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History of Kwela Music: Rhythms, Rhythm and Dance That`s it! These music websites host tons of music for every taste. They offer easily searchable databases that are also well organized. Download South African music albums for free and much more. The Good: Focus on African Music, Built-in Music Store to Buy Songs, Mobile Apps Available A music download is the digital transfer of music over the internet to a device that can decode and play it, such as a PC, portable media player, MP3 player or smartphone. Free Music Downloader is a free service that allows users to download music from the internet and stream these files to their devices. Although some artists release music as a free download, and others only for a limited period of time, the majority want to make money from their craft because it is their only source of income. The platforms listed below somehow have a way to post links to songs that can be downloaded for free or for a fee. Simfy was the first to take the stage last year, offering affordable, unlimited music streaming for just R60 per month. Prices haven`t changed since launch, but there`s now a cheaper option for R25 per month for those who just want to listen on their computer, via a browser or the desktop app. Pony increase the total price, and you can use the mobile apps to listen in offline mode. Simfy also offers bundled pricing: pay a year in advance and it will cost you R620, a savings of R100 compared to the monthly payment option. The Nokia Music Store has been available in South Africa for a few years, but has only recently received streaming capabilities.

Nokia Music+ and Mix Radio allow listeners to choose a thematic radio station (from a healthy selection) and enjoy music from a specific genre. To access free music downloads with unverified legality, 100 South African music websites offer it. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to distinguish between illegal and legal downloads on these platforms. Spotify is probably the biggest name in the streaming music space, has a huge library, a growing user base, and even lets you listen for free for 10 hours a month. The subscription costs £10 in the UK or £10 in the US, but in return, you get everything offline, as well as the best desktop and mobile apps in the industry. Music discovery is also great with Spotify Radio. ( On this site, it is easy to search and get your favorite music from international music to Afrikaans music download without quality loss. Not only that, but you can also get complete information about the song, artist, and other relevant data that you may want to know. Just open the corresponding URL and download the song of your choice.

You can even search the songs by name and download them as MP3 files. This is the premise behind streaming music services: you pay a monthly subscription between R25 and R69 per month. Depending on the service and plan, you`ll either have access to unlimited streaming in your desktop web browser or full access to your computers and mobile devices. uBeToo is a music news site based on South African music. Our vision is to make South African music and artists a global phenomenon. Zamusic offers some of the best and most exciting SA music downloads whenever you need them. The best talents of South African Amapiano music and house music can be found in ZAMUSIC.ORG. Download tracks or listen to them online directly from your smartphone/PC in the best quality available It is arguably the largest hip-hop music platform for the latest South African hip-hop news, interviews, videos and download zip albums. This platform, owned and operated by Nine80 Digital Media, was launched in 2015. He records over 500,000 sessions of South African hip-hop fans each month. The latest music streaming service available to locals is Spinlet, a company with a colorful history.

It started in Finland in 2006 and established a headquarters in San Francisco in 2011. It then opened regional offices in Nigeria. And now it has offices in Cape Town. MP3Juices is one of the most popular free music download sites in South Africa. You can search for your favorite songs from multiple sources online and download them for free in the best possible quality. Registration is not required. LoudTronix is not only a popular website, but also a great free South African music download center. Here you can download the MP3 formats directly or from their YouTube website. LoudTronix is also a great YouTube video converter, and the converted content is free. Afrobeat ZA specializes in the online advertising aspect of upcoming urban releases in South Africa and celebrity news, entertainment news and music videos.

SlikourOnLife is an urban (hip hop) publication dedicated to providing music to music fans. Music; interviews with artists; Exclusive downloads and event coverage that connects people through music and culture. Hitvibes was founded on May 1, 2015 as a music blog. Since its inception, it has expanded to include a collection of local South African music of different genres. They offer music promotion as well as a review portal MP3Tunes is an online database that allows users to download MP3 files and store them in an online music locker. You can download South African music for free, including kwaito, hip hop, gospel music, pop and much more. Fakaza is the perfect site to download South African music and publishes the latest and most recent songs. was founded in September 2016, mainly due to the worldwide popularity of South African songs. The name is derived from the Zulu language and refers to various things such as testifying, testifying, testifying, proving and much more. If you don`t limit your collection of African music downloads, Musopen has something unique for you.

This is a non-profit organization dedicated to classical music, and for lovers of classical success, this is the site to visit. This free classical music download site allows you to get songs from their huge library and has no copyright restrictions. Sa-HipHop is a new online platform that brings South African hip-hop/contemporary music, entertainment, videos and music content to South Africans on a daily basis by introducing local artists and their music from the South African music industry to South Africans around the world. The site offers you the opportunity to download South African music albums for free and listen to them easily. It`s simple: just log into the site, navigate through the search box, and figure out what kind of entertainment you`re looking for. These guys want to delight their followers with great South African hits and the best Afro House DJ mixes. As of 2020, Zamusic ranks 35,789th among websites worldwide based on its 1,060,552 monthly web visitors. Once you received the musical work on your computer, you would be in possession of copyrighted material that you did not pay for, and therefore it would be illegal and you could be sued. Fakaza is the perfect site to download South African music and publishes the latest and most recent songs. Below are some of the best free album download sites in South Africa, which are completely legal and free.

Since its inception, the site has become a leading source for anything that reflects the South African vocal style.