backcountry and setting up a free campsite on a desolate lot and doing nothing for a few days. And her doors will lament and weep, and she will sit desolate on the ground. 3. A condition of desolation; Darkness; Sadness; Poverty. The novel, which has a huge impact on modern zombie horror, channels the fear of the nuclear age by portraying once-bustling neighborhoods as newly desolate. And he said: Until cities without people and houses without people are devastated and the country remains devastated. This one sits high on a lonely bog overlooking the coastal town of Maud and its even darker and cheaper carnival atmosphere. The horror of the devastation, the Roman armies that ravaged and destroyed Jerusalem.

Matthew 24. deprivation of residents; wasting; devastating. 1. The act of devastating destruction or expulsion of residents; Destruction; spoil; Waste. He visited San Francisco and had questions about Desolate Angel. How did Babylon become a desolation among the nations? Year. 50. Any kingdom divided against itself will be devastated. Matthew 12:2.

A place deprived of its inhabitants or otherwise devastated, devastated and ruined. In 1979, I released Desolate Angel/Jack Kerouac, the Beat Generation and America.